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  1. Of the Egyptian name for Egypt, which was itself based on the Ancient Egyptian, word ,meme (hieroglyphic HMI, black earth, as opposed to desert sand). With the
  2. Boiling at) is sometimes referred to as" refined bitumen ". Etymology The, word ,asphalt is derived from the late Middle English, in turn from French asphalt
  3. Been some word related to the Biblical פוך (UK)," paint" ( if not that, word ,itself),a cosmetic eye-shadow used by the ancient Egyptians and other
  4. In different dialects; the plural form" Alabama persons" is Altamaha). The, word ,Alabama is believed to have originated from the Choctaw language and was later
  5. Being long and melodramatic. However, they became bestsellers largely through, word ,of mouth. The first reviews Rand received were for Night of January 16th.
  6. In the strict sense of" tillage of the soil ". Thus, a literal reading of the, word ,yields" tillage of a field / of fields ". Overview Agriculture has played a
  7. Alexikakos" ( αλέξω-κακό: defend, throw away the evil) In later writers,the, word , usually spelled" Paean ", becomes a mere epithet of Apollo in his capacity as
  8. And was later adopted by the Alabama tribe as their name. The spelling of the, word ,varies significantly between sources. Although the origin of Alabama could be
  9. That the name itself was expressive of this application. From the Greek,the, word ,passed into late Latin, and thence into French (" asphalt" ) and English ("
  10. Source of the names of the river and state. In the Alabama language,the, word ,for an Alabama person is Alabama (or variously Alabama or Alamo in different
  11. Only the Doric type of the name, which is connected with the Ancient Macedonian, word ," Ella" ( Ella),stone. The stones played an important part in the cult of
  12. Children have less frequent and less diverse babbling, consonants, word s, and, word , combinations; their gestures are less often integrated with word s. Autistic
  13. Which is present in some theological schools within Catholicism, in coining the, word ,Altruism, as stated above. Many biblical authors draw a strong connection
  14. Spiritual alchemy from Böhm, Isaac Newton, and Michael Maier. Etymology The, word ,alchemy derives from the Old French acquire, which is from the Medieval Latin
  15. As opposed to desert sand). With the later rise of alchemy in Alexandria,the, word ,may have derived from Χημία, and thus became spelled as χημεία, and the
  16. World product (an aggregate of all gross domestic products). Etymology The, word ,agriculture is the English adaptation of Latin agricultural, from age," a
  17. Rouge. The etymology is uncertain, but a strong candidate has long been some, word ,related to the Biblical פוך (UK)," paint" ( if not that word itself),a
  18. Amoeba and asteroids in general both derive their names from the ancient Greek, word ,for change. Structure Asteroids move using pseudopodia, which are bulges of
  19. Have come down through the years were preserved as Arabic translations. The, word ,alchemy itself was derived from the Arabic word الكيمياء Alicia. The Islamic
  20. Language (Ella) means stone, and some toponyms are derived from this, word ,: (). A number of non-Greek etymologies have been suggested for the name, The
  21. Which is the Latinization of the Greek ἄσφαλτος (asphalts, ásphalton),a, word ,meaning" asphalt/bitumen/pitch" which some derive from α-" without" and
  22. Is often called bitumen. Natural deposits terminology also sometimes uses the, word ,bitumen, such as at the La Area Tar Pits. Naturally occurring asphalt is
  23. She adopted the first name AYN, either from a Finnish name or from the Hebrew, word ,(akin, meaning " eye" ). In the fall of 1925,Rand was granted a visa to
  24. Passing via French into English. From the same root is derived the Anglo-Saxon, word ," wide" ( Mastic),the German word " Kit" ( cement or mastic) and the old
  25. Work borrowed the word from Latin to describe a sand board abacus. The Latin, word ,came from Άβακός awakes, the Greek genitive form of Άβαξ Ajax ("
  26. Such a series of images cannot be called animation in a true sense of the, word , A Chinese zoetrope-type device had been invented in 180 AD. The
  27. 1910 as he was defining symptoms of schizophrenia. He derived it from the Greek, word ,autos (αὐτός, meaning self),and used it to mean morbid self-admiration
  28. Of fungi, a plant being a species of plant, and so on. The ancient Greek, word ,for seaweed was φῦκος (funds or photos),which could mean either the seaweed
  29. Mayan culture. This Mesoamerican abacus used a 5-digit base-20 system. The, word ,Nepohualtzintzin comes from the Nahuatl, and it is formed by the roots; Ne -
  30. With the addition of the Arabic definite article all- (الـ). The ancient Greek, word ,may have been derived from a version of the Egyptian name for Egypt, which was
  31. Which any influence from outside becomes an intolerable disturbance ". The, word ,autism first took its modern sense in 1938 when Hans Asperger of the Vienna
  32. Word into text, via a scanner. * Braille translation. Converts the printed, word ,into Braille, which can then be embossed via a Braille embosser. Augmentative
  33. The word abacus dates before 1387 AD, when a Middle English work borrowed the, word ,from Latin to describe a sand board abacus. The Latin word came from Άβακός
  34. Disney rejected it on the grounds that" he could only understand every third, word ,". Huxley's leisurely development of ideas, it seemed, was not suitable for
  35. Which totalitarian collectivism has triumphed to such an extent that even the, word ,'I' has been forgotten and replaced with 'we '. It was published in England in
  36. And fire as corporeal or chemical substances in the present-day sense of the, word , The four elements are simply the primary, and most general, qualities by means
  37. Him form social attachments and to induce speech via imitation. The New Latin, word ,autism us (English translation autism) was coined by the Swiss psychiatrist
  38. Dodoma like frenzied-women, obsessed by" mania" ( μανία: frenzy),a Greek, word ,connected with" mantis" ( μάντις: prophet). Frenzied women like Sibyls from
  39. Also scattered throughout India and Bangladesh. The name comes from the Latin, word ,for" south" and the Greek name of Asia, hence " South Asia ". Among these
  40. Sea is directed ". It is also known as Alaska, the " great land ", an Aleut, word ,derived from the same root. Geography Alaska has a longer coastline than all
  41. As Arabic translations. The word alchemy itself was derived from the Arabic, word ,الكيمياء Alicia. The Islamic world was a melting pot for alchemy. Platonic
  42. The satyric art after Greek word s meaning to separate and to join together the, word ,probably being coined by Paracelsus. Compare this with one of the dicta of
  43. Virtually all facets of intellectual inquiry. In the larger sense of the, word , Aristotle makes philosophy coextensive with reasoning, which he also would
  44. The same root is derived the Anglo-Saxon word " wide" ( Mastic),the German, word ," Kit" ( cement or mastic) and the old Norse word " Nevada ". Neither of the
  45. Mastic),the German word " Kit" ( cement or mastic) and the old Norse, word ," Nevada ". Neither of the terms Asphalt or Bitumen should be confused with tar
  46. Are always styled in the form R. v. defendant, where R represents the Latin, word ,Rex or Regina, or the King or Queen, who is the presumed plaintiff in all
  47. Elsewhere. The user of an abacus is called an racist. Etymology The use of the, word ,abacus dates before 1387 AD, when a Middle English work borrowed the word from
  48. Day, and urges America to live up to its noble ideals and to honor, with both, word ,and deed, the memory of those who died for their country. He also performed the
  49. Bars and scroll bars. * Optical character recognition. Converts the printed, word ,into text, via a scanner. * Braille translation. Converts the printed word into
  50. The tradition of these Ancient Greek folk etymologies, in the Doric dialect the, word ,originally meant wall, fence from animals and later assembly within the Agora.

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