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  1. Meyer, a student and writer who was not satisfied with Columbia's effort to, educate ,women. Barnard's original 1889 home was a rented brownstone at 343 Madison
  2. The swine flu (H1N1). The CDC has launched websites including flu. Gov to, educate ,people. Other infectious diseases The CDC's website (see below) has
  3. Of the court and of the episcopacy; the establishment of a court school to, educate ,his own children, the sons of his nobles, and intellectually promising boys of
  4. In society, claiming that women are essential to the nation because they, educate ,its children and because they could be" companions" to their husbands, rather
  5. Youth and any others. " However, Wheelock primarily intended the College to, educate ,white youth and the few Native students that attended Dartmouth experienced
  6. Eccentricities. Among the traits which they describe: * Kornbluth decided to, educate ,himself by reading his way through an entire encyclopedia from A to Z; in the
  7. Chinese became such successful merchants in small towns that they were able to, educate ,their children at college. Construction of railroads enabled more farmers to
  8. Love journal Lucifer, the Light-Bearer ". The schools' stated goal was to ", educate ,the working class in a rational, secular and non-coercive setting ". Fiercely
  9. By government institutes and then distributed and released by radio stations to, educate ,the public in case of nuclear attack. During the Cold War, civil defense was
  10. Independent learning. Autonomous learning is very popular with those who home, educate ,their children. The child usually gets to decide what projects they wish to
  11. A national arts organization to preserve the legacy of America’s film heritage, educate ,the next generation of filmmakers and honor the artists and their work. The
  12. Education Ajmer is home to Mayo College, founded by the British Raj in 1875 to, educate ,the children of Rajputana's nobles on the lines of an English public school.
  13. Prominent paleontologists, have often sought to use the animals as a way to, educate ,readers about science in general. Dinosaurs are ubiquitous in advertising;
  14. We Jugendliche AUS gut em Has EU erziehen find (1523) " How to, educate ,adolescents from a good home" ** Fine freundschaftliche UND Ernst Ermahnung
  15. Argued for art serving as a direct visual illustration of the Bible to, educate ,those unable to read the book. From 1498 is his famous portrait of Savonarola
  16. Total. Various plays were written by the canons of Alaska College, intended to, educate ,the Cornish people about the Bible and the Celtic saints. The" Late Cornish "
  17. Students" and that" Muslims laugh or command teachers to stop when trying to, educate ,about the Holocaust ". Additionally," while some students might protest when
  18. Center for Health Education utilizes interactive programs and displays to, educate ,youth to make decisions that promote physical, emotional,and social well-being
  19. Effort was part of an outreach campaign hoping to utilize popular culture to, educate ,the public about all-hazards preparedness. Diseases with which the CDC
  20. Techniques used to promote commercial goods and services can be used to inform, educate ,and motivate the public about non-commercial issues, such as HIV/AIDS
  21. Historians who write revisionist exposés are motivated by a genuine desire to, educate ,and to correct history. Many great discoveries have come as a result of the
  22. In the world, which affects at least 1 billion people. The FAO also wants to, educate ,people about the problems of hunger, and reinforce its role as the number one
  23. The teacher’s existence — but, unlike the slave, they never discover that they, educate ,the teacher. The raison d'être of libertarian education, on the other hand
  24. The world in the fight against global hunger and malnutrition. The Race aims to, educate ,American students about the causes of global hunger and inspire them to be a
  25. Sciences. The Health Promotion Center opened in November 2008 and serves to, educate ,the public on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. Transport The major
  26. Suriname performance with the colonial influences and post-colonial efforts to, educate ,rural people to produce a distinctive national theater. Traditional ritual
  27. For every 10,000 Cedes. Ghana has embarked upon an aggressive media campaign to, educate ,the public about what re-denomination entails. The new Ghana CEDI is now
  28. Termite Terrace studio, frequently giving lectures, seminars,and working to, educate ,newcomers in the animation field. Many of his principles, therefore,found
  29. Discussion ". A dramatist's role was not just to entertain but also to, educate ,his fellow citizen she was expected to have a message. Traditional myth provided
  30. When French missionaries began establishing French charitable schools to, educate ,the Egyptians. Today, the most important French schools in Alexandria run by
  31. Member of the family. Étienne, who never remarried, decided that he alone would, educate ,his children, for they all showed extraordinary intellectual ability
  32. And so in 1784 the young Archduke was sent to the Imperial Court in Vienna to, educate ,and prepare him for his future role. Emperor Joseph himself took charge of
  33. Of free education in 1931 large group of central colleges were established to, educate ,the rural masses. Since Sri Lanka gained Independence in 1948,many schools
  34. Which illustrate theories and diagrams. A common example of graphics in use to, educate ,is diagrams of human anatomy. Graphic design is also applied to layout and
  35. Do not have any particular targeted audience in mind and intended to simply, educate ,or inform whoever views or plays the game. Development Video game development
  36. Payments. Many educate d and well-trained officers lost the opportunity to, educate ,younger soldiers, as the necessary equipment and basis lacked adequate funding.
  37. Current issues that are able to be addressed in the sense of video games to, educate ,and spread knowledge in a new form of media. Www. Novelize. Org uses games to
  38. Of genetic resources and other intellectual property rights that would, educate ,them about modern technology. The International Treaty on Plant Genetic
  39. Enthusiasts are using the northward march of the armadillo as an opportunity to, educate ,others about the animals, which can be a burrowing nuisance to property owners
  40. Deal of wealthy Romans visited the country's centers of learning to further, educate ,themselves. Since the 1960s and 1970s,the tourism sector saw a boost, which
  41. Ultimate goals include assisting students to be intrinsically motivated to, educate ,themselves, and aiding the student in self-actualization. Courses typically
  42. Is named" beloved son" in the dedication, and Bede says" I have labored to, educate ,you in divine letters and ecclesiastical statutes" Another textbook of Bede's
  43. Is a gross insult to our people and our history. That it is being used to, educate ,our children is even more ridiculous. " The Department of Education and Science
  44. Family, and named in his honor. Academics Harvey Mud College's mission is to, educate ,scientists, engineers,and mathematicians to be well-versed in the social
  45. Ohio, the college moved to its present location in 1880,where it continues to, educate ,a student body of about 1400 traditional undergraduates in over 30 majors, as
  46. Every 10,000 Cedes. The Bank of Ghana employed aggressive media campaigns to, educate ,the public about the re-denomination. The new Ghana CEDI is relatively stable
  47. Particularly enjoying her relationship with several nieces whom she helped, educate ,and giving comfort and aid to her husband’s brothers and sisters. Beatrix died
  48. This criticism is true, then schools that teach only principles would fail to, educate ,60 % of the general population. The data from Piaget, Myers and Briggs can also
  49. Of rationality; it only appears that they are not, because men have refused to, educate ,them and encouraged them to be frivolous (Wollstonecraft describes silly women
  50. General Practitioners conducted a joint Five-year Defeat Depression campaign to, educate ,and reduce stigma from 1992 to 1996; a MORE study conducted afterwards showed a

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