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  1. On December 18, 2007. The missile was launched from a Japanese warship, in, partnership , with the US Missile Defense Agency and destroyed a mock target launched from
  2. Government of Abu Dhabi. The new venture is called GlobalFoundries Inc. This, partnership ,will allow AMD to focus solely on chip design. In August 2011,AMD announced
  3. Its business interests as well as to tackle Intel's dominance and resources. A, partnership ,between AMD and Alpha Processor Inc. developed HyperTransport, a point-to-point
  4. Among 5,000 workers. In September 2011,AOL formed a strategic ad selling, partnership ,with two of its largest competitors, Yahoo and Microsoft. Growth Steve Case
  5. Percy Miller. In June 2009,NBC News launched a new website named The Grid in, partnership ,with the production team that created the black documentary film, Meeting David
  6. Was the city (Polish) which functions as a political" community" or ", partnership ," (Livonia). The aim of the city is not just to avoid injustice or for
  7. In time, and a special Oscar for co-star Maurice Chevalier. The Lerner-Loewe, partnership ,cracked under the stress of producing the Arthurian Camelot in 1960,with Loewe
  8. Is the difference between" peaceful, voluntary exchange" and a collusive, partnership ,between business and government that uses coercion to subvert the free market.
  9. To deliver all ISO Standards on a web-based platform. Through the ANSI-Citation, partnership , 17,765 International Standards developed by more than 3,000 ISO technical
  10. In the PC market based on the success of the AMD K6 architecture. One major, partnership ,announced in 1998 paired AMD with semiconductor giant Motorola. In the
  11. And collaboration, notification,and change-management functionality. *ANSI, in, partnership , with Citation Technologies, AAMI, ASTM,and DIN, created a single, centralized
  12. Brahman (244) and Lunsford (266) were in record-breaking form with a, partnership ,of 451 for the second wicket. England eventually faced a massive 707 run targets
  13. Whitehead Aircraft Limited works in Felt ham. Renwick and Berkeley had been in, partnership ,some years and had developed an overhead cam 4-cylinder engines, using Renwick
  14. And the Treaty of the Formation of a Union State in 1999,has confirmed a close, partnership ,with Russia. Much of the air defense system is integrated into the Russian
  15. 21.62) and Sydney Barnes (34 wickets at 22.88) formed a formidable bowling, partnership , England retained the Ashes when they won the 1912 Triangular Tournament, which
  16. Possibility to live a good life, and to perform beautiful acts:" The political, partnership ,must be regarded, therefore,as being for the sake of noble actions, not for
  17. Is contended by some scholars that the (EAP) is unable to create a workable, partnership , This proved to be correct when Belarus withdrew form the Partnership on 30
  18. From Latin affiliate, to adopt as a son) is the term to describe a, partnership ,between two or more parties. Affiliation procedures in England a
  19. AMD is also a global leader in flash memory. In 1993,AMD established a 50-50, partnership , with Fujitsu called FALL, and merged into a new company called FALL LLC in
  20. The airline and its One world Alliance of global airlines remains committed to a, partnership ,with Japan Airlines, as long as the carrier remains a major international
  21. The AG Bell),a leading center for the research and pedagogy of deafness. In, partnership ,with Gardiner Hubbard, Bell helped establish the publication Science during the
  22. Germany in October 1879 and in May 1882. In October 1882,Italy joined this, partnership ,in the Triple Alliance largely because of Italy's imperial rivalries with
  23. To the object. Country by country look United States Heritage Preservation, in, partnership , with the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a U. S. federal agency
  24. Assistance in 1997. Similarly, the USAID phased out a long-standing bilateral, partnership ,with Botswana in 1996,after successful programs emphasizing education
  25. Recovery. Still captained by Brahman and now featuring the potent new ball, partnership ,of Ray Lind wall and Keith Miller, Australia were convincing 3–0 winners. Aged
