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  1. British counteroffensive until the Saratoga campaign of 1777. The invasion, cost ,the Americans their base of support in British public opinion," So that the
  2. The Second Battle of the Atlantic. Nearly 3,700 Allied ships were sunk at a, cost ,of 783 German U-boats. *In 1952,Ann Davison was the first woman to
  3. And demand; that in a free market this commodity would be furnished at the, cost ,of production; that, competition prevailing, patronage would go to those who
  4. To send multiple telegraph messages on each telegraph line to avoid the great, cost ,of constructing new lines. When Bell mentioned to Gardiner Hubbard and Thomas
  5. Or may subject the payment amount to civil garnishment. Cost of living The, cost ,of goods in Alaska have long been higher than in the contiguous 48 states. This
  6. Mid-1864,pay commutation money. Many eligible spooled their money to cover the, cost ,of anyone drafted. Families used the substitute provision to select which man
  7. Of the peasants who lived in Kabylie in poor conditions, which apparently, cost ,him his job. From 1939 to 1940,he briefly wrote for a similar paper
  8. For many years the provincial government has funded the greater part of the, cost ,of providing K–12 education. Prior to 1994 public and separate school boards in
  9. Is an essential activity because imported food is prohibitively expensive. The, cost ,of importing food to villages begins at 7¢ per pound (15¢/kg) and rises
  10. Smaller amounts; it is thus more difficult to separate, resulting in a higher, cost ,of the order 100–160 USD/mg. Americium is not synthesized directly from uranium
  11. The late 19th century, attention then focused on the concepts of“ marginal ”, cost ,and value. The Austrian School was one of three founding currents of the
  12. Endurance series the Rolex Sports Car Series which consists of slower and lower, cost ,race cars compared to LMP and FIA GT cars. Famous sports car races include the
  13. Series caters for a section of the 'market ', with some primarily providing low, cost ,racing whilst others aim for an authentic experience using the same regulations
  14. Capstone of the Washington Monument in 1884,a time when one ounce (30 grams), cost , the daily wage of a common worker on the project; The capstone, which was set
  15. In some over diagnosis of children with uncertain symptoms. Conversely,the, cost ,of screening and diagnosis and the challenge of obtaining payment can inhibit
  16. For the most part in Anchorage and to a lesser extent in Fairbanks, where the, cost ,of living has dropped somewhat in the past five years. Federal government
  17. The country and recorded in lists to facilitate trading; for example a shirt, cost ,five copper Eben, while a cow cost 140 Eben. Social status Egyptian society
  18. Of Economic Science (1900) to distinguish marginalists in the objective, cost ,tradition of Alfred Marshall from those in the subjective valuation tradition
  19. Built over the last ten years. This building boom has brought benefits but at a, cost , On the one hand it has provided much-needed employment for the local people
  20. To facilitate trading; for example a shirt cost five copper Eben, while a cow, cost ,140 Eben. Social status Egyptian society was highly stratified, and social
  21. System would receive" just and exact pay for his work; services equivalent in, cost ,being exchangeable for services equivalent in cost , without profit or discount.
  22. The latter compensates absence of subsidies with economics of scale and low, cost ,of land. In the Peoples Republic of China, a rural household's productive
  23. 270 people. The post Academy Awards party was held at the Mayfair Hotel. The, cost ,of guest tickets for that night's ceremony was $5. Fifteen statuettes were
  24. Of acres of government-held land in the West available for purchase at very low, cost , The Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act, also signed in 1862,provided government
  25. Pound (15¢/kg) and rises rapidly to 50¢ per pound ($1.10/kg) or more. The, cost ,of delivering an of milk is about $3.50 in many villages where per capita income
  26. Hieroglyphs. The number of distinct glyphs was reduced tremendously, at the, cost ,of increased ambiguity. The first ahead to gain widespread usage was the
  27. Is funded by employer and employee contributions in respect of salaries. The, cost ,of healthcare is covered by CLASS at rates of 75 % for out-patient expenses such
  28. Subsidies in their analysis, but noted that subsidies also influence the, cost ,of agriculture to society. Both focused on purely fiscal impacts. The 2000
  29. Are more so. For someone born in 2000,a US study estimated an average lifetime, cost ,of $ (net present value in dollars, inflation-adjusted from 2003 estimate)
  30. Arbitrary rule and the nonobservance of old customs by kings. Opportunity, cost ,The opportunity cost doctrine was first explicitly formulated by the Austrian
  31. To win, but only needed to fight a defensive war to convince the North that the, cost ,of winning was too high. The North needed to conquer and hold vast stretches of
  32. Work; services equivalent in cost being exchangeable for services equivalent in, cost , without profit or discount. " Mutualism has been retrospectively characterized
  33. Cost of the highway appears to have breached €800 million, although the exact, cost ,for the total highway has yet to be confirmed by the government. Two additional
  34. Mary Unman, and Robert Watts. Warhol's painting of a can of Campbell's soup, cost ,$1,500 while each autographed can sold for $6. The exhibit was one of the first
  35. Cities have been planned for the country: the first will be built in 2009 at a, cost ,of 500 billion won, of which 50 billion is direct government investment. The
  36. Has a purity of 99.99 %. Electric power represents about 20 % to 40 % of the, cost ,of producing aluminum, depending on the location of the smelter. Aluminum
  37. Institutions. There has been some controversy in recent years over the rising, cost ,of post-secondary education for students (as opposed to taxpayers). In 2005
  38. Competition would cause protection (or anything else) to be provided" at, cost , " Like the 19th-century American individualist anarchists such as Tucker and
  39. Bringing Nobel a great amount of financial success, though at a significant, cost ,to his health. An off-shoot of this research resulted in Nobel's invention of
  40. Price of US$120–200 (both 2008 figures). With the former, scarcity and high, cost ,of land is compensated with public subsidies, the latter compensates absence of
  41. Declines and extinctions over the next 5 years—and how much this would, cost , The Amphibian Specialist Group of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) is
  42. A Cost of Living Allowance usually set at 25 % of base pay because, while the, cost ,of living has gone down, it is still one of the highest in the country. The
  43. And most expensive infrastructure project ever undertaken in Albania. The, cost ,of the highway appears to have breached €800 million, although the exact cost
  44. And manufacturing methods to achieve balances of performance, reliability,and, cost , The main parts of the airframe are the fuselage, wing and tail. Fuselage The
  45. Believe that Karma plans to appease the insurgents' senior leadership at the, cost ,of the democratic constitution, the democratic process and process in the field
  46. The restored windmill. Though the animals win the battle, they do so at great, cost , as many, including Boxer, are wounded. Boxer continues working harder and
  47. From (local) policy on the long run, biofuels should equal or beat the, cost ,level of fossil fuels. Here, algae based fuels hold great promise, directly
  48. 3.50 in many villages where per capita income can be $20,000 or less. Fuel, cost ,can exceed $8.00 per gallon. Transportation Roads Alaska has few roads
  49. Due to low (<$0.50/Gal) fuel prices, long distances and low population. The, cost ,of a US gallon of gas in urban Alaska today is usually $0.30–$0.60 higher than
  50. Battle of Guilford Court House, Cornwallis defeated Greene, but at tremendous, cost , and without breaking Greene's army. He retreated to Wilmington, North

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