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  1. During the second world war,Sholokhov's archive was destroyed in a, bomb ,raid, and only the fourth volume survived. Sholokhov had his friend Vasily
  2. Islamic militants. The plot was reported to have involved detonating a car, bomb ,in the town of Cebu where the summit was scheduled to take place. On December
  3. At The Citadel (she drops out less than a week later). *1998 – Olaf, bomb ,in Northern Ireland, the worst terrorist incident of The Troubles *1999 – Ben
  4. Kills 51 at the Summer land amusement center at Douglas, Isle of Man. *1980 – A, bomb ,explodes at the railway station in Bologna, Italy,killing 85 people and
  5. The end of the war. *1945 – World War II: Nagasaki is devastated when an atomic, bomb , Fat Man, is dropped by the United States B-29 Bock scar. 39,000 people are
  6. Union (DDT) and the outbreak of civil war between DDT and FRETILIN. *1982 – A, bomb ,explodes on Pan Am Flight 830,en route from Tokyo to Honolulu, killing one
  7. Us. " Super ferry 14 Bombing Super ferry 14 was a large ferry destroyed by a, bomb ,on February 27, 2004,killing 116 people in the Philippines' worst terrorist
  8. At the main train station in Zagreb killing 153 passengers. * 1974 – A powerful, bomb ,explodes at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries headquarters in Marunouchi, Tokyo
  9. As 4 kg of plutonium—and maybe even less—could be used to make a single atomic, bomb ,using very sophisticated assembly designs. Plutonium-238 is potentially more
  10. Storm. The date is celebrated in Croatia as Victory Day. *2003 – A car, bomb ,explodes in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta outside the Marriott Hotel
  11. Roads or clear away debris; before long, these units would be used to clear, bomb ,sites. As the war progressed, initially to great German success, Speer
  12. 1949 – Soviet atomic bomb project: The Soviet Union tests its first atomic, bomb , known as First Lightning or Joe 1,at Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan. *1950 –
  13. The analysis of the debris at the testing site of the first U. S. hydrogen, bomb , Ivy Mike, ( November 1,1952,Eniwetok Atoll),revealed high concentrations
  14. 11, 2004,that investigators had concluded the explosion was caused by a, bomb , She said six suspects had been arrested in connection with the bomb ing and
  15. Now Malaysia) gains its independence from the United Kingdom. *1958 – A parcel, bomb ,sent by NGO Dish NHS, younger brother and chief adviser of South Vietnamese
  16. Of divergence is during World War II, where the Soviet Union develops an atomic, bomb ,first and uses it on Berlin. With the balance of power and influence tipped in
  17. Divers righted the ferry five months after it sunk, they found evidence of a, bomb ,blast. Also, a man named Resend Cain Della admitted to planting the bomb on
  18. In the crowd. Ivan Emiliano stood ready, clutching a briefcase containing a, bomb ,that would be used if the other two bomb ers failed. Alexander was carried by
  19. The southern Philippines, killing 21 and injuring 148. 2004 * February 24 - A, bomb ,explodes on Super ferry 14 off the coast of Manila, causing it to sink and
  20. Listening outside. During the first of five concerts in Perth, there was a, bomb ,scare with everyone having to evacuate the Entertainment Center. The trip was
  21. Leaving control to a rebel group. *1979 – A Provisional Irish Republican Army, bomb ,kills British World War II admiral Louis Mountbatten and three others while
  22. Actinides into the environment; analysis of debris from a 1952 hydrogen, bomb ,explosion showed the presence of americium, curium,berkelium, californium
  23. 4 kilograms) of TNT had been placed on board. 90 minutes out of port,the, bomb ,exploded. 63 people were killed immediately and 53 were missing and presumed
  24. Last for a decade. On December 11, 2007,two car bomb s exploded in Algiers. One, bomb ,targeted two United Nations buildings and the other targeted a government
  25. In Basil an. 2010 * January 21 - Suspected Abu SAAF militants detonated a, bomb ,near the house of a Basil an province mayor. One teenager was injured. *
