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  1. Slave states and keeping the war from becoming an international conflict. The, war ,effort was the source of continued disparagement of Lincoln, and dominated his
  2. With the administration over its failure to deliver a speedy end to the, war , as well as rising inflation, new high taxes, rumors of corruption, the
  3. Readers may interpret the two heroes either as relatives or close friends, as ", war ,buddies ", as being in a teacher/student relationship, or in love with each
  4. About a group of upcoming battle plans, to the point of thinking the end of the, war ,could be near if a string of victories could be put together; these plans
  5. Forcing the Army of the Potomac to defend Washington for a second time. The, war ,also expanded with naval operations in 1862 when the CSS Virginia, formerly the
  6. The Union took control of the border slave states at the start of the, war ,and tried repeatedly to capture the Confederate capital at Richmond. Each time
  7. To ensure that Washington was well-defended, and to conduct an aggressive, war ,effort that would satisfy the demand in the North for prompt, decisive victory;
  8. From Maryland, Kentucky,and Missouri. The Trent Affair of late 1861 threatened, war ,with Great Britain. The U. S. Navy illegally intercepted a British merchant
  9. As the embodiment of the Yankee threat. Assuming command for the Union in the, war ,After the fall of Fort Sumter, Lincoln soon realized the importance of taking
  10. His men bring grief to the enemy, but when wrongly, his men get the grief of, war , The poem is in part about the misdirection of anger on the part of leadership.
  11. 1861,and he concentrated on both the military and political dimensions of the, war ,effort, seeking to reunify the nation. He vigorously exercised unprecedented
  12. Of Indians who had attacked settlers. Lincoln paid less attention to the civil, war ,in Indian territory and the Navajo raids in the Southwest. General McClellan
  13. Some post-Homeric sources claim that in order to keep Achilles safe from the, war , Thesis (or, in some versions, Peleus) hides the young man at the court of
  14. The dead. But Achilles then asks Odysseus of his son's exploits in the Trojan, war , and when Odysseus tells of Neoptolemus' heroic actions, Achilles is filled
  15. His opposition to Polk by drafting and introducing his Spot Resolutions. The, war ,had begun with a Mexican slaughter of American soldiers in territory disputed
  16. Conventional view of Achilles as the hero of Leos (glory, usually glory in, war ,). Laos has been construed by Gregory Nagy, following Leonard Palmer, to mean a
  17. The U. S. cheered. Lincoln resolved the issue by releasing the two men and, war ,was successfully averted with Britain. Lincoln's foreign policy approach had
  18. Of nationalism, equal rights, liberty,and democracy. At the close of the, war , Lincoln held a moderate view of Reconstruction, seeking to speedily reunite
  19. Effort, seeking to reunify the nation. He vigorously exercised unprecedented, war ,powers, including the arrest and detention without trial of thousands of
  20. Times he cannot be cooled. The humanization of Achilles by the events of the, war ,is an important theme of the narrative. According to the Iliad (Book 16)
  21. And in the lavish gardens depicting the heroic and tragic scenes of the Trojan, war , Other stories Some post-Homeric sources claim that in order to keep Achilles
  22. In 1860. Following declarations of secession by southern slave states, war ,began in April 1861,and he concentrated on both the military and political
  23. Fired on Union troops at Fort Sumter, forced them to surrender, and began the, war , Historian Allan Nevis argued that the newly inaugurated Lincoln miscalculated
  24. While passing Troy. In AD 216 the Roman Emperor Caracalla, while on his way to, war ,against Parthia, emulated Alexander by holding games around Achilles' cumulus.
  25. Slavery in those states where it already existed. A few weeks before the, war , he went so far as to pen a letter to every governor asking for their support
  26. Soon realized the importance of taking immediate executive control of the, war ,and making an overall strategy to put down the rebellion. Lincoln encountered
  27. He felt such action could only be taken by the commander-in-chief using, war ,powers granted to the president by the Constitution, and Lincoln was planning
  28. Fled to Ukraine. There, in the Free Territory, they fought in the civil, war ,against the Whites (a grouping of monarchists and other opponents of the
  29. To command positions in the Union Army. Copperheads and other opponents of the, war ,criticized Lincoln for refusing to compromise on the slavery issue. Conversely
  30. S order meeting that request was seen by the secessionists as an act of, war , On April 12, 1861,Confederate forces fired on Union troops at Fort Sumter
  31. Of James Buchanan. Throughout the 1850s,Lincoln doubted the prospects of civil, war , and his supporters rejected claims that his election would incite secession.
  32. He responded as commander-in-chief, using unprecedented powers. He expanded his, war ,powers, and imposed a blockade on all the Confederate shipping ports, disbursed
  33. Anarcho-pacifism became influential in the Anti-nuclear movement and anti, war ,movements of the time as can be seen in the activism and writings of the
  34. United States Constitution, abolishing slavery. Lincoln closely supervised the, war ,effort, especially the selection of top generals, including commanding general
  35. Thereby ordering Merryman's release, but Lincoln ignored it. Throughout the, war ,Lincoln came under heavy, often vituperative attack from most Northern
  36. From preventing its expansion into new U. S. territory. At the beginning of the, war , he also sought to persuade the states to accept compensated emancipation in
  37. Contended that the voters were" depressed by the interminable nature of this, war , as so far conducted, and by the rapid exhaustion of the national resources
  38. To confiscate and free slaves who were used to support the Confederate, war ,effort. In late August 1861,General John C. Fremont created controversy on the
  39. And forever, be free. " Privately, Lincoln concluded at this point that the, war ,could not be won without freeing the slaves. However Confederate and anti- war
  40. Which he offered unsolicited political advice to Lincoln urging caution in the, war ,effort. McClellan's letter incensed Radical Republicans, who successfully
  41. S five legitimate sons. Despite his youth, he was one of the main Trojan, war ,leaders. Prophecies linked Troilus' fate to that of Troy, and so he was
  42. S hand in marriage. Priam is willing because it would mean the end of the, war ,and an alliance with the world's the greatest war rior. But while Priam is
  43. To his mother Thesis to convince Zeus to help the Trojans gain ground in the, war , so that he may regain his honor. As the battle turned against the Greeks
  44. In the 1960s. The American Civil Rights Movement and the movement against the, war ,in Vietnam also contributed to the revival of North American anarchism.
  45. It was clear that bipartisan support would be essential to success in the, war ,effort, and any manner of compromise alienated factions on both sides of the
  46. Deeds in the Trojan War. The Homeric epic only covers a few weeks of the, war , and does not narrate Achilles' death. It begins with Achilles' withdrawal
  47. Reinforcing strong Union sympathies in the border slave states and keeping the, war ,from becoming an international conflict. The war effort was the source of
  48. Who became anti-slavery Republicans under Lincoln's leadership. In terms of, war ,strategy, Lincoln articulated two priorities: to ensure that Washington was
  49. Ended corruption, took control of the telegraph and railroad systems in the, war ,zones, supervised recruitment and training, purchased munitions and supplies
  50. The country was sleeping on a volcano" and that the South was preparing for, war , Donald concludes that," His repeated efforts to avoid collision in the months

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