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  1. And lists of edible animals. Medical treatises of the Ayurveda discuss and, recommend ,meat from a purely health-related viewpoint without even mentioning the aspect
  2. Other alcoholics and include all who wish to stop drinking. The Traditions also, recommend ,that AA members acting on behalf of the fellowship steer clear of dogma
  3. Bronchospasm. Owing to its effect on the stomach lining, manufacturers, recommend , people with peptic ulcers, mild diabetes, or gastritis seek medical advice
  4. Richard: Dr. Richard is chairman of the Oran Medical Association. He is slow to, recommend ,any action to combat the plague, not wanting to arouse public alarm. He does
  5. Led some doctors to require a signed consent form from their patients and to, recommend ,that all patients be adequately warned of the risks of dependence and
  6. Influence and remarked that in the history of philosophy she could only, recommend ," three A's"—Aristotle, Aquinas,and Ayn Rand. She also found early inspiration
  7. To decrease other undesirable problems like kidney failure and blindness. Some, recommend ,a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin C. The World Health Organization
  8. Stated that the report was designed to facilitate research on acupuncture, not, recommend , treatment for specific diseases. The report was controversial; critics assailed
  9. And for both the prevention and treatment of anthrax. The UK however does not, recommend ,its use for infectious endocarditis prophylaxis. These recommend ations have not
  10. Twenty to forty private lessons. This is the duration most Alexander teachers, recommend ,to gain proficiency. Lessons may result in changes of height and posture, which
  11. Risk of tardive dyskinetic and EPS with the typical and for this reason alone, recommend ,first-line treatment with the atypical, notwithstanding a greater propensity
  12. Of helmet-mounted lights (hands-free) with extra batteries. American cavers, recommend ,a minimum of three independent sources of light per person, but two lights is
  13. In Virtue" When enough information has been gathered, the congregation will, recommend ,to the pope that he make a proclamation of the Servant of God's heroic virtue
  14. Such as these (and the robot and commonsense knowledge replies above), recommend , that Searle's room be redesigned. Searle's replies all point out that
  15. BCG is given has always varied from country to country. *WHO BCG policy The WHO, recommend ,BCG be given to all children born in countries highly endemic for TB because it
  16. Shares the same problems with the AGI port explained above. User manuals even, recommend ,not using AGP 8X ATI cards with AGX slots.:; SGP: The Biostar Extreme Graphics
  17. Were introduced in 1946 to help AA stay unified and grow. The Traditions, recommend ,that members and groups remain anonymous in public media, altruistically help
  18. For health preservation, but also for treatment of present diseases, TCM may, recommend ,physical exercises such as gong (气功/氣功),Taiyuan (太极拳/太極拳)," Standing
  19. Common global standard, while in medicine, the standard is ICD. The terms they, recommend ,are similar but not identical: Despite the imprecision inherent in the term
  20. Supplements are used to prevent and to treat calcium deficiencies. Most experts, recommend ,that supplements be taken with food and that no more than 600 mg should be
  21. Tract or even causing choking. Thus, most recipes that use bay leaves will, recommend ,their removal after the cooking process has finished. Cultivation Gardeners in
  22. But it should not be counted as an ace. Some experts (Kantar for one), recommend , the 5NT reply to 4NT – the cheapest with no standard assigned meaning – to
  23. Circumcision in Orthodox Judaism have numerous complications, and authorities, recommend ,that a rabbi be consulted well in advance. In Conservative Judaism, the Milan
  24. The sap's bitterness and increase its sugars. By 1699,John Evelyn could, recommend ,it in his Austria. A Discourse of, at our Great Men stables, and Praetors
  25. The use of SI prefixes with anything but a power-of-1000 meaning, but does not, recommend ,or otherwise cite the IEC binary prefixes. The European Committee for
  26. Bone fractures, sprains,and bruises. Some of these specialists may also use or, recommend ,other disciplines of Chinese medical therapies (or Western medicine in modern
  27. Review of randomized controlled trials, found 'insufficient evidence' to, recommend ,that doctors counsel patients on exercise, but " it did not review the evidence
  28. Environment has changed at Acadia, and elsewhere. The commission was asked to, recommend ,changes and enhancements to the Acadia Advantage that would benefit the entire
  29. Semi-automatic setting, and advise the use of short and long bursts (but still, recommend ,short ones). Disassembly Dismantling the rifle involves the operator
  30. Controlled trials are needed. " (Note that Alexander technique teachers, recommend ,more than three times or more as many lessons than 8 to retain educational
  31. Trip was extremely rainy, which led Sir James Clark, the Queen's physician, to, recommend , Deeside for its more healthy climate. Sir Robert Gordon died in 1847,and the
  32. Needed for tumors to grow .... At this time, there is not enough evidence to, recommend ,the use of mistletoe as a treatment for cancer except in carefully designed
  33. Medial capitals are rarely used in formal written English and most style guides, recommend ,against their use. Variations and synonyms The first letter of a camel-case
  34. Western Railroad, which ran from Macon to Savannah. An engineer was chosen to, recommend ,the location of the terminus. Once he surveyed various possible routes, he
  35. To be anatomical rather than strictly genetic in origin. Many borzoi owners, recommend ,feeding the dog from a raised platform instead of placing the food-dish on the
  36. The ideal trajectory of the shot is somewhat arguable, but generally coaches, recommend ,a proper arch. Players may shoot directly into the basket or may use the
  37. The Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization jointly, recommend ,that national dietary guidelines set a goal of 55–75 % of total energy from
  38. S men. Claudius' will had been changed shortly before his death to either, recommend ,Nero and Britannic us jointly or perhaps just Britannic us, who would have been
  39. Numerous controlled trials. APA states that there is insufficient evidence to, recommend ,any of the established panic disorder treatments over another. The choice of
  40. Of alcoholism. Those who approach alcoholism as a medical condition or disease, recommend ,differing treatments than, for instance, those who approach the condition as
  41. Such as pre-adolescents and teenagers. Manufacturers and physicians often, recommend ,that other family members and loved ones monitor the young patient's behavior
  42. Vaccination was effective and should remain compulsory, though they did, recommend ,some changes in procedures to improve safety, and that the penalties for people
  43. Taken by the offending Party before the Secretariat will resume cooperation or, recommend ,resumption of trade Bilateral sanctions have been imposed on the basis of
  44. The Development of the Major Trunk Routes, followed in 1965. This did not, recommend ,closures as such, but outlined a" network for development ". The fate of the
  45. A description of the first version of COBOL. The committee was formed to, recommend ,a short range approach to a common business language. The committee was made up
  46. Of the Articles of Confederation in 1777:" Permit us, then,earnestly to, recommend ,these articles to the immediate and dispassionate attention of the legislatures
  47. Socializing, and recreation as therapies. Its academic proponents sometimes, recommend ,misleading patients by using known placebo treatments in order to achieve a
  48. And latex condoms take a very long time to break down. Experts, such as AVERT, recommend ,condoms be disposed of in a garbage receptacle, as flushing them down the
  49. Offset by the possibility of developing benzodiazepine dependence. APA does not, recommend ,benzodiazepines for persons with depressive symptoms or a recent history of
  50. Association and the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, recommend ,antipsychotics for managing acute psychotic episodes in schizophrenia or

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