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  1. Bajada Butte a popular example. Many Chapman buildings may have been aligned to, capture ,the solar and lunar cycles, requiring generations of astronomical observations
  2. Mathrm The reaction yield is about 2 % of the radium weight. 227Ac can further, capture ,neutrons resulting in small amounts of 228Ac. After the synthesis, actinium is
  3. Colonial outposts there, capturing Pondicherry after two months of siege. The, capture ,of the French-controlled port of Mahé on India's west coast motivated Mysore
  4. With. In the subsurface environment, it is also produced through neutron, capture ,by or alpha emission by calcium. Is created from the neutron salvation of as a
  5. Odysseus learns from the prophet Catches that the Achaeans would be unable to, capture ,Troy without Achilles' aid. Odysseus goes to Skirts in the guise of a peddler
  6. Linked Troilus' fate to that of Troy, and so he was ambushed in an attempt to, capture ,him. Yet Achilles, struck by the beauty of both Troilus and his sister Pollen
  7. It could not respond effectively to British blockades of its coast and the, capture ,of many of its colonies. In the 1784 peace treaty between the two nations, the
  8. Summer day in 1882,and he immediately wrote it down. He was so anxious to, capture ,the tune in his head, he asked fellow passenger friend Harry Martin for his
  9. Is produced by the decay of 40K with a half-life of 1.25 years by electron, capture ,or positron emission. Because of this, it is used in potassium-argon dating to
  10. With a half-life of 1.25 years, decays to stable (11.2 %) by electron, capture ,or positron emission, and also to stable (88.8 %) via beta decay. These
  11. Revolutionary War: Ships of the Continental Navy fail in their attempt to, capture ,a Royal Navy dispatch boat. *1782 – Rama I of Siam (modern day Thailand)
  12. Philip Sheridan) were to attack the Shenandoah Valley, General Sherman was to, capture ,Atlanta and march to the sea (the Atlantic Ocean),Generals George Crook and
  13. Campaign, longer than Lincoln wanted. The campaign's objective was to, capture ,Richmond by moving the Army of the Potomac by boat to the peninsula and then
  14. And was never fully realized. A British invasion from Canada ended in the, capture ,of the British army at the Battle of Saratoga in 1777. That American victory
  15. 241Am can be used for generating heavier americium isotopes by further neutron, capture ,inside a nuclear reactor. In a light water reactor (LWR),79 % of 241Am
  16. Estate in Nova Scotia, he experimented with composting toilets and devices to, capture ,water from the atmosphere. In a magazine interview published shortly before his
  17. The ancient Greek myth about Hercules, he needs to travel to the underworld to, capture ,Cerberus as one of his tasks. Dream of Scipio, written by Cicero, describes
  18. Success, the war became a standoff. The British used their naval superiority to, capture ,and occupy American coastal cities while the rebels largely controlled the
  19. The r-process and in AGB stars through the s-process, both of which involve the, capture ,of neutrons by atomic nuclei. Name mashnik2000/> Elements such as lead
  20. Merchant ships to Barbary pirates. In the 19th century, Barbary pirates would, capture ,ships and enslave the crew. Later American ships were attacked. During this
  21. In the District of Columbia with compensation for the owners, enforcement to, capture ,fugitive slaves, and a popular vote on the matter. He abandoned the bill when
  22. 1778 that France had entered the war, British military forces moved quickly to, capture ,French colonial outposts there, capturing Pondicherry after two months of siege
  23. Integers, may involve the same logical axioms; the non-logical axioms aim to, capture ,what is special about a particular structure (or set of structures, such as
  24. Throughout the war, but was cut off from the rest of the Confederacy after the, capture ,of Vicksburg in 1863 gave the Union control of the Mississippi River. Conquest
  25. To be produced first, according to the following nuclear process:: \math rm The, capture ,of two neutrons by 239Pu (a so-called (n, γ ) reaction),followed by a
