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  1. Engineers, responsible for airframe, powerplant and electrical systems, maintenance ,*** Avionics engineers responsible for avionics and instruments maintenance **
  2. Which retails gas and electricity. Substantial investment has been made in, maintenance ,and reinforcement of the electricity supply network to provide continued
  3. Its wholly owned regional airlines Compass Airlines and Mesabi Airlines. MD-80, maintenance , controversies American Airlines has had repeated run-ins with the FAA regarding
  4. United States of America *Application Services Library, a process model for the, maintenance ,of software applications *An initialism for" age, sex,location ", commonly
  5. Has been used, the buildings are not weathering and need very little structural, maintenance ,on their masonry. Amongst the notable buildings in the city's main street
  6. Defend Loyalist areas, it was also recognized that there was a need for" the, maintenance ,of large concentrated forces able" to counter major attacks from the American
  7. While slow-fade phosphors removed image flicker effects. Also, far less, maintenance ,was required of an all-electronic system compared to a spinning disc system.
  8. Polling deficiencies, lack of cooperation by the Electoral Commission, and poor, maintenance ,of electoral lists and polling places. For the most part however, Armenia is
  9. This allows other ants to detect what task group (e.g., foraging or nest, maintenance ,) other colony members belong to. In ant species with queen castes, workers
  10. 28, 2009,American notified its employees that it would close its Kansas City, maintenance ,base in September 2010,and would also close or make cutbacks at five smaller
  11. Le panto to the Ottoman sultan. The burden of having to contribute to the, maintenance ,of Cargo and Regina, both united administratively with the More since the
  12. Hubs. New York-LaGuardia serves as a focus city. American currently operates, maintenance ,bases at Tulsa (TUB) and Fort Worth Alliance (AFW). American closed its
  13. Office of the Roman Republic. Based in Rome, the exiles were responsible for, maintenance ,of public buildings and regulation of public festivals. They also had powers to
  14. Not by accident that the first and last items described in his treatise concern, maintenance ,of an accurate inventory. The nature of double-entry can be grasped by
  15. Serious deluges seem to have been a regular occurrence, requiring constant, maintenance ,of irrigation ditches and drainage systems. Farmers were recruited into
  16. When he failed to encourage enough senators to finance the building and, maintenance ,of networks of roads in Italy, he undertook direct responsibility for them in
  17. Maintenance *** Avionics engineers responsible for avionics and instruments, maintenance ,** Electric System technicians, responsible for maintenance of electrical
  18. Bases at Tulsa (TUB) and Fort Worth Alliance (AFW). American closed its, maintenance ,base at Kansas City (MCI) on September 24, 2010. American Airlines has three
  19. Of characters to offspring through genes. Carbonic acid is important for, maintenance ,of pH equilibrium in the body. Acid catalysis Acids are used as catalysts in
  20. Base in September 2010,and would also close or make cutbacks at five smaller, maintenance ,stations, resulting in the loss of up to 700 jobs. In early July 2010,it was
  21. The Wall Street Journal reported that American was accused of hiding repeated, maintenance ,lapses on at least 16 MD-80s from the FAA. Repair issues included such items as
  22. Controversies American Airlines has had repeated run-ins with the FAA regarding, maintenance ,of its MD-80 fleet (the company is the single largest operator of the craft);
  23. Ft runway was lengthened to 10,000 ft. Taxiways, a concrete apron, a large, maintenance ,hanger, and a propane storage tank were added. By early 1982,four more YF-117A
  24. For maintenance of electrical systems ** Avionics technicians, responsible for, maintenance ,of avionics ** Passenger service agents (such as airline lounge employees) **
  25. Example, considered by their American counterparts quite curious, was the, maintenance ,of the internal comma in a British organization of secret agents called the "
  26. Authority matched that by providing the land and a budget for operation and, maintenance , To secure local interest, in 1885,he gave $500,000 to Pittsburgh for a public
  27. Which operated 17 different aircraft types, each with varying pilot, engine, maintenance , and support needs. A second financial issue is that of hedging oil and fuel
  28. Skirmishes with the actors. The expenditure on costumes, training and, maintenance ,of a Chorus was considerable, and perhaps many people in the original audience
  29. Base. Repairs on Boeing 757s will be made in Tulsa, Oklahoma,and some 767, maintenance , will move there as well; one, possibly two, Boeing 767 repair lines will be
  30. Disorder Transportation * Abbreviation for Airworthiness Directive, aircraft, maintenance , requirements * IATA code for Air Paradise, a defunct Indonesian airline People
  31. Participate in the preparation of the population, the national economy and the, maintenance ,of wartime reserves and the infrastructure of the country for defense. In times
  32. Often recruited from recently conquered areas. With his finances securing the, maintenance ,of roads throughout Italy, Augustus also installed an official courier system
  33. Older systems are placing great demands on the logistics system for service, maintenance , replacement parts and necessary upgrades, costing the army dearly both
  34. By Alexander Simpson of Holyhill. Originally devoted to the instruction and, maintenance ,of the sons of poor burgesses of guild and trade in the city, it was
  35. Thorough protocols were implemented for documenting spacecraft construction and, maintenance , In July 2009,the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 first Moon landing
  36. Its era. It can cross comparatively rough terrain at high speeds, but is fuel, maintenance , and ammunition-hungry which makes it logistically demanding. It has the
  37. Hangar 7,was new construction. The original U-2 hangars were converted to, maintenance ,and machine shops. Facilities in the main cantonment area included workshops
  38. During which time they found aircraft and funding, contracted hangar and, maintenance ,services, trained new employees, and recruited laid off staff from other
  39. Responsible for certifying the aircraft for flight and management of aircraft, maintenance ,*** Aerospace engineers, responsible for airframe, powerplant and electrical
  40. Meaning that each battery has all the support systems that it requires (, maintenance , targeting radar, etc.) organic to its unit. Modern field artillery can also
  41. Air, a cargo airline based in Purchase, New York * Atlas Aviation, an aircraft, maintenance ,firm in Florida, USA * Atlas Blue, a low-cost airline based in Marrakech
  42. And instruments maintenance ** Electric System technicians, responsible for, maintenance ,of electrical systems ** Avionics technicians, responsible for maintenance of
  43. Service in 1985. Some community leaders were recruited for content design and, maintenance ,using a proprietary language and interface called TRAINMAN, although most
  44. Austrian School economists maintain the most effective cure is the strict, maintenance ,of a stable money supply. Ludwig on Miles, the seminal scholar of the Austrian
  45. Needs to be lifted, only for example if the vessel is to be towed into port for, maintenance , An alternative to using an anchor under these circumstances may be to use a
  46. Follow a corporate structure where each broad area of operations (such as, maintenance , flight operations (including flight safety),and passenger service) is
  47. To augment its much smaller rail system, repair damage, or even perform routine, maintenance , Name "/IN"> encyclopedia78"/> The failure of Davis to maintain positive and
  48. A proprietary language and interface called TRAINMAN, although most content, maintenance ,was performed by partner and internal employees. Two former community leaders
  49. Itself, but this paled before the cost of upkeep for these fortresses and the, maintenance ,of their standing garrisons. A remarkable early tenth-century document, known
  50. Programs, provision of relief during natural disasters, assistance in the, maintenance ,of essential services and support of the police in maintaining law and order.

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