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  1. Orth y Gila in sp o rts a research. *Bret o n: D o o r ha par en o dellezegezh hag, o ,gl o ri o us EO Janet a h o ld dud. P o ll ha skint ZO Delhi ha debut a rent began
  2. A \d o t b. We kn o w fr o m the ass o ciative rule that the f o ll o wing must be true::, o ,\d o t c = a \d o t (b \d o t c) We kn o w that c is o paque and thus f o ll o ws that
  3. L'inquietude DI Belinda," Zelinda's W o rries" ( 17?? ) *GI Amati timid, o ,SIA L'imbr o gli o de' due nitrate," The Shy L o vers" o r" The Affair o f the
  4. V o wels (i, y,e, a ), l,and r + unb o unded v o wel. ² Bef o re r o unded v o wels (, o , u),and r + r o unded v o wel. *inflected ( o r c o njugated) prep o siti o ns. A
  5. S o me additi o nal ph o netic characters. The v o wels are a, e,(f o rmerly è),i, o , (f o rmerly ò),u; accents can be used t o indicate t o nality. The f o rmer
  6. Bisulcus, an endangered white tail deer). It als o has the legend POR la raz o r, o ,la Guerra (By Reas o n o r by F o rce). The flag o f Chile c o nsists o f tw o equal
  7. Systematizing n o menclature by using the wh o le sequence o f v o wels a, e,i, o ,and u t o create suffixes -ANE,-ENE,-INE ( o r - o ne),- o ne,- o ne, f o r the
  8. Retr o cessa new c o ntraccambi o (17? ?)" The returned j o ke" *Chi la fa l'aspects, o ,SIA I cassette del carnival (17?? )" Wh o d o es, waits f o r the return" o r "
  9. Gens that was traditi o nally regarded as Sabine in o rigin. The alternati o n o f, o ,and Au is characteristic o f the Sabine dialect. The feminine f o rm is Gl o ria.
  10. Gwul the UDP n o rth y Gila in sp o rts a research. *Bret o n: D o o r ha par en, o ,dellezegezh hag o gl o ri o us EO Janet a h o ld dud. P o ll ha skint ZO Delhi ha
  11. Or Alf o ns o (Latin versi o n),nicknamed" the Fat" ( P o rtuguese, o ,G o rd o n),third king o f P o rtugal, was b o rn in C o bra o n 23 April 1185 and died
  12. Alph o ns o (P o rtuguese-Galician) o r Alf o ns o (Latin),the B o l o gna (P o rt., o ,C o l o nies),the fifth King o f P o rtugal (5 May 1210 in C o bra – 16 February
  13. Of the Brian language, o f which Sabine was a branch. F o rms using, o ,were c o nsidered archaic o r rustic in the 50s BC, and the use o f Claudius w o uld
  14. Bu o n c o mpatri o t t o ," The G o o d C o mpatri o t" ( 17?? ) *IL Sir M o dern p o nt o o n, o ,SIA IL ech o fastidi o us," Grumpy Mr. M o dern o r the Ann o ying Old Man" ( 1762
  15. Runty calf was s o metimes referred t o as a d o gie, ( pr o n o unced with a l o ng ", o ,") th o ugh in the classic traditi o nal f o lk s o ng,D o gie's Lament, als o kn o wn as
  16. And insinuati o n, was imitating his stylish sibling. The linguistic variati o n o f, o ,f o r Au was characteristic o f the Brian language, o f which Sabine was a branch
  17. Were o riginally full diphth o ngs, but many dialects have c o nverted them t o e and, o ,respectively. The s o -called 'emphatic' c o ns o nants (see the next secti o n)
  18. 17?? ) *Le D o nne DI burn m o re," The G o o d Hum o red W o men" ( 17?? ) *L'Batista, o ,SIA L'indifference," The Apathy Man" o r" The Indifferent Man" ( 17?? )
  19. Outback. The o utback can be als o referred t o as" back o f bey o nd "," back, o ,' Burke" alth o ugh these terms are m o re frequently used when referring t o
  20. P, and o ccurring in that part o f the Arabic alphabet (between hist o ric, o ,and q). Esperant o letters with circumflexes, ĉ,ĝ, ĥ,ĵ and ŝ, are written as
  21. And thus m o re o pen, c o unterparts t o each o f these, with the sh o rt cl o se, o ,s o metimes c o rresp o nding with the l o ng o pen a. The cl o se back v o wels o ften use
  22. Article (el me g o es 'my d o g' ) like in Italian (IL mid cane),P o rtuguese (, o ,me can) and in many Occitan dialects (Langued o cien and Pyrenean Gasc o ny).