  26. Kurosawa's three consecutive movies after Seven Samurai had not managed to, capture ,Japanese audiences in the way that that film had. The mood of the director's
  27. Was heavily fortified, supplies for the city would be reduced by Sherman's, capture ,of Atlanta and cut off almost entirely when Grant besieged Petersburg and its
  28. A draw. The Confederacy lost the Virginia when the ship was scuttled to prevent, capture , and the Union built many copies of Monitor. Lacking the technology to build
  29. New birth of freedom in the nation. General Grant Meade's failure to, capture ,Lee's army as it retreated from Gettysburg, and the continued passivity of the
  30. Interregnum in Denmark. *1572 – In the Eighty Years' War, the Terneuzen, capture ,Braille from the Spaniards, gaining the first foothold on land for what would
  31. States. They often made raids, called Razzing, on European coastal towns to, capture ,Christian slaves to sell at slave markets in places such as Turkey, Egypt,Iran
  32. To a draw in the Battle of Cape Spar tel. Further Franco-Spanish efforts to, capture ,Gibraltar were unsuccessful. One notable success took place on February 5,1782
  33. Mobilized his party to renew its support of Grant in the war effort. Sherman's, capture ,of Atlanta in September and David Farragut's capture of Mobile ended defeatist
  34. Union blockade of the main ports would weaken the Confederate economy; then the, capture ,of the Mississippi River would split the South. Lincoln adopted the plan in
  35. To attack Tyre, which he eventually capture d after a famous siege. After the, capture ,of Tyre, Alexander massacred all the men of military age, and sold the women
  36. Railroad supply lines in West Virginia, and Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks was to, capture ,Mobile, Alabama. Union forces in the East attempted to maneuver past Lee and
  37. To" ) + -ratio (" the act of" ). Early examples of attempts to, capture ,the phenomenon of motion drawing can be found in paleolithic cave paintings
  38. Of an arrow from his shoulder. *1250 – Seventh Crusade: Ayyubid of Egypt, capture ,King Louis IX of France in the Battle of Frisk. *1320 – The Scots reaffirm
  39. Simulated fur or hair, effects such as fire and water and the use of motion, capture ,to name but a few, these techniques fall under the category of 3D dynamics.
  40. Campaign, which was a victory for the Union, though Lee's army avoided, capture , At the same time, after initial setbacks, Grant laid siege to Vicksburg and
  41. France and the United States had different military priorities: France hoped to, capture ,British possessions in the West Indies before helping to secure American
  42. War effort. Sherman's capture of Atlanta in September and David Farragut's, capture ,of Mobile ended defeatist jitters; the Democratic Party was deeply split, with
  43. Be on the way. It was not: Howe had instead sailed away on his expedition to, capture ,Philadelphia. American militiamen flocked to Gates' army, swelling his force
  44. Of the border slave states at the start of the war and tried repeatedly to, capture ,the Confederate capital at Richmond. Each time a general failed, Lincoln
  45. Dust. Natural deposits of plutonium and neptunium are produced by neutron, capture ,in uranium ore. Name of_cut/> The Earth contains approximately atoms.
  46. 2007,Japan),The Legend of Zelda: Wind Water (2002,Japan) * Motion, capture , is used when live action actors wear special suits that allow computers to
  47. The war, there was no central area of strategic importance. In Europe,the, capture ,of a capital often meant the end of a war; in America, when the British seized
  48. East was inconclusive in 1861–62,as the Confederacy beat back Union efforts to, capture ,its capital, Richmond,Virginia, notably during the Peninsular Campaign. In
  49. Lost this status to berkelium, a few atoms of which can be produced by neutron, capture ,reactions and beta decay in very highly concentrated uranium-bearing deposits.
  50. Amounts of toxic chemicals than are already used. * Algae can be used to, capture ,fertilizers in runoff from farms. When subsequently harvested, the enriched

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