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  1. National daily newspapers are circulated in the city: The Australian and its, weekend ,publication, The Weekend Australian, also published by News Corporation; and
  2. United States on the weekend is used instead of the British equivalent, at the, weekend , * British sportsmen play in a team; American athletes play on a team. (Both
  3. Queen often spends the first few days of her summer vacation in the lodge. Each, weekend ,in the summer it is a lucrative source of income due to tourists visiting the
  4. In the early 2000s,BBC Two also started simulcasting the channel, although the, weekend ,morning show Weekend 24 had been simulcast on the channel in the early days.
  5. Variety and named him team captain. The AL East would be decided on the last, weekend ,of the season, with the Yankees coming to Fenway Park with a one-game lead in
  6. At (the) weekend (s) "); the constructions on, over and during (the), weekend , ( s) are found in both varieties but are all more common in Am Ethan BRE. See
  7. Normally prohibited in Bavaria). * *The Surgeries is celebrated on the first, weekend ,of July, when the palace gardens with their ancient walls are transformed into
  8. Sampling and SEB Fontaine all having shows as well as Radio 1 hosting an annual, weekend ,in Ibiza. Listening numbers continued to decline but the station succeeded in
  9. Pride)—Central Europe is largest gay-lesbian pride event celebrated on the last, weekend ,of June—Folsom Europe and Hustlaball. Berlin is also leading Europe in the
  10. With a crowd capacity of 100,000. The event is to take place over the, weekend ,of 23–24 June 2012 in Hackney, Central London.; Radio 1 Switch Live The first
  11. A cinema in Manchester. After a lunch date, Turing invited Murray to spend the, weekend ,with him at his house, an invitation which Murray accepted, although he did not
  12. Twice the amount of the average of film score. " This was the highest opening, weekend ,in 1992 and the highest opening weekend of any film up to that point. The film
  13. Gaelic are also spoken. Release and reception Box office On its opening, weekend , Brave heart grossed US$9,938,276 in the United States and $75.6 million in its
  14. Toronto Blue Jays overtook them and seized the A. L. East title on the final, weekend ,of the regular season. The next two years were spent below the .500 mark
  15. Festivals * Allentown Art Festival - The Largest festival of the year on the second, weekend ,of June in the city's Allentown neighborhood. * Taste of Buffalo - One of the
  16. Made their first recordings. " Bill Haley & His Comets During the Labor Day, weekend ,in 1952,The Saddle men were renamed Bill Haley with Haley's Comets (inspired
  17. Greg James (1:00PM–4:00PM),and Scott Mills (4:00PM–7:00PM). The, weekend ,day slots now house a number of former weekday daytime presenters, including
  18. Out of the playoffs. The 1982 campaign saw Baltimore eliminated on the final, weekend ,of the season by the Milwaukee Brewers. Earl Weaver retired and Joe Antonelli
  19. Mountain, the largest piece of exposed granite in the world. During Labor Day, weekend ,each year, Atlanta hosts the popular multi-genre convention Dragon*Con, held
  20. On June 23, 1989,grossing $43.6 million in 2,194 theaters during its opening, weekend , This broke the opening weekend record, set by Ghostbusters II one week earlier
  21. Their flight home, thinking of an important League game against Wolves at the, weekend , The Munich air disaster The airplane which took the United players and staff
  22. On September 19, 1986,in 98 theaters across the United States. In its opening, weekend , the film grossed a total of $789,409. It eventually expanded to another
  23. Emphasizes the handling of live cattle. However, sprint races were also popular, weekend ,entertainment and racing became a source of economic gain for breeders as well.
  24. Many participants were among those 11 million or more protesters that on the, weekend ,of February 15, 2003,participated in global protests against the imminent Iraq
  25. Arts and crafts,powwows, cook-outs,etc. Other August events * The first full, weekend ,in August each year, Twinsburg, Ohio,celebrates Twins Days. *On festival – (
  26. Produce reports on major sports stories, as well as appearing on the BBC One, weekend ,bulletins. Business An hourly business update is included during the weekday
  27. History has been held in the village once in every year or two since 2004,on a, weekend ,in the summer. Twin towns Agincourt is twinned with the English village of
  28. Documentary Nerds 2.0.1 that Joy had personally rewritten the BSD kernel in a, weekend , According to a Salon. Com article, during the early 1980s DARPA had contracted
  29. a million in 2,194 theaters during its opening weekend . This broke the opening, weekend ,record, set by Ghostbusters II one week earlier, with $29.4 million. Batman
  30. Texas and Utah prohibit car dealerships from operating over consecutive, weekend ,days. In some cases these laws were created or retained with the support of
  31. Had on the motion film industry, including the increasing importance of opening, weekend ,box office receipts; the narrowing window between a film's debut and its video
  32. Min chin, Huw Edwards, Ben Brown, Joanna Gosling and Chris Akin. The main, weekend ,presenters include Tim Wilcox, Maxine Mawhinney, Nicholas Owen, Clive Myrie
  33. Churchill Road. " * BRE favors the preposition at with weekend (" at (the), weekend , ( s) "); the constructions on, over and during (the) weekend (s) are
  34. In 1977 and 1979,making the date his" lucky day ". The gross for the opening, weekend ,was a disappointing $6.15 million. A significant factor in the film's rather
  35. Fixed time on the weekend s, and many parties last well into the morning, or all, weekend , Berghain features the Panorama Bar, so named because the bar opens its shades
  36. Carnival her Culture, a multi-ethnic street parade celebrated every Pentecost, weekend , and the Christopher Street Day are both supported by the city's government.
  37. Thus" at the end of Churchill Road. " * BRE favors the preposition at with, weekend ,(" at (the) weekend (s) "); the constructions on, over and during (the)
  38. City days” ) festival is held annually in the city center on the second, weekend ,in September. It is deemed the largest city festival of the Württemberg
  39. Archie Christie left their house Styles in Sunning dale, Berkshire,to spend the, weekend ,with his mistress at Gaming, Surrey. That same evening Agatha disappeared
  40. Not be paid his standard fee. Mesa shot many of the action sequences on the, weekend , It was a difficult shoot for Campbell who had to learn elaborate choreography
  41. In love amid their warring families. It grossed US$18.6 million in its first, weekend , ranking number two at the box office. In addition to acting, Aaliyah served as
  42. Is legendary, with an oft-told anecdote that he wrote the vi editor in a, weekend , Joy denies this assertion. Joy's accomplishments have been sometimes
  43. The film industry had opposed a Sunday broadcast because it would cut into the, weekend ,box office. On March 30, 1981,the awards ceremony was postponed for one day
  44. Blue law that requires car dealerships to close either Saturday or Sunday each, weekend , Bar may refer to: Food and drink * Bar (establishment
  45. The Dark Knight (2008),set the record for the highest grossing opening, weekend ,of all time in the U. S., earning approximately $158 million, and became the
  46. Monday till Friday would be more natural. ) * In the United States on the, weekend ,is used instead of the British equivalent,on the weekend . * British sportsmen
  47. Had advised him to apply as it meant he could still play for United at the, weekend , Also doing his army service in Shrewsbury at the same time was his United
  48. Record Europe, Reporters,Straight Talk and Your Money appear regularly in the, weekend ,schedules. Many of these programs also appear throughout the week on BBC News
  49. Of her lines during post-production. It grossed US$15.2 million in its first, weekend , ranking number one at the box office. On the first anniversary of Aaliyah's
  50. Herbstmarkt (autumn market),another Sunday shopping day, is on the first, weekend ,in October. *Since 1997,a series of cultural, art,music and entertainment

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