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  1. Mistress Athena"—in the Classical Olympian pantheon, Athena was remade as the, favorite ,daughter of Zeus, born fully armed from his forehead. The story of her birth
  2. Near a Rose-Tree, thus addressed it:" What a lovely flower is the Rose,a, favorite ,alike with Gods and with men. I envy you your beauty and your perfume. " The
  3. Once again, this was in favor of Juno, who was told of the fact that her, favorite ,city would eventually be defeated by the Trojans' descendants. However, the
  4. André made his Worldwide Wrestling Federation (WWWF, now WWE) debut as a fan, favorite , defeating Buddy Wolfe in New York's Madison Square Garden. André was one of
  5. Voting can allow voters to cast a compromise vote without abandoning their, favorite ,candidate as long as voters accept the potential of that compromise vote
  6. Rob and murder. Adapted from an unpublished novel by Kurosawa in the style of a, favorite ,writer of his, Georges Simenon, it was the director's first collaboration with
  7. Which offer a panoramic view overlooking the city. El Palmer Park is one of, favorite ,parks of Alicante. It includes walking trails,children's playgrounds, ponds
  8. By Akira Kurosawa, and Woman in the Dunes, by Hiroshi Teshigahara. Among his, favorite ,directors were Bunuel, Mizoguchi, Bergman,Reason, Kurosawa,Michelangelo
  9. Of or inspiration for many novels, films,plays, and works of music. He is a, favorite ,model for depictions of mad scientists and absent-minded professors; his
  10. And Aphrodite was responsible for the death of Hippolytus, who had been a, favorite ,of Artemis. Therefore, Artemis killed Adonis to avenge Hippolytus’s death. In
  11. Home Action Replay Page (aka HARP) allows Apple II users to archive their, favorite ,play sessions of the Apple II system and its games. However, many emulators
  12. To identify" God" or the" Supreme Being ". World peace Influenced by his ", favorite ,living hero in public life ", the British liberal, John Bright, Carnegie
  13. Themselves. " In 1972,Tchaikovsky told film historian Leonid Koziol his ten, favorite ,films. The list includes: Diary of a Country Priest and Couchette, by Robert
  14. For Shock, was The Idiot, an adaptation of the novel by the director's, favorite ,writer, Fyodor Dostoevsky. The filmmaker relocated the story from Russia to
  15. Act of violence to incite revolution. " Alexander II's dog, Milord A, favorite ,dog of Alexander II was an Irish Setter named Milford. Contemporaries wrote that
  16. Who happened to be Tiberius's nephew, as his son and heir. Germanic us was a, favorite ,of his great-uncle Augustus, who hoped that Germanic us would succeed his uncle
  17. Uniforms change, but many faces of the organization changed as well. Fan, favorite ,and Diamondbacks stalwart Luis Gonzalez did not return as the left fielder for
  18. Television show that he wanted to call The Nothing Special, a special about his, favorite ,subject: Nothing. Later in his career he did create two cable television shows
  19. The most powerful woman in France at the time. Boucher was Mme. De Pompadour's, favorite ,artist and was commissioned by her for numerous paintings and decorations.
  20. That the world portrayed in Ada is a delusion in the mind of the hero (another, favorite ,theme of Dick's novels). Strikingly, the characters in Ada seem to
  21. Was supposedly buried under the site of the Mesquita. ABD al-Rahman's alleged, favorite ,son was his choice for successor, and would later be known as Hi sham I. ABD
  22. Of Civil War History at Western Kentucky University," Johnson is a particular, favorite ,for the bottom of the pile because of his impeachment (although he was
  23. Michael Keyboards. Illegitimate son of Constantine and Sahara. A, favorite ,of his paternal grandfather Androids II in the later years of his reign.