  23. While, and stay unchanged. Distincti o n between unstressed ‹ e › / ‹ a › and ‹, o ,› / ‹ u › (th o ugh, in s o me subvarieties unstressed v o wels may merge int o
  24. The c o ns o nants that were f o ll o wed by the v o wels u and i (and o ften als o , o ,and e),are used t o indicate the l o ng v o wels û and î respectively ( o ften als o
  25. Date) " & y genre generate Ecgbryht caning o n West Walls fr o m easteweardum, o ,westward. " ..." and in this year king Ecgbryht raided in C o rnwall fr o m
  26. With b o th diacritics and digraphs. F o r instance, the mid-v o wels written é è, ô, o , in French are written in Beninese languages, whereas the c o ns o nants written NG
  27. The Marriage o f R o yal Pr o phet David" ( 17?? ) Perf o rmances * La metempsych o sis, o ,SIA La Patag o nia transmigrati o n," The Metempsych o sis" o r" The Pythag o rean
  28. Exp o nential time hyp o thesis is that n o alg o rithm can s o lve 3-Sat in time \exp (, o ,(n) ). H o rn-satisfiability A clause is H o rn if it c o ntains at m o st o ne
  29. e. In West Syriac dialects, and p o ssibly Middle Galilean, the l o ng a became the, o ,s o und. The o pen e and back an are o ften indicated in writing by the use o f the
  30. Variable transparencies, whereas c is o paque. We're interested in finding:, o ,= a \d o t b. We kn o w fr o m the ass o ciative rule that the f o ll o wing must be true:
  31. By J o seph Haydn (1768) Intermezz o librett o * IL g o nd o lier Venetian, o ,SIA GI SDEI am o r o us, The Venetian G o nd o lier o r the L o ver's Sc o rn (1733)
  32. m),and the dwelling o f the keeper (n). Hard by is the kitchen garden (, o ,), the beds bearing the names o f the vegetables gr o wing in them, o ni o ns,garlic
  33. N o t yet: The Lament o f the Nymph) Ant o nietta by Puccini # Perch ten fungi, o ,Filled? (Why d o y o u run away, Phyllis?) An o nym o us madrigal # N o n part
  34. When the meaning o f the name was n o l o nger underst o o d, it l o st its prefix ", o ,". The name Bip o lar is menti o ned in the Bip o lar inscripti o n, related t o the o ld
  35. F (X) → G (X) in D such that f o r every m o rphism f: X → Y in C, we have by, o ,F (f) = G (f) o ex; this means that the f o ll o wing diagram is c o mmutative:
  36. Della p o st," The Tavern at the Mail Stati o n" ( 17?? ) *L'm o re pattern, o ,SIA La serve c o gn o scente," Paternal L o ve" o r" The Grateful Maidservant" (
  37. A first immediate c o nsequence o f the definiti o n is that B (x, y)= o whenever x, o , o r y o . (This is seen by writing the null vect o r o as 0· o and m o ving the
  38. Literally 'br o ken-c' ) when ‹ c › takes the s o ft s o und bef o re ‹ a ›, ‹, o , › and ‹ u › (e.g. CAA 'hunt' ), and w o rd-finally (e.g. d o ll 'sweet' ).
  39. La Anglia o bedience," The Obedient Daughter" ( 17?? ) *IL c o ntretemps, o ,SIA IL chiacchier o ne imprudent," The Unwelc o me Event" o r" The Careless
  40. Had Heyday, Al o o mak Led, Aref Habit, Maly NASA, Yaret Sense, and Zagreb, o ,Added. The album is arranged by Adel Hakka and is pr o duced by R o sana. Music
  41. Sir T o by Belch: She's a beagle, true-bred,and o ne that ad o res me: what, o ,' that? " Twelfth Night (c.1600) Act II Scene III Webster:" Mistress
  42. I bear hidden in my breast) An o nym o us, madrigal # O SIA tranquilly IL mare, o ,pain d’R o geli o (Whether the sea be still o r swelled with pride) An o nym o us
  43. Leq \franc * As x \t o \nifty, \bar F (x) \t o 0 \, and in fact \bar F (x) =, o ,(1/x) Pr o o f: Assuming X has density functi o n f, we have f o r any c> 0: \math
  44. That B (x, y)= o whenever x o o r y o . (This is seen by writing the null vect o r, o ,as 0· o and m o ving the scalar 0" o utside ", in fr o nt o f B, by linearity. ) The
  45. Di see redesign," The L o ver o f Himself" ( 17?? ) *IL cavaliere DI spirit, o ,SIA Lad o nna DI test deb o le," The Witty Gentleman" o r" The Feeble minded
  46. In D such that f o r every m o rphism f: X → Y in C, we have by o F (f) = G (f), o , ηX; this means that the f o ll o wing diagram is c o mmutative: The tw o funct o rs F
  47. M o re o ver, Albanian has underg o ne a v o wel shift in which stressed, l o ng, o , has fallen t o a, much like in the f o rmer and o pp o site the latter. Likewise
  48. U (like the v o wel in 'sch o o l ', ). It has a m o re o pen c o unterpart, the 'l o ng ', o , like the v o wel in 'l o w' (). There are sh o rter, and thus m o re o pen
  49. Of the f o ll o wing letters:: a, b,ch, c'h, d,e, f,g, h,i, j,k, l,m, n, o , p, r,s’t,u, v,w, y,z The circumflex, grave accent, trema and tilde appear
  50. F o r the symb o l, a sufficient disambiguati o n fr o m byte. The l o wercase letter, o ,f o r o ctet is a c o mm o nly used symb o l in several n o n-English languages (e.g.

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