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  1. Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) vote losing out to more left-wing and, republican ,Sinn Féin. It also saw a tightening of the parties as the small UK Unionist
  2. Of Julius Caesar, such an entitlement was obviously felt as a threat to Roman, republican ,traditions. In fact, according to a widespread belief, Mark Antony had once
  3. March 2009,two soldiers and a Police Officer were killed in separate dissident, republican ,attacks in Northern Ireland. Current deployments High intensity operations Low
  4. Century. In recent years, historians have stressed Lincoln's redefinition of, republican ,values. As early as the 1850s,a time when most political rhetoric focused on
  5. Appears primarily in the Erebus and Church & State I volumes. His motives are, republican ,confederalizing of city-states in Station (a pseudo-Europe) and the
  6. By Islam. After independence (1912) from the Ottoman Empire, the Albanian, republican , monarchic and later Communist regimes followed a systematic policy of
  7. Was retaken by Fears units (see Bavarian Soviet Republic). The first, republican ,constitution of Bavaria was passed in Bamberg, becoming known as the
  8. Power gains, courting the Senate and the people, while upholding the, republican ,traditions of Rome, to appear that he was not aspiring to dictatorship or
  9. Releasing both civil and military officers from their oaths; the newly-formed, republican ,government of Socialist premier Kurt Eisner interpreted this as an abdication.
  10. Proto-Slavs, Carpi,and possibly the Pasternak. Conflict with Rome Roman, republican ,era (to 30 BC) Allies of Philip of Macedon (179-8 BC) The Pasternak first
  11. Against a European empire, and the first successful establishment of a, republican ,form of democratically elected government, provided a model for many others
  12. Allowed the French government (based at Vichy) that collaborated with the, republican ,opponents and attempted to negotiate acceptable terms for independence from the
  13. Johnson, a prominent Wollstonecraft scholar, has called the Rights of Woman" a, republican ,manifesto ". Johnson contends that Wollstonecraft is hearkening back to the
  14. Following twenty years, the Provisional Irish Republican Army and other smaller, republican ,groups such as the Irish National Liberation Army (INCA) mounted an armed
  15. In office by political appointments, declaring it" a leading principle in the, republican ,creed. " By the end of his term, Jackson dismissed nearly 20 percent of the
  16. Exemplified by Abigail Adams and Mercy Otis Warren; the first duty of the, republican ,woman was to instill republican values in her children and to avoid luxury and
  17. Colonies and cities often had officials with powers similar to those of the, republican ,exiles, although their powers widely varied. It seems as though they were
  18. But as their enemy. Young nationalists became increasingly attracted to violent, republican ,groups. With the Official IRA and Official Sinn Féin having moved away from
  19. In March 1994,the signing of the Washington Accords between the leaders of the, republican ,government and Herzeg-Bosnia led to the creation of a joint Bosniak-Croat
  20. Populations. These opposing groups in this conflict are now often termed, republican ,and loyalist respectively, although they are also referred to as 'nationalist '
  21. Development is divided into three distinct periods: Pre-Columbian, colonial,and, republican , Important archaeological ruins, gold and silver ornaments, stone monuments
  22. The date of the battle is given as 9 August 48 BC. This is according to the, republican ,calendar. The date according to the Julian calendar, however,was either 29
  23. Classical authors read in the Enlightenment period taught an abstract ideal of, republican ,government based on hierarchical social orders of king, aristocracy and
  24. When they Stand in Competition with the Rights of society. " For women,", republican ,motherhood" became the ideal, exemplified by Abigail Adams and Mercy Otis
  25. The Commonwealth tradition of the 17th century and attempting to reestablish a, republican ,ethos. In Wollstonecraft's version, there would be strong, but separate
  26. Which they condemned. The Founding Fathers were strong advocates of, republican ,values, particularly Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin
  27. As the state religion. In short, it established an autocratic system under a, republican ,veneer. The first Italian president was General Joaquín Print, who served
  28. Peter Grant, British music manager (d. 1995) *1936 – John Kelly, Irish, republican , politician (d. 2007) *1937 – Colin Powell, U. S. Army General,12th Chairman
  29. The first" Byzantine" Emperor in a political sense, as he replaced the, republican ,trappings of the office with a straightforward autocracy, marking the
  30. Ireland since being given the Lordship of Ireland by the pope in 1171. English, republican ,dictator, Oliver Cromwell's campaign was characterized by its uncompromising
  31. Of the monstrous injustice of slavery itself. I hate it because it deprives our, republican ,example of its just influence in the world ..." In late 1854,Lincoln ran as a
  32. Republican community with the moderate SDLP losing votes to the more staunchly, republican ,and abstentionism Sinn Féin. The election was also marked with exceptionally
  33. Unified in 1707 creating the Kingdom of Great Britain. Following an attempted, republican ,revolution in Ireland in 1798,the Kingdoms of Ireland and Great Britain were
  34. Later the Police Service of Northern Ireland) in their conflict with, republican ,paramilitary groups, called Operation Banner. The locally-recruited Ulster
  35. And Mercy Otis Warren; the first duty of the republican woman was to instill, republican ,values in her children and to avoid luxury and ostentation. Fusing
  36. Parties had to agree),and then in terms of the national duty to guarantee a, republican ,form of government in every state. In March 1861,in his First Inaugural
  37. The RIF rebels. The political unrest of the late 1920s led to the victory of, republican ,candidates in local council elections throughout the country, and the
  38. Had promised to discharge. The tens of thousands who had fought on the, republican ,side with Brutus and Cassius, who could easily ally with a political opponent
  39. And was prone to new" isms ", while the South remained true to historic, republican ,values of the Founding Fathers (many of whom owned slaves, including
  40. Of Ne phi prior to the peaceful transition of the nation from a monarchy to a, republican ,form of government. The sons of Josiah, named Amman, Aaron,Owner and Him
  41. The corruption was crossing the Atlantic; the commitment of most Americans to, republican ,values and to their rights, energized the revolution, as Britain was
  42. Source with a pro-monarchial bias and covering many of the same details as the, republican ,source. This source begins with the divinely appointed birth of Samuel. It then
  43. The city from 1969 until 2001. Part of the legacy of the Troubles is that both, republican ,and loyalist paramilitary groups in Belfast have become involved in organized
  44. Of statistics to make its arguments, the book argued his view that the American, republican ,system of government was superior to the British monarchical system. It gave a
  45. And Head of the Royal House of the Two Sicilian. *Celestial Alfonso, Spanish, republican , and volunteer fighter in the French resistance during World War II. Alphonse
  46. It took several years to determine the exact framework by which a formally, republican ,state could be led by a sole ruler; the result became known as the Roman Empire
  47. Were vying for an alliance with Compass, who was ironically a member of the, republican ,party, not the Caesarion faction. Aware of his deteriorating relationship with
  48. Forces in the North identified the" Slave Power" as a direct threat to, republican ,values. They argued that rich slave owners were using political power to take
  49. Who resented the abolition of slavery. Early republic At the beginning of the, republican ,government it was little more than a military dictatorship, and the new
  50. More hardliner Democratic Unionist Party. This transition was mirrored in the, republican ,community with the moderate SDLP losing votes to the more staunchly republican

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