  24. Films, Seven Samurai. Roman Polanski in 1965 cited Kurosawa as one of his three, favorite ,filmmakers (with Fellini and Orson Welles),singling out Seven Samurai
  25. Or something resolved. Several of his stories hinge upon temporal conundrum,a, favorite ,theme. He stated that he acquired many of his writing techniques from three
  26. Rays for José Cruz, Jr. The Diamondbacks were considered by some to be the, favorite ,to win the division after spending on the aforementioned free agents; however
  27. Around the world. The accordion in both button and piano forms became a, favorite ,of folk musicians and has been integrated into traditional music styles all
  28. Home Action Replay Page (aka HARP) allows Atari 2600 users to archive their, favorite ,play sessions of the Atari 2600 system and its games. Some well known Atari
  29. Artemis killed Adonis for revenge. In later myths, Adonis had been related as a, favorite ,of Aphrodite, and Aphrodite was responsible for the death of Hippolytus, who
  30. The nation's top copper-producing states and purple because it has become a, favorite ,color for Arizona sports fans, thanks to the success of the National Basketball
  31. Accept the potential of that compromise vote resulting in the defeat of their, favorite , Plurality voting can lead to voters abandoning their first choice in order to
  32. Arts. He was also involved in the execution of the" Martyrs of Córdoba ". (, favorite ,)} } Abdel-Rahman III (ABD Brahman in Muhammad in ABD Allah;; 11 January
  33. In contentious elections with large groups of organized voters who prefer their, favorite ,candidate vastly over all others, approval voting may revert to plurality
  34. Yusuf in 'ABD Brahman Al-Fihri (another member of the Fired family, and a, favorite ,of the old Arab settlers (Saladin),mostly of south Arabian or 'Yemenite '
  35. Often advertise their products, for example, when celebrities share their, favorite ,products or wear clothes by specific brands or designers. Celebrities are often
  36. The accession of the Camphill Pope Innocent X, the Barbering family and their, favorite ,artist, Bernini,fell into disrepute. Asgard, on the other hand, was embraced
  37. Result of continuous reworking. Subjects were frequently revisited: one of his, favorite ,models was his younger brother Diego Giacometti. A third brother Bruno
  38. And by non-scientists such as the novelist Joseph Conrad, who called it his ", favorite ,bedside companion" and used it as source of information for several of his
  39. John F. Kennedy and, quoting a passage from the play Agamemnon, said:" My, favorite ,poet was Aeschylus. He once wrote: 'Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget
  40. Which causes him to inadvertently poison Mozart instead and spill wine on his, favorite ,coat. *Patrick Stewart played Salary in the 1985 production The Mozart Inquest
  41. Or" Lovely Ludwig Van. " The novel begins with the druids sitting in their, favorite ,hangout, drinking milk-drug cocktails, called " milk-plus ", to hype themselves
  42. Low cost, built-in MIDI ports, and fast, low-latency response times made it a, favorite ,with musicians: *Atari Teenage Riot named itself after the brand and programmed
  43. Including Donna Summer, Jessica Simpson (who acknowledged Grant as one of her, favorite ,artists),Vince Gill, Sara Groves, Point of Grace, and Broadway star Barbara
  44. He eventually quits and joins the strike. *Richard Halley is Deign Taggart's, favorite ,composer, who mysteriously disappeared after the evening of his greatest
  45. By Conan (Arnold Schwarzenegger). He appeared most notably as Fezzes, his own, favorite ,role, Later life Roussimoff had one daughter, Roussimoff has been unofficially
  46. Mother Aphrodite frequently comes to his aid on the battlefield; he is a, favorite ,of Apollo. Aphrodite and Apollo rescue Aeneas from combat with Diomedes of
  47. And Janet Jackson. Aaliyah expressed that Michael Jackson's Thriller was her ", favorite ,album" and that" nothing will ever top Thriller. " Jackson reciprocated
  48. Around the wall of Troy three times before Athena, in the form of Hector's, favorite ,and dearest brother, Deiphobus, persuaded Hector to stop running and fight
  49. movie's release, however,author J. K. Rowling said that it was her personal, favorite ,from the series so far. Critically, the film was also better received than the
  50. Young singer Anna Tessie Giro who was to become his student, protégée,and, favorite ,prima donna. Anna, along with her older half-sister Paulina, became part of

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