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  1. Of the two lenses, any desired chromatic deviation,e.g. sufficient to, eliminate ,one present in other parts of the system. If the lenses I. and II. be cemented
  2. Victory on Russia's side, the Russian Army, under the tsar's order, sought to, eliminate ,the mountaineers in what would often be referred to as" cleansing" in several
  3. Which would execute only in the interpreter environment, it was not possible to, eliminate ,the interpreter component. The compiler could compile many scalars and vector
  4. The properties that characterize astronomical motions, as he attempts to, eliminate ,from his planetary model the cosmological hypotheses that cannot be observed
  5. With IF/ELSE/ENIF and similar control flow blocks. This was a way to reduce or, eliminate ,the use of GOT operations in assembly code, one of the main factors causing
  6. Detection algorithm prior to vocal processing, as a distortion effect or to, eliminate ,undesired mistakes and inaccuracies. * Autocorrelation in space rather than
  7. Case where the field quantities are independent of the z-coordinate we can, eliminate ,v_r, v_\theta to get: \franc + \franc\franc + \franc~\franc + \franc~p = 0 Assuming
  8. a million. Furthermore, Aghajanov points to the Armenian government's failure to, eliminate ,widespread corruption and mismanagement in the energy sector – abuses that cost
  9. To view himself as being entitled to kill those that he deemed it necessary to, eliminate , The 'murderer' he was hunting had never expressly killed anyone himself, but
  10. Which said that" socialization" was desirable only when was necessary to ", eliminate ,exploitation and other anti-social features. " In practice the socialist
  11. In May Congress called on all the states to write constitutions, and, eliminate , the last remnants of royal rule. By June nine colonies were ready for
  12. Causes of war, and the adoption of judicial methods that should eventually, eliminate ,them. He believed that the Endowment exists to promote information on the
  13. Be interpreted and acted upon within strict time constraints. Such systems must, eliminate ,sources of unpredictable delays, which may be created by (some) interpreted
  14. They offered buyers a free rubber 'bumper' case, which had been proven to, eliminate ,the signal reduction issue. Later that year Apple again refreshed its iPod line
  15. Safe. Septic tanks have to be pumped periodically by a honey wagon to, eliminate ,non-reducing solids. Failure to pump a septic tank can cause overflow that
  16. Throne. This was the motive that is claimed by many that Agrippina needed to, eliminate ,Claudius. The ancient sources credited her with poisoning Claudius on October
  17. Agent for animal feed and is currently used commercially to reduce or, eliminate ,microbial contamination of to undetectable levels. Further investigation by The
  18. Of charge. However, in February 2010 American Airlines announced that it would, eliminate ,free blankets in coach and sell an $8 packet that includes a pillow and blanket
  19. Though travel is no longer the difficulty it once was, there are few efforts to, eliminate ,the two seat arrangement where it exists, since the county seat is a source of
  20. Then either parent form and, at that point, natural selection will tend to, eliminate ,the hybrids. Furthermore, under such conditions, natural selection would favor
  21. Two linear equations with up to twenty-nine variables and a constant term and, eliminate ,one of the variables. This process would be repeated manually for each of the
  22. When the trade association began, it had seven members and its main goal was to, eliminate ,all duties and restrictions on the majority of their trade within 12 years. By
  23. State lacks moral legitimacy without accepting the imperative of revolution to, eliminate ,it. A component especially of individualist anarchism philosophical anarchism
  24. As morphine and opium. They are distinct from anesthetics, which reversibly, eliminate ,sensation. In choosing analgesics, the severity and response to other
  25. Was the parking lot of the Glamour Hotel. The bombings were an attempt to, eliminate ,American soldiers on their way to Somalia to take part in the international
  26. Right). Exponential both sides, : \left (\right) = \left (\right)^, and, eliminate , the negative sign to obtain: \left (\right) = \left (\right)^. Therefore,
  27. Products. On May 2,2007,Steve Jobs released a report announcing plans to, eliminate ,PVC and Bars by the end of 2008. Apple has since eliminate d PVC and Bars across
  28. Other chemotherapeutic medicines too can reduce the use of antibiotics or, eliminate ,their use entirely. Vaccines do not suffer the problem of resistance because a
  29. Agree that enacting the proscriptions was a means by all three factions to, eliminate ,political enemies. Marcus Cellars Paterculus asserted that Octavian tried to
  30. The normal garbage collection service. They also reduce water use by half, and, eliminate , the difficulty and expense of septic tanks. However, they require the local
  31. Decay. It is, however,generally agreed that the use of mouthwash does not, eliminate ,the need for both brushing and flossing. As per the American Dental Association
  32. US LHD or LA amphibious assault ship a ski jump is not included as this would, eliminate ,one or more helicopter landing areas, this flat deck limits the loading of USMC
  33. The pretext of resolving differences and building relations, but his plan was to, eliminate ,them. Accepting his supposed hospitality, at a traditional time for settling
  34. Risk of decompression sickness (known as" the bends" ). But the decision to, eliminate ,the use of any gas, but oxygen was crystallized when a serious accident occurred
  35. As a fraud. The next paragraph decries the failure of the Holocaust to, eliminate ,all the Jews: With regard to the fraud of the Holocaust … Many French
  36. Due to disease. The Spanish colonial leaders, in turn, could not completely, eliminate ,British influences along the Mosquito Coast. Except for the French acquisition
  37. Usually aqueous, ions or elements by performing a series of reactions that, eliminate ,ranges of possibilities and then confirms suspected ions with a confirming test
  38. Are installing waterless urinals and even composting toilets that completely, eliminate ,water usage in sewage disposal. The classic solution with minimal life-style
  39. Sham needling as a form of placebo control, etc.) the" more that researchers, eliminate ,bias from their trials, the greater the tendency for results to indicate that
  40. Stable (usually the most substituted) alkene is formed. Tertiary alcohols, eliminate ,easily at just above room temperature, but primary alcohols require a higher
  41. French Minister of Justice François Mitterrand (who authorized any means" to, eliminate ,the insurrectionists" ), led attacks against the Algerian fighters for
  42. Application of impulse control, proponents of the technique suggest that it can, eliminate ,stage fright, allow more spontaneity, and to expand skill repertoire. It is
  43. In resource consumption and duplication, land reclamation, and proposed to, eliminate ,most private transportation. He favored greater use of shared social resources
  44. Externalities (pollution) or alters the marketplace in such a fashion as to, eliminate ,better options (for example, investment encourages assembly line production of
  45. Representative of American Jews, Heschel persuaded the Roman Catholic Church to, eliminate ,or modify passages in its liturgy that demeaned the Jews, or expected their
  46. Treatment may limit or reduce the effects of ataxia, but it is unlikely to, eliminate ,them entirely. Recovery tends to be better in individuals with a single focal
  47. Equations with one fewer variable. Then the whole process would be repeated to, eliminate ,another variable. Patent dispute J. Prosper Expert and John Muchly were the
  48. Of Soviet leaders, attempting to preempt their defeat, go back in time and, eliminate ,Einstein but end up in a conflict with both the West and a third Japanese side.
  49. IX Palaiologos to the Latin Empress Catherine I of Courtesy, thus seeking to, eliminate ,Western agitation for a restoration of the Latin Empire. Another marriage
  50. Urine. However, fish and amphibians lack this mechanism, as they can usually, eliminate ,ammonia from their bodies by direct excretion. Ammonia even at dilute

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