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  1. To take up the defense of homosexual love before the public. " In, fact , before Goldman, heterosexual anarchist Robert Rather (1849–1898) spoke
  2. Decor. Cinematography The film industry in Azerbaijan dates back to 1898. In, fact , Azerbaijan was among the first countries involved in cinematography. In 1919
  3. U+0651 U+0670 U+0647). There is, however some confusion arising from the, fact ,that Arabic typography usually features a glyph without the preceding, which
  4. Into E-Prime as" I liked the movie ", thereby distinguishing opinion from, fact ,). Anecdote One day, Korzybski was giving a lecture to a group of students, and
  5. The history of the English language. Much of its shock value derives from the, fact ,that the first portion of the essay describes the plight of starving beggars in
  6. The murder of James Preston Metzger. The case is famous for Lincoln's use of a, fact ,established by judicial notice in order to challenge the credibility of an
  7. Song quite often perform those songs live at the awards ceremony, and the, fact ,that they are performing is often used to promote the television broadcast).
  8. Other examples show that he did not intend to abandon" to be" as such. In, fact , he said explicitly that there were no structural problems with the verb" to
  9. And symbolism. ) Malinowski and Radcliffe-Brown's influence stemmed from the, fact ,that they, like Boas, actively trained students and aggressively built up
  10. De Nova (or completely),challenging even the lower court's findings of, fact , This might be the proper standard of review, for example, if the lower court
  11. Exactly once per year, at the June and December solstices, respectively. In, fact , because of atmospheric refraction and because the sun appears as a disk and
  12. Be possible to appeal on the basis of court misconduct, or that a finding of, fact ,was entirely unreasonable to make on the evidence. The appellant in the new
  13. Rewrite and modernize Alabama's constitution. This movement is based upon the, fact ,that Alabama's constitution highly centralizes power in Montgomery and leaves
  14. His region of Germany nor did he study any cultures besides his own, and in, fact , describes the need for anthropology as a corollary field to his own primary
  15. In 1971. Since that time, no other political party has governed Alberta. In, fact , only four parties have governed Alberta: the Liberals, from 1905 to 1921; the
  16. He wrote Ends and Means (published in 1937). In this work he examines the, fact ,that although most people in modern civilization agree that they want a world
  17. Reason. Soviet authorities prevented the film from winning the Palme d'Or,a, fact ,that hardened Tarkovsky's resolve to never work in the Soviet Union again. In
  18. As something essentially different from non-essential economic 'goods '. In, fact , the interaction between these two approaches provide a fertile field for
  19. Or unified with something else: language, he asserts, divides what is not in, fact ,separate. Following Ernest Becker, he argues that the desire to
  20. Then any other Dharma faith loses more credence when viewed in light of the, fact ,that Schopenhauer did not begin a serious study of Buddhism until after the
  21. From the philosophical or hygienic branches of Taoism, not Alchemical). In, fact , in the early Song Dynasty, followers of this Taoist idea (chiefly the elite
  22. The Thing in Itself of Simenon, contains a significant omission. There is, in, fact , one physical object we know more intimately than we know any object of sense
  23. Of the distinct character of France's anthropology today is a result of the, fact ,that most anthropology is carried out in nationally funded research
  24. Other. *Half Embank is called" the literary leader of the age ", despite the, fact ,that he has never sold more than three thousand copies of his books. He
  25. Received female names. Athens, Mycenae,Thebes and many other locations in, fact ,had them. In ancient Greek religion, places were under the care of female
  26. In the mouth rinse. However, many would disagree with this hypothesis; in, fact , many of the popular mouthwashes contain sodium lauryl sulfate as an ingredient
  27. The 17th century, alchemy still flourished for some two hundred years, and in, fact ,may have reached its apogee in the 18th century. As late as 1781 James Price
  28. Appellate court will typically be deferential to the lower court's findings of, fact ,(such as whether a defendant committed a particular act),unless clearly
  29. Of Rhodes. Barnes Lord attributes the popular belief in this story to the, fact ,that it provides" the most plausible explanation for the rapid eclipse of the
  30. Make some choices randomly (or pseudo-randomly); for some problems, it can in, fact ,be proven that the fastest solutions must involve some randomness. There are
  31. And that he did not feel the wound to his leg as a result. The bullet had in, fact ,clipped his popliteal artery and his boot was filling up with blood. Within a
  32. The enormous differences between the regions. This is best illustrated by the, fact ,that about one third of the economic activities is concentrated in Luanda and
  33. Most of the scientific thinking and research for which he is renowned today. In, fact , most of Aristotle's life was devoted to the study of the objects of natural
  34. Sample of Huxley's own words from The Art of Seeing. " The most characteristic, fact ,about the functioning of the total organism, or any part of the organism, is
  35. Opportunity to challenge the merits of a judgment and allege errors of law or, fact , ... Collateral review, on the other hand, provides an independent and civil
  36. Court on specific grounds. These grounds typically could include errors of law, fact , or procedure (in the United States, due process). In different jurisdictions
  37. A matter that is all important and of the greatest concern to her, it must in, fact ,serve these very aims, although only indirectly, as a means for preventing
  38. Towards Deign, whom he does not yet know and whom he blames for what are, in, fact , her brother's policies which directly threaten his business. When the
  39. Ports of Luanda and Benguela. By this time, Angola,a Portuguese colony, was in, fact ,like a colony of Brazil, paradoxically another Portuguese colony. A strong
  40. By objecting. In cases where a judge rather than a jury decided issues of, fact , an appellate court will apply an abuse of discretion standard of review. Under
  41. Rarely acts like an alkali metal, as can be seen from the data above. In, fact , it is sometimes placed over lithium (due to its electron configuration)
  42. Both due to respect and admiration for Alexander and also as a memento to the, fact ,that fighting the people of Punjab fatigued his army to the point that they
  43. Hitler assumed full power in Germany," he renounced pacifism altogether... In, fact , he urged the Western powers to prepare themselves against another German
  44. A verb meaning" to make firm or stable "," to secure ". It is a significant, fact ,that the first use of asphalt by the ancients was in the nature of a cement for
  45. That conditions were bad and that Swift's irony brilliantly underscored this, fact ,". At the start of a new industrial age in the 18th century, it was believed
  46. The Incasand the rulers of the South Sea Islands. All this is due to the, fact ,that necessity is the mother of invention because those tribes that emigrated
  47. Content in the midst of uncertainties and doubts, and not compelled toward, fact ,or reason. " Memorials Lincoln has been memorialized in many town, city,and
  48. A reductio ad absurdum proof that the two numbers' common measure is in, fact ,the greatest. While Nicolaus' algorithm is the same as Euclid's, when the
  49. That any procedure which could" naturally" be called effective, can in, fact ,be realized by a (simple) machine. Although this may seem extreme, the
  50. Are equivalent, so it doesn't matter which one is used. Moreover,the, fact ,that all three are equivalent is a very strong argument for the correctness of

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