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  1. By research institutions or universities. They spend the majority of their time, working ,on research, although they quite often have other duties such as teaching
  2. Of Azerbaijan testifies to the well-developed agriculture, stock raising, metal, working , pottery and ceramics, and last but not least carpet-weaving that date as far
  3. Models: the R8 and the" RS" model range. The mid-sized car that NSU had been, working ,on, the K70,was intended to slot between the rear-engined Print models and the
  4. States that levy a tax on food and medicine. Alabama's income tax on poor, working ,families is among the nation's very highest. Alabama is the only state that
  5. Be considered the" creator" of film animation, as there were several people, working ,on projects which could be considered animation at about the same time. Georges
  6. Number of deaf pupils with his first class numbering 30 students. While he was, working ,as a private tutor, one of his most famous pupils was Helen Keller, who came to
  7. Part of the flight, except for the crew checking that the spacecraft was in, working ,order and that they were on course. During this time, NASA scheduled a
  8. The Earth. Andes was placed in charge of checking that the spacecraft was in, working ,order. There was speculation that they might be preparing to launch men on a
  9. Trial, Italian inventor Antonio Mecca also claimed to have created the first, working ,model of a telephone in Italy in 1834. In 1886,in the first of three cases in
  10. Later developments Continuing his experiments in Brantford, Bell brought home a, working ,model of his telephone. On August 3,1876,from the telegraph office in Mount
  11. Bodies of the Turkish government. There are also many foreign citizens, working ,as diplomats or clerks in the embassies of their respective countries. Climate
  12. During the summer into the Peace River valley where the season is short but the, working ,days are long for honeybees to produce honey from clover and fire weed. Hybrid
  13. Of the adult human body. In line with modern teaching methods. A thorough, working ,knowledge of anatomy is required by physicians, especially surgeons and doctors
  14. As Bio Android Although human morphology is not necessarily the ideal form for, working ,robots, the fascination in developing robots that can mimic it can be found
  15. Where homes have interesting gables. Beyond the Grachtengordel are the former, working ,class areas of Jordan and de Pip. The Museumplein with the city's major
  16. Transport. Reducing environmental pollution is an equally important part of, working ,towards leaner, more efficient economic growth. The Philippine government's
  17. Spent much of his time at Arlington Manor, home of Lady Otto line Morrell, working ,as a farm laborer. Here he met several Bloomsbury figures including Bertrand
  18. Firmly controlling development. Most of these neighborhoods became home to the, working ,class. In response to overcrowding, two plans were designed at the beginning of
  19. Still chiefly agricultural, with an economy tied to cotton. Planters resisted, working ,with free labor during Reconstruction and sought to re-establish controls over
  20. Rented facility) as well as at his family home in Canada a big success. While, working ,that summer in Brantford, Bell experimented with a" photograph ", a
  21. Lucifer, the Light-Bearer ". The schools' stated goal was to" educate the, working ,class in a rational, secular and non-coercive setting ". Fiercely anti-clerical
  22. Would force him to take a carriage ride because she was concerned he was, working ,too hard. Lincoln had learned from General Winfield Scott the need to control
  23. To, Sweden. However, it was not until 1817 that Johan August Arfwedson, then, working , in the laboratory of the chemist Jobs Jakob Berzelius, detected the presence of
  24. Do so at great cost, as many, including Boxer, are wounded. Boxer continues, working ,harder and harder, until he collapses while working on the windmill. Napoleon
  25. Lines. When Bell mentioned to Gardiner Hubbard and Thomas Sanders that he was, working ,on a method of sending multiple tones on a telegraph wire using a multi-reed
  26. Years old. At the University of Notre Dame, he trained as an engineer and began, working ,for a lighting company in Chicago. However, he had a strong interest in the
  27. Knowledge of anatomy is required by physicians, especially surgeons and doctors, working ,in some diagnostic specialties, such as histopathology and radiology. Academic
  28. Excursion, Alec took a handmade model of his telephone with him, making it a ", working ,holiday ". The courtship had begun years earlier, however Alexander waited
  29. Film, The King of Kings, and to subsequent work as a junior screenwriter. While, working ,on The King of Kings, she met an aspiring young actor, Frank O'Connor; the two
  30. Under the Human Terrain System (HTS) program; in addition, HTS teams are, working ,with the US military in Iraq. Major discussions Focus on other cultures Some
  31. Would be able to convert the undulating currents back into sound. But he had no, working ,model to demonstrate the feasibility of these ideas. In 1874,telegraph message
  32. Reign Danneskjöld and student of both Hugh Aston and Robert Stapler. He began, working ,at a young age, while still in school, proving that he could have made a
  33. Other Jewish scientists now forced by circumstances to live in America, often, working , side by side, Einstein wrote to a friend," For me the most beautiful thing is
  34. Case was disputed due to a lack of material evidence for his inventions as his, working ,models were purportedly lost at the laboratory of American District Telegraph (
  35. Of two men not knowing each other but describing a process of men-as-computers, working ,on computations—and they yield virtually identical definitions. Emil Post (
  36. The equipment needed to continue his experiments, nor the ability to create a, working ,model of his ideas. However, a chance meeting in 1874 between Bell and Thomas
  37. Founded in 1910. Before the 1940s,the CNT was the major force in Spanish, working ,class politics, attracting 1.58 million members at one point and playing a
  38. Husband and raping his wife. In a metafictional touch, the husband is a writer, working ,on a manuscript called" A Clockwork Orange," and Alex contemptuously reads
  39. The ex-situ conservation recommendations of this plan, and they have been, working ,with zoos and Aquarian around the world encouraging them to create assurance
  40. Farming culture were sometimes incompatible. Militiamen found that living and, working ,on the family farm had not prepared them for wartime marches and the rigors of
  41. A number of movie companies worked there year-round and, in 1911,Dan began, working ,part-time in Hollywood. While still in New York, in 1917 he was the founding
  42. Agreed to or given. " Anthropologists, along with other social scientists, are, working , with the US military as part of the US Army's strategy in Afghanistan. The
  43. Tool "; see figure) which was still in use after the conquest of Peru. The, working ,principle of a Yuan is unknown, but in 2001 an explanation of the
  44. Its X3.2 (later X3L2) subcommittee, and later by that subcommittee's X3.2.4, working , group. The ASA became the United States of America Standards Institute or USA SI
  45. More distinct schools placing spiritual alchemists in high contrast with those, working ,with literal metals and chemicals. While most spiritual alchemists also
  46. Hypothesizes that autistic behavior results in part from deficits in, working ,memory, planning,inhibition, and other forms of executive function. A strength
  47. To Tomorrow ", in the January 1944 edition of Reader's Digest magazine. While, working ,in Hollywood, Rand extended her involvement with free-market and anti-communist
  48. Translated a number of them into Latin. When Thomas Aquinas wrote his theology, working ,from Moerbeke's translations, the demand for Aristotle's writings grew and
  49. Wounded. Boxer continues working harder and harder, until he collapses while, working ,on the windmill. Napoleon sends for a van to take Boxer to the veterinarian
  50. A broader spectrum of realized technology in the near future. Now Says is, working ,at the Science University of Tokyo as a guide. The Based University (Japan)

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