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  1. Valley. Frederick Douglass once observed of Lincoln:" In his company, I was, never ,reminded of my humble origin, or of my unpopular color ". Gettysburg Address
  2. Other sciences. It reveals truths which reasoning from general principles would, never ,have discovered. " Bacon was not the only alchemist of the high Middle Ages
  3. To appeal to his audiences, who were mostly evangelical Protestants. Though he, never ,joined a church, Lincoln was familiar with the Bible, quoted it and praised it.
  4. Moral standards and opposed alcohol, dancing,and slavery. As an adult, Thomas, never , formally joined a church. Thomas enjoyed considerable status in Kentucky —
  5. Is called" the literary leader of the age ", despite the fact that he has, never ,sold more than three thousand copies of his books. He complains that it is
  6. State schools for the blind. The abacus teaches mathematical skills that can, never ,be replaced with talking calculators and is an important learning tool for
  7. Hired domestic servants of Irish and African American descent. The Lincolns, never ,owned slaves. Robert Todd Lincoln was born in 1843 and Edward Baker Lincoln (
  8. Amphibians were as much as one to five meters in length. However, amphibians, never , developed the ability to live their entire lives on land, having to return to
  9. Frequent use of concepts like reductio ad absurdum in their discussions, but, never , truly understood the logical implications. Even Plato had difficulties with
  10. Coin to feature an actual person. Abraham Lincoln's birthday, February 12,was, never ,a national holiday, but it was at one time observed by as many as 30 states.
  11. To be called The Moral Basis of Individualism. Although the planned book was, never ,completed, a condensed version was published as an essay titled" The Only Path
  12. Double jeopardy principle, in the United States the state or prosecution may, never ,appeal a jury or bench verdict of acquittal. But in some jurisdictions, the
  13. United States. The Russians never fully colonized Alaska, and the colony was, never ,very profitable. William H. Seward, the United States Secretary of State
  14. The magazine The Future. He typically bashes business and businessmen, but he, never ,says anything specific in his articles, relying on innuendo, sneers,and
  15. And the Sword remain popular with the American public, Mead and Benedict, never ,had the impact on the discipline of anthropology that some expected. Boas had
  16. Goes too fast, she must bridle it down to her level, even if that means it will, never ,reach its full potential and its power will be grievously wasted. Lillian
  17. For the Fund to make investments within Alaska, though such a stance has, never ,really gained momentum. Starting in 1982,dividends from the fund's annual
  18. Of matter, not quantitative, as our modern elements are. " ... True alchemy, never ,regarded earth, air,water, and fire as corporeal or chemical substances in the
  19. Of five meetings' session to elaborate the script of Alice in Wonderland but, never ,came again. For author John Grant, although the movie's character the
  20. A letter suggesting he would not blame her if she ended the relationship. She, never ,replied and the courtship was over. In 1840,Lincoln became engaged to Mary
  21. Booth was a well-known actor and a Confederate spy from Maryland; though he, never ,joined the Confederate army, he is said to have clearly had contacts with the
  22. For a flotation device for the movement of boats in shallow water. The idea was, never ,commercialized, but Lincoln is the only president to hold a patent. In 1851,he
  23. The D and E missions. Activity, the commander of the D mission, has said he was, never ,offered the circular flight, but would probably have turned it down, as he
  24. He told the astronauts," As a result of what you've done, the world has, never ,been closer together before. " After Nixon departed, the Hornet was brought
  25. Of agriculture made civilization possible. The total world population probably, never ,exceeded 15 million inhabitants before the invention of agriculture. Ancient
  26. The conclusion can be false even when statements 1 and 2 are true. Since P was, never ,asserted as the only sufficient condition for Q, other factors could account
  27. Such as linseed oil, varnish and turpentine. Unless thoroughly diluted, bitumen, never , fully solidifies and will in time corrupt the other pigments with which it
  28. The wealthiest men in the country. He never earned money by force or fraud, and, never , apologized for becoming wealthy and successful. He was one of the most hated
  29. In such a proceeding, all issues and evidence may be developed newly, as though, never ,heard before, and one is not restricted to the evidence heard in the lower
  30. Because it is closely linked to soil properties and climate, which are, never ,exactly the same from one place to another. Many people think an agricultural
  31. Is unknown to many Italians because the act of spelling itself is almost, never ,needed: each phoneme of Standard Italian is represented in only one way.
  32. Realized that a method for obtaining conclusions would be most beneficial. He, never ,succeeded in devising such a method, but his best attempt was published in his
  33. Both tusks and horns," and" a single-hooved animal with two horns I have, never ,seen," Aristotle suggested that Nature, giving no animal both horns and tusks
  34. To move the harvest. As a result, the year's wheat crop from Minnesota, never ,reaches the rest of the country, but instead rots in storage; also, the soybean
  35. Application for trial de Nova effectively erases the prior trial as if it had, never ,taken place. The Supreme Court of Virginia has stated that '"This Court has
  36. Logic; although he had a reasonable conception of a deductive system, he could, never ,actually construct one and relied instead on his dialectic. Plato believed that
  37. The capital after the colony was transferred to the United States. The Russians, never ,fully colonized Alaska, and the colony was never very profitable. William H.
  38. His run as one of the sport's premier competitors was over, and that he would, never ,again win any significant championships. At Wimbledon, he had an early loss in
  39. To minimize his errors, and to make his opponent run more. Agassi's serve was, never ,the strength of his game, but it improved steadily over the course of his
  40. Sale of her screenplay Red Pawn to Universal Studios in 1932,although it was, never ,produced. This was followed by the courtroom drama Night of January 16th,first
  41. Who sees nothing wrong with the moral code that is destroying society and would, never ,dream of saying he is in business for any reason other than the good of society
  42. In nature, the original Egyptian uniliterals were not a system and were, never ,used by themselves to encode Egyptian speech. Others suggest the alphabet was
  43. Were freed. Lincoln's comment on the signing of the Proclamation was:" I, never , in my life, felt more certain that I was doing right, than I do in signing
  44. Adventurer and ended up as one of the wealthiest men in the country. He, never ,earned money by force or fraud, and never apologized for becoming wealthy and
  45. Kant is not generally considered to be a modern anthropologist, however,as he, never ,left his region of Germany nor did he study any cultures besides his own, and
  46. Work spends a great deal of time describing the processes and reactions, but, never , actually gives the formula for carrying out the transmutations. Most of his
  47. Suspected at the time. A simple numbering based on periodic table position was, never ,entirely satisfactory. Besides iodine and tellurium, later several other pairs
  48. Slave Power Lincoln argued," The authors of the Declaration of Independence, never ,intended 'to say all were equal in color, size,intellect, moral developments
  49. Force but was not a member during his flight. The first people in space who had, never ,been a member of any countries armed forces were both Konstantin Feoktistov
  50. Country (31,363); other nationalities include Spaniards (27,300),that have, never ,signed the Council of Europe Framework Convention on National Minorities.

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