  26. Residential city of the Prussian rulers, have established a city-to-city, partnership , Central Bonn is surrounded by a number of traditional towns and villages which
  27. Capacity while limiting AMD's financial outlay for new facilities. This, partnership ,also helped to co-develop copper-based semiconductor technology, which would
  28. The very difficult batting conditions, however,Hobbs and Ratcliffe took their, partnership ,to 172 before Hobbs was out for exactly 100. Ratcliffe went on to make 161 and
  29. S Digest" Trusted Brands of Asia" survey. In 2008 Nutritive scientists, in, partnership , with Action subsidiary Interleukin Genetics won the 12th John M. Kinney Award
  30. At Gaydon on the former RAF V-bomber airfield. On 4 March 2008,in announcing a, partnership ,with Magna Steyr to outsource manufacture of 2000+ cars annually at Graz
  31. Furthering the efficiency of the collective security element of the CST, partnership , The Ministry of Defense of Armenia has repeatedly stated that it would expect
  32. And health sciences. The use of Avicenna’s name symbolizes the worldwide, partnership ,that is needed for the promotion of health services of high quality. ” Works
  33. Airlines, Finnair and Royal Jordanian Airlines on transatlantic routes. The, partnership ,was officially approved by the US DOT on July 20, 2010. On October 1,American
  34. To join with other governments, foundations,businesses, and nonprofits in a, partnership ,to clean up dioxin" hot spots" in Vietnam and to expand humanitarian services
  35. Including news, technology,music and local media websites. Movie studios, partnership ,On Friday, August 25, 2006,AOL announced that it had signed a deal with
  36. Botswana (formed by the government and South Africa's De Beers in equal, partnership ,) and Bamangwato Concessions, Ltd. (BCL, also with substantial government
  37. Department puts on plays during the school year. The Artworks Cooperative is a, partnership ,of artists who work to market their artwork in a gallery setting. The Artworks
  38. With semiconductor giant Motorola. In the announcement, Sanders referred to the, partnership ,as creating a" virtual gorilla" that would enable AMD to compete with Intel
  39. Many other examples of protective eyewear. Other initiatives *In 2008 ANSI, in, partnership , with Citation Technologies, created the first dynamic, online web library for
  40. And volleyball teams. In September 2006,Acadia University announced its, partnership ,with the Colville Triton's Swim Club and the Acadia Masters Swim Club to form
  41. In modern AMD processor compatible motherboards. AMD also formed a strategic, partnership ,with IBM, under which AMD gained silicon on insulator (SOI) manufacturing
  42. Carbon-neutral zone in the United States. Versus Carbon Neutral developed the, partnership ,that links 17 merchants of the historic Corner Virginia-Highland shopping and
  43. Manufacturing technology, and detailed advice on 90 nm implementation,the, partnership ,was announced by AMD to be extended to 2011 for 32 nm and 22 nm fabrication
  44. Formed in California in 1991 * See BMJ Group for Affinity (BMJ),a publishing, partnership ,program of the BMJ Publishing Group Ltd for independent journals In many
  45. Ever saw. Its price was within the reach of many middle-class families, and a, partnership ,with MECCA helped make the Apple II popular in schools. By the end of 1980 Apple
  46. Which was led by the pro-reform Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) in, partnership ,with the Turkish party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF). This coalition
  47. Ministry of Education is working to establish libraries in primary schools in, partnership ,with the African Library Project. The Government of Botswana hopes that by
  48. Mike Chapman, and Jeffrey Roger. Jeff Moored, a former sports agent, joined the, partnership , and was named the team's CEO; becoming its primary public face. Ken Kendrick
  49. Its New York City service, both at JFK and LaGuardia Airports, in addition to a, partnership ,with JetBlue.; LaGuardia American added several routes from LaGuardia
  50. Nations to develop technology together. In 2008,Brazil has signed a strategic, partnership ,with France and Russia to trade military technology. Brazil has also begun

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