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  1. With Persia. Acanthus criticized Diocletian for an excessive increase in, troop ,sizes, declaring that" each of the four Tetrarchy strove to have a far larger
  2. To fortify New York City. Quebec Three weeks after the siege of Boston began,a, troop ,of militia volunteers led by Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold captured Fort
  3. Job in his Historian, but that some of his specific details (particularly, troop ,numbers and dates) should be viewed with skepticism. The Sicilian historian
  4. Fight with him as they did with Wallace. Robert then turns toward the English, troop ,line and leads a charge toward the English, with him and his men chanting
  5. To 1 in 15,an increase judged excessive by some modern commentators. Official, troop ,allowances were kept to low levels, and the mass of troop s often resorted to
  6. Of Comoran military personnel, and air surveillance. France maintains a small, troop ,presence in the Comoros at government request. France maintains a small maritime
  7. The British Army dismantled posts and withdrew many troop s, and restored, troop ,levels to that of a peace-time garrison. Operation Banner ended at midnight on
  8. This happened in the first major skirmish of the Civil War, when a cavalry, troop ,of about 1,000 Royalists commanded by Prince Rupert, a German nephew of the
  9. One Armenian wounded and no deaths. The Armenian government extended the small, troop ,presence in Iraq by one year at the end of 2005 and 2006. On October 7,2008
  10. Aircraft for use as heavy bombers, and attacks were made on Indian bridges and, troop ,concentrations with some successes. No aircraft were lost in the operations
  11. January 1997,however, the Bangui Agreements were signed and the French FAO, troop ,was replaced by the 1,350 soldiers of the Mission interafricaine de
  12. Fighting battles against government forces with little or no North Vietnamese, troop ,support, and they controlled nearly 60 % of Cambodia's territory and 25 % of
  13. Of the state militia under various justifications prior to the eventual Federal, troop ,intervention and the organized Klan's continued activities as small groups of
  14. Landing craft, which are able to carry and launch smaller craft for, troop ,insertions. Some effort has been made to assess equipment needs to bring
  15. Europe included the Italian Plague of 1629–1631,which is associated with, troop ,movements during the Thirty Years' War, and the Great Plague of Vienna in
  16. Forces adapt civilian vehicles into AFIS (armored fighting vehicles) and, troop ,carriers, and in some regional conflicts these" technical" are the only
  17. Rescued twenty-three survivors and retrieved ninety bodies when a Confederate, troop ,train plunged off a bridge and fell into the Chunky River. " Mississippi
  18. Become a proponent of withdrawing from Afghanistan. He protested against the, troop ,build up to Afghanistan by President Obama saying" If the Taliban is going is
  19. Value of Okinawa" exceeded all hope. " Okinawa provided a fleet anchorage, troop ,staging areas, and airfields in proximity to Japan. After the battle, the
  20. Is closed and evacuated, almost ten years to the day since the first Australian, troop ,commitment to South Vietnam. *1981 – More than 100 workers are exposed to
  21. On 22 September. At the same time, German troop s were allowed to transit their, troop ,through Sweden and Finland. In practice, this meant redrawing of the border
  22. Comparison to the armies that would be fielded in the early 19th century, where, troop , formations approached or exceeded 100,000 men. Loyalists Historians have
  23. Wanted it returned to the Timurid. Indeed, while actively building up the, troop ,numbers for an invasion of the Punjab he sent a request to Ibrahim;" I sent
  24. President Richard Nixon announces his decision to increase the rate of American, troop ,withdrawals from Vietnam. *1976 – Former British Cabinet Minister John
  25. I didn't support a decision to go to war. " Powell's position on the Iraq War, troop ,surge of 2007 has been less clear. In December 2006,he expressed skepticism
  26. Jethro did have one success, of sorts. When he rescued a Bird Watchers girl, troop ,who fell into the" cement pond" ( they were attacked by ants),Jethro got a
  27. In a variety of types, for a variety of purposes. For example, an all-male, troop ,may be organized in order to hunt for meat, while a group consisting of
  28. By University President Nicholas Murray Butler in the early 20th century. A, troop ,of students dressed as Continental Army soldiers carry the eponymous log from
  29. A 19th century traveler:" I have seen a little fellow of six years old, with a, troop ,of fat toddlers of only three and four, teaching them to throw stones at a Jew
  30. Regular ferries were quickly destroyed by the Luftwaffe, which then targeted, troop ,barges being towed slowly across the river by tugs. Many civilians were
  31. The east side of the mountains, resulted in the death of two men. Allen and a, troop ,of Boys traveled to Westminster where, under Allen's influence, the town's
  32. 2005 – Under international pressure, Syria withdraws the last of its 14,000, troop , military garrison in Lebanon, ending its 29-year military domination of that
  33. General's Horse Guards maintain an official ceremonial horse-mounted cavalry, troop ,or squadron. Both the Australian and New Zealand armies follow the British
  34. The Janissary corps and the naval forces. He established a new artillery, troop , He made a census in the Janissary corps. Slight successes against rebellious
  35. Sea became a mass grave for retreating soldiers and refugees on torpedoed, troop ,transports. The sinking of the Wilhelm Cutoff remains the worst maritime
  36. For the war: Rumsfeld told Hume that Franks ultimately decided against such a, troop ,level. Role in U. S. public relations effort An April 2006 memo lists
  37. Supplied about 30,000 soldiers. Germans made up about one-third of the British, troop ,strength in North America. Hesse-Kassel contributed more soldiers than any
  38. Enclaves had been long-established, while off the Karenina coast,30 Turkish, troop ,ships protected by destroyers landed 6,000 men as well as tanks, trucks,and
  39. The Delta an España, the Volta a Portugal, among others. *Military: scouting, troop ,movement, supply of provisions, and patrol. See bicycle infantry. *Show:
  40. An anachronism, the CML in Rio de Janeiro continues to have some of the best, troop ,units and the most modern equipment. Command of the CML is still a coveted
  41. Occur. (The warships of the time were not designed to be ship killers but, troop ,carriers. A naval battle entailed a ship's coming alongside an enemy vessel
  42. Precisely because the French thought the Ardennes unsuitable for massive, troop ,movement, particularly for tanks, they were left with only light defenses which
  43. Runways for takeoffs and landings, the C-130 was originally designed as a, troop , medical evacuation, and cargo transport aircraft. The versatile airframe has
  44. Military region commanders were only nominated in January 2004,and that the, troop ,deployment on the ground did not change substantially until the year afterward.
  45. Objects, such as a tape transport or a military transport (e.g.,a, troop ,transport, a kind of vehicle, not the act of transporting). Differences in
  46. Tactics, but that their superior firepower made any offensive Japanese, troop ,concentrations extremely dangerous, and they reverted to their defensive
  47. Mules and horses on the Eastern Front. These actions hindered artillery and, troop ,movements, as well as supply convoys. These programs continued until 1969,when
  48. General Reynolds was shot and killed early in the fighting while directing, troop ,and artillery placements just to the east of the woods. Shelby Foot wrote that
  49. By sea begins; Paul Revere and other riders warn the countryside of the, troop ,movements. *1797 – The Battle of Need – French victory against the Austrians
  50. Command PLAN 1003-98). The plan (as it was then conceived) contemplated, troop ,levels of up to 500,000,which Rumsfeld opined was far too many. Gordon and

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