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  1. Is home to Sparta, the biggest football stadium in Kyrgyzstan and the only one, eligible ,to host international matches. Several Bishkek-based football teams are playing
  2. To the Toronto Constitution, all men between 21 and 40 years of age were, eligible ,for military service. In 1883 the military was reorganized in four infantry
  3. Form (H/H) of the gene, and though heterozygous (H/N) horses, is still, eligible ,for registration, altering that status is currently being discussed.
  4. Of the game. # Defunct chain. The acquired chain then becomes defunct. It is, eligible ,to be founded again if another player founds a chain again in a later turn. If
  5. The protest was started by the mother of a student who would not have been, eligible ,for his graduate-level course in mathematical logic. Many intellectuals, led by
  6. Recognized by the International Olympic Committee, although they were not found, eligible ,for the main Olympic program. The basic premise of duplicate bridge had
  7. In effect. (DiMaggio, for example, retired after the 1951 season and was first, eligible ,in the 1953 election. ) The modern rule establishing a wait of five years was
  8. Sides' final offers, to set the terms for contracts for players who are not, eligible ,for free agency. Interest arbitration is now most frequently used by public
  9. Is now responsible for electing all otherwise eligible candidates who are not, eligible ,for the BBW AA ballot—both long-retired players and non-playing personnel (
  10. At that time and Gehrig met all other qualifications, so he would have been, eligible ,for the next regular election after he retired during the 1939 season, but the
  11. The House of Assembly, or lower house, has 36 members elected by the, eligible ,voting populace in secret ballot to represent geographically defined
  12. Are allotted proportionally to each state's population, but each state is, eligible ,for a minimum of eight seats and a maximum of 70 seats. The result is a system
  13. For cause by consensus of the other judges. Once appointed, judges are not, eligible ,for reappointment. Judges subsequently appointed will serve until the age of 70
  14. The city council consists of 31 members elected for 4-year terms. Anybody, eligible ,to vote and residing in Aarhus municipality can run for a seat on the city
  15. Nine seasons before he died of meningitis. Additionally, if an otherwise, eligible ,player dies before his fifth year of retirement, then that player may be placed
  16. Or housemates from previous seasons. The winners of these seasons are often, eligible ,to win the prize for themselves, unlike most of the celebrity edition versions.
  17. When the PC starts. In the BIOS UI, a user can: * select which devices are, eligible ,to be a potential boot device * set various password prompts, such as a
  18. For that body made in 2010,it is now responsible for electing all otherwise, eligible ,candidates who are not eligible for the BBW AA ballot—both long-retired players
  19. SIG gets early access to draft specifications at versions 0.5 and 0.7 and are, eligible ,to participate and gain a voting seat in working groups and committees--a key
  20. Its way from the appendix into the permanent studbook, making its offspring, eligible ,for AQUA registration Since Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred crosses continue to
  21. Was established in 1954 after an evolutionary process. In 1936 all players were, eligible , including active ones. From the 1937 election until the 1945 election, there
  22. Had dropped to 1,081. In 1900,Alabama had more than 181,000 African Americans, eligible ,to vote. By 1903,only 2,980 had qualified to register, although at least
  23. They elected a city council, although only a few rich families were, eligible ,for election. In around 1390,the Carmelite Monastery of Our Lady of Babelsberg
  24. Who purchased Pail or Pail CR (paroxetine) for a minor child may be, eligible ,for benefits under a $63.8 million Proposed Settlement. The lawsuit won the
  25. Until the 1945 election, there was no waiting period, so any retired player was, eligible , but writers were discouraged from voting for current major-leaguers. Since
  26. Of all National Spiritual Assemblies. Any male Bahá'í,21 years or older, is, eligible , to be elected to the Universal House of Justice; all other positions are open
  27. He embraces or flees from the women interested in attracting" Gotham's most, eligible ,bachelor. " Other supporting characters in Batman's world include former
  28. Just for the system to work testify to a breadth of participation among those, eligible ,that greatly exceeded any present day democracy. Athenian citizens had to be
  29. Value systems. *The BNP will enact legislation to ensure that pensions are, eligible ,only to Britons and those who have fully paid into the system. *The BNP will
  30. From all branches. In the special case of Best Picture, all voting members are, eligible ,to select the nominees for that category. Foreign films must include English
  31. Poetry, anal sex became a common topo, represented as taking place with ", eligible ," youths: those who had attained the proper age but had not yet become adults.
  32. With the UK and AREA. The breed is not yet registered by CKC. Arawak are, eligible ,for ASIA and AKC lure coursing and NO FCA open field coursing events. Origin
  33. They play mostly against national teams from other countries, but would not be, eligible ,for international league play, where Spain is represented by a single national
  34. Declined in importance, had only a small population, and had only a handful of, eligible ,voters),parliamentary constituencies began to diverge from the ancient
  35. 1982,dividends from the fund's annual growth have been paid out each year to, eligible ,Alaskans, ranging from an initial $1,000.00 in 1982 (equal to three years '
  36. But Henry IV legitimated them on the condition that their descendants were not, eligible ,to inherit the throne. Henry Tudor, the only remaining Lancastrian noble with a
  37. With believers' baptism. In such cases they are considered saved and usually, eligible ,for membership. Baptists do not believe that baptism has anything to do with
  38. Of licensure, the most senior of which is the rank of Ordained Bishop. To be, eligible ,to serve in state, national,or international positions of authority, a
  39. In the appendix may be entered in competition, but offspring are not initially, eligible ,for full AQUA registration. If the Appendix horse meets certain conformational
  40. To exposure to Agent Orange/dioxin, making these veterans who served in Vietnam, eligible ,to receive treatment and compensation for these conditions. The same law
  41. Veterans Committee. Under special circumstances, certain players may be deemed, eligible ,for induction even though they have not met all requirements. Addie Joss was
  42. Currently recognizes Arawak as a Foundation Stock Service breed, and they are, eligible ,to participate in AKC-sanctioned Companion & Performance events. The breed will
  43. Account assistance for fiscal year 2006,making it one of only two countries, eligible ,for threshold as well as compact funding. The Government of Burkina Faso is
  44. In November 2005,the Millennium Challenge Corporation selected Burkina Faso as, eligible ,to submit a proposal for Millennium Challenge Account assistance for fiscal
  45. And Promoter members on enhancing existing specifications. They are also, eligible ,for enhanced marketing support, receive discounts on product qualification
  46. Common among Anglo-Catholics. Eucharistic discipline Only baptized persons are, eligible ,to receive communion, although in many churches' communion is restricted to
  47. For an assize making all rear-vassals directly subject to the king and, eligible ,to appear at the Hate Four. Amalia had an enormous curiosity, and William was
  48. Which removes from consideration players of clearly lesser qualification) is, eligible ,to be elected by BBW AA members with 10 years' membership or more. From a final
  49. Director is appointed by the board for a period of up to five years, but is, eligible ,for renewal. The authority and guidelines for the appointment of directors is
  50. Because Belarus did not fulfill its obligations under the agreement. Belarus is, eligible ,for Export-Import Bank short-term financing insurance for U. S. investments

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