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  1. Ascorbic acid is easily oxidized and so is used as a reluctant in photographic, developer ,solutions (among others) and as a preservative. In fluorescence microscopy
  2. AmigaOS as stated by Dragonfly developer Matthew Dillon who is a former Amiga, developer , Window Lab and amino are among several window managers for the X Window System
  3. Privately until a ROM was made available to the public. Later,the, developer ,appeared to create additional levels for the community. *NATO (Programmed by
  4. Free and open source software implementations. Projects Bridge was a major, developer ,of the Samba software, analysing the Server Message Block protocol used for
  5. English football manager and former player * Adrian Holiday, American Web, developer , journalist and entrepreneur * Adrian Haven, Austrian actor, producer and film
  6. As well. Bugs can be submitted by anybody, and will be assigned to a particular, developer , Various status updates for each bug are allowed, together with user notes and
  7. Academy of Sciences, a Soviet government-founded R&D center. Despite being the, developer ,of Tetris, Pajitnov did not receive royalties from his creation, as rights were
  8. For 1700 housing units to be developed at Alameda Point. In September 2006,the, developer , Alameda Point Community Partners, withdrew from development of Alameda Point.
  9. In 1968,in the School of Art and Design. Working as a designer, scientist, developer , and writer, he lectured for many years around the world. He collaborated at
  10. Technology announced the AmigaOne X1000. Amiga hardware clones Long-time Amiga, developer ,Ecosystem entered the Amiga-clone market with their
  11. Donald W. Loveland Duke University. Author, co- developer of the DPLL-procedure, developer ,of model elimination, recipient of the Her brand Award 2001. * Norman Me gill
  12. As it was drawn. If the two hardware sprites were not enough for a game,a, developer ,could share one sprite among several objects (as with the ghosts in Pac-Man)
  13. Applications. " However, at the end of the AES process, Bruce Schneier,a, developer ,of the competing algorithm Two fish, wrote that while he thought successful
  14. Search, Oakland was chosen, and an ownership group led by local real estate, developer ,Chest Soda was formed. After initially being called the Oakland" Señores ", the
  15. To tactics used by Republican political strategist Karl Rove. Spam assassin, developer ,Justin Mason posted some criticism of the EFF's and Moveon's" going
  16. Is an open source APL interpreter written by Bob Smith, a well-known APL, developer ,and implementor from STSC in the 1970s and 1980s. NARS2000 contains advanced
  17. Use. The Apple dealer network used this book to emphasize the growing software, developer ,base in education and personal use. The Apple II series had a keyboard built
  18. Instruments (Madison, WI ) in 2010,making the company the sole commercial, developer ,of Acts. Teeth of the adult of chitin Chaetopleura articulate has been studied
  19. And Apple Writer, the computer's hardware architecture, operating system and, developer ,environment were limited. The Apple III addressed these weaknesses. The Apple
  20. Sparrow medium range missile (MRM) was purchased by the US Navy from original, developer ,Howard Hughes in the 1950s as its first operational air-to-air missile with "
  21. Of this in five years. By the timed BASE for Windows eventually shipped,the, developer ,community had moved on to other products such as Clipper or Forbade and base
  22. Of shareware - most users now download the software directly from the, developer ,'s website rather than receiving it from another BBS user 'sharing' it. Today
  23. Place finish, Clarence Miles resigned in early November 1955. Real estate, developer ,James Kelly Jr. succeeded him as president with investment banker Joseph
  24. b. 1788) *1866 – Peter Hesketh-Fleetwood, English Member of Parliament and, developer ,(b. 1801) *1872 – Nikolas Mantras, Greek composer (b. 1795) *1878 –
  25. And sold for five years. From 1988 to 1989,Bridge worked as a software, developer ,for a company named Sonar tech Pty Ltd (now Sonar tech Atlas),which developed
  26. Faculty ASU faculty have included former CNN host Aaron Brown, meta-analysis, developer , Gene V. Glass, and Pulitzer Prize winner and The Ants author Bert Holdover.
  27. American colonies with tremendous wealth. Her second husband, Pere Mila, was a, developer ,who was criticized for his flamboyant lifestyle and ridiculed by the
  28. Degree from the University of California, San Diego, where Apple Macintosh, developer ,JEF Rankin was one of his professors. Atkinson continued his studies as a
  29. American novelist (b. 1915) * 1996 – James W. Rouse, American real estate, developer , activist, and philanthropist (b. 1914) *1997 – Helene Han ff, American writer
  30. To the types of goods or services featured there. Adware is usually seen by the, developer ,as a way to recover development costs, and in some cases it may allow the
  31. By Eye tech under license by Amiga Inc. AmigaOS 4.0 had been available only in, developer ,pre-releases for numerous years until it was officially released in December
  32. Derived from presenting advertisements to the user may allow or motivate the, developer ,to continue to develop, maintain and upgrade the software product. Conversely
  33. Was a California-based direct sales company founded by Dr. Carl Reborn, developer ,of the first multivitamin marketed in the United States. In August 1949,after
  34. Worldwide communications. In 2007 Atkinson began working as an outside, developer ,with Momenta, a startup working on computer intelligence. On his work there
  35. Met Philippe Khan, who had just moved to Silicon Valley, and who had been a key, developer ,of the Mitral. The three Danes had embarked, at first successfully, on
  36. Council (now known as the Ad Council) which is the nation's largest, developer ,of PSA campaigns on behalf of government agencies and non-profit organizations
  37. All code for commonly used objects such as buttons and scrollbars to the, developer , While this could be considered an evolution of the language, few of the
  38. Primarily a management and executive role. However, he was an active software, developer ,in the early years, particularly on the company's programming language
  39. Stallman became dissatisfied with the lack of progress being made by a prior, developer , Fox released Bash as a beta, version .99,on June 7,1989, and mid-1994,when
  40. New facility. The backup choice, if negotiations between county staff and the, developer ,falter, is the University Highland site just north of German Arena in Ester.
  41. Was a professor of mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin and a Lisp, developer ,and programmer. Shelter is credited with the development of the GNU Common
  42. Likewise, DragonFlyBSD was also inspired by AmigaOS as stated by Dragonfly, developer ,Matthew Dillon who is a former Amiga developer . Window Lab and amino are among
  43. Jae-won, South Korean entertainer * 1973 – Daisuke Ishiwatari, Japanese game, developer ,and composer * 1973 – Jay-Jay Rocha, Nigerian footballer * 1973 – Karen
  44. Programs in that language to date. Autodesk even had to work with the compiler, developer ,(Lattice) to fix certain limitations to get AutoCAD to run. AutoCAD LT
  45. Sicilian. *Alfonso John Romero, American video-game designer, programmer,and, developer , *José Alfonso Bells y Sánchez, former Archbishop of San Salvador, El
  46. Of model elimination, recipient of the Her brand Award 2001. * Norman Me gill, developer ,of Metamath, and maintainer of its site at http://www.metamath.org metamath.
  47. Is commonly used to mean electronically-distributed software from a small, developer , Many commercial BBS software companies that continue to support their old BBS
  48. Stanford University professor of Computer Science. * Keith Guilty chief, developer ,of the CBC inference engine. * Michael J. C. Gordon led the development of the
  49. On the World Financial Center. Olympia and York, of Toronto, was named as the, developer ,for the World Financial Center in 1981,who then hired Cesar Kelli as the lead
  50. American basketball player *1970 – Mahavira Samurai, Japanese video game, developer ,* 1970 – Stephen Carpenter, American guitarist (Def tones) * 1970 – Manson

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