  26. An assassination attempted in Paris by the anarchist Mate Moral; instead,the, bomb ,explosion killed or injured many bystanders and members of the Royal procession
  27. States Congress. *1945 – World War II: Hiroshima is devastated when the atomic, bomb ," Little Boy" is dropped by the United States B-29 Nola Gay. Around 70,000
  28. Are murdered in Moscow. *1953 – Nuclear weapons testing: the Soviet atomic, bomb ,project continues with the detonation of Joe 4,the first Soviet thermonuclear
  29. Quarter man worked with six other black scientists on the creation of the atomic, bomb ,(code named the Manhattan Project. ) Quarter man also helped develop the first
  30. 2010,U. S. and U. K. officials linked al-Awlaki to the 2010 cargo plane, bomb ,plot. In September 2011,he was killed in a targeted killing drone attack in
  31. Catalyst of the formation of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. *1971 – A, bomb ,exploded in the Liberal Party campaign rally in Plaza Miranda, Manila
  32. Vietnam War: Operation Pierce Arrow – American aircraft from carriers and, bomb ,North Vietnam in retaliation for strikes against U. S. destroyers in the Gulf
  33. October - One American serviceman was killed and another seriously injured by a, bomb ,blast in Zambian City. 2003 * February 12 - The Philippines expelled an Iraqi
  34. Weissmann in May 1944,there was a growing campaign to persuade the Allies to, bomb ,Auschwitz or the railway lines leading to it. At one point Winston Churchill
  35. Invasions. 1993 World Trade Center bomb ing In 1993,Ramzi Yousef used a truck, bomb ,to attack the World Trade Center in New York City. The attack was intended to
  36. Initiate the Manhattan Project. It became the only country to develop an atomic, bomb ,during World War II. For Einstein," war was a disease... and he called for
  37. In Chicago, Illinois,during the Democratic National Convention. *1979 – An IRA, bomb ,explodes on the Grand Place in Brussels. *1988 – Ramstein airshow disaster:
  38. Place as 60,000 Slovak troops turn against the Nazis. *1949 – Soviet atomic, bomb ,project: The Soviet Union tests its first atomic bomb , known as First Lightning
  39. On members of the Narodnaya Volga (People's Will) party killed him with a, bomb , The Tsar had earlier in the day signed the Loris-Melikov constitution which
  40. A bomb blast. Also, a man named Resend Cain Della admitted to planting the, bomb ,on board for the Abu SAAF. Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
  41. They were finally granted an interview. During the interview they set off a, bomb ,that had been hidden in their video camera. Commander Massed died in a
  42. 40 in Sued El-Had and 76 in Edouard. *2001 – The Real IRA detonates a car, bomb ,in Dealing, London,United Kingdom injuring seven people. *2004 – The pedestal
  43. Next day,4 May, anarchists staged a rally at Chicago's Haymarket Square. A, bomb ,was thrown by an unknown party near the conclusion of the rally, killing an
  44. Package wrapped in a handkerchief. " After a moment's hesitation I threw the, bomb , I sent it under the horses' hooves in the supposition that it would blow up
  45. And his meetings with Roosevelt, the U. S. entered the" race" to develop the, bomb , drawing on its" immense material, financial,and scientific resources" to
  46. To the possibility that German scientists might win the race to build an atomic, bomb , and to warn that Hitler would be more than willing to resort to such a weapon.
  47. Islamist's terrorists involved in the 11 March 2004 Madrid attacks attempt to, bomb ,the Spanish high-speed train AVE near Madrid. Their attack is thwarted. *2006 –
  48. And left them exposed. When the tank was refilled with oxygen, it became a, bomb ,waiting to go off. During the" cry stir" procedure, fan power passed through
  49. To publicly express opposition to the United States' dropping the atomic, bomb ,in Hiroshima. He resigned from Combat in 1947 when it became a commercial paper
  50. Nuclear test (1 November 1952),the first successful test of a hydrogen, bomb , Instantaneous exposure of uranium-238 to a large neutron flux resulting from

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