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  1. Distance between their bit patterns. With the other special characters and, control ,codes filled in, ASCII was published as ASA X3.4-1963,leaving 28 code
  2. From Georgia carried the state, the region, and the nation, but Democratic, control ,of the region slipped after that. Since 1980,conservative Alabama voters have
  3. City of Window. Within Algeria, dissent was rarely tolerated, and the state's, control ,over the media and the outlawing of political parties other than the FLN was
  4. Joined Galt's strike when the American medical system was put under government, control , *Tiny Holloway is one of the" looters" and is frequently referred to and
  5. Reports that he was disappointed with the direction the academy took after, control ,passed to Plato's nephew Speusippus upon his death, although it is possible
  6. Such as waste disposal to land use zoning. Alabama is an alcoholic beverage, control ,state; the government holds a monopoly on the sale of alcohol. However
  7. Discussions with his cabinet revealed Lincoln planned short term military, control ,over southern states, until readmission under the control of southern Unionists
  8. That do not include carriage return, line feed or white space as non-whitespace, control ,characters. Except for the control characters that prescribe elementary
  9. Movement of peasants and workers, supported by armed militias, took, control , of Barcelona and of large areas of rural Spain where they collectivized the
  10. Diverse following of Bohemian artists and intellectuals, free love and birth, control ,advocates (see Anarchism and issues related to love and sex),individualist
  11. Laws discriminated against women: for example, marriage laws and anti-birth, control ,measures. But also there existed Ezra Heywood and Angela Heywood's The Word (
  12. Other new characters (the brace and vertical line characters),renaming some, control ,characters (SOME became start of header (SO) ) and moving or removing others
  13. Took large majorities of both chambers of the state legislature giving them, control ,of that body for the first time in 136 years. However, Democrats hold one of
  14. In 1857–58,Douglas broke with President Buchanan, leading to a fight for, control ,of the Democratic Party. Some eastern Republicans even favored the reelection
  15. The end-of-text code, ETX aka Control-C, was inappropriate and using Z as the, control ,code to end a file is analogous to it ending the alphabet, a very convenient
  16. Control code. There was some debate at the time whether there should be more, control ,characters rather than the lower case alphabet. The indecision did not last
  17. UTF-8 to be backward compatible with ASCII, a significant advantage. ASCII, control ,characters ASCII reserves the first 32 codes (numbers 0–31 decimal) for
  18. The original ASCII standard used only short descriptive phrases for each, control ,character. The ambiguity this caused was sometimes intentional (where a
  19. Characters ASCII reserves the first 32 codes (numbers 0–31 decimal) for, control ,characters: codes originally intended not to represent printable information
  20. Cabinet and pressured them to cooperate. Under his leadership, the Union took, control ,of the border slave states at the start of the war and tried repeatedly to
  21. Fort Sumter, Lincoln soon realized the importance of taking immediate executive, control ,of the war and making an overall strategy to put down the rebellion. Lincoln
  22. Bolsheviks, and the family fled to the Crimea, which was initially under the, control ,of the White Army during the Russian Civil War. She later recalled that while
  23. Its paper),and character 8 represents" backspace ". RFC 2822 refers to, control ,characters that do not include carriage return, line feed or white space as
  24. Any assigned meaning, reserved for future standardization, and one unassigned, control ,code. There was some debate at the time whether there should be more control
  25. Short term military control over southern states, until readmission under the, control ,of southern Unionists. Redefining the republic and republicanism The successful
  26. Operation or to exit (terminate) altogether. The inherent ambiguity of many, control ,characters, combined with their historical usage, created problems when
  27. Uniform, and has been described as" impervious to thought ". Mags seizes, control ,of Project X and accidentally destroys it, demolishing the country's last
  28. Cursor ". That latter interpretation is the most common now. Many more of the, control ,codes have been given meanings quite different from their original ones. The "
  29. The Berbers became independent again in many regions, while the Vandals took, control ,over other areas, where they remained until expelled by the Byzantine general
  30. Variation, so the @ was placed in position 0x40 next to the letter A. The, control ,codes felt essential for data transmission were the start of message (SOME)
  31. Of anarchism emphases negative liberty,i.e. opposition to state or social, control ,over the individual, while those in the social wing emphasize positive liberty
  32. Of identification. The first two columns (32 positions) were reserved for, control ,characters. The" space" character had to come before graphics to make sorting
  33. Since the original standard did not give detailed interpretation for most, control ,codes, interpretations of this code varied. The original Teletype meaning, and
  34. Digits, and from 11 to 25 special graphic symbols. To include all these, and, control , characters compatible with the Comte Consultation International Telephone et
  35. Line feed or white space as non-whitespace control characters. Except for the, control ,characters that prescribe elementary line-oriented formatting, ASCII does not
  36. Both wrote accounts of their experiences in Russia, criticizing the amount of, control ,the Bolsheviks exercised. For them,Bakunin's predictions about the
  37. Working too hard. Lincoln had learned from General Winfield Scott the need to, control ,strategic points, such as the Mississippi River; and he also knew well the
  38. Under Union control , with exemptions specified for areas already under Union, control ,in two states. Once the abolition of slavery in the rebel states became a
  39. Increasingly competitive in Alabama politics at many levels. They currently, control ,both seats in the U. S. Senate and six out of the state's seven congressional
  40. To resume sending, persists to this day in many systems as a manual output, control ,technique. On some systems Control-S retains its meaning but Control-Q is
  41. Brothers – Hardin (Hazer) and his older brother RUC Was – who took, control ,of Algiers in the early 16th century and turned it into the center of
  42. Codes originally intended not to represent printable information, but rather to, control ,devices (such as printers) that make use of ASCII, or to provide
  43. NOT)," who are you? " (WSU)," are you? " (RU),a reserved device, control ,(DC0),synchronous idle (SYNC),and acknowledge (ACK). These were
  44. ASCII includes definitions for 128 characters: 33 are non-printing, control ,characters (now mostly obsolete) that affect how text and space is processed;
  45. On January 1,1863,declared free the slaves in ten states not then under Union, control , with exemptions specified for areas already under Union control in two states.
  46. General John Pope. In 1874,the political coalition known as the Redeemers took, control ,of the state government from the Republicans, in part by suppressing the
  47. ESC, code 27),for example, was intended originally to allow sending other, control ,characters as literals instead of invoking their meaning. This is the same
  48. Between digital bit patterns and character symbols (i.e. grapheme and, control ,characters). This allows digital devices to communicate with each other and to
  49. Department and a strong supporter of Lincoln. Stanton ended corruption, took, control , of the telegraph and railroad systems in the war zones, supervised recruitment
  50. Typically set the eighth bit to 0. The code itself was patterned so that most, control ,codes were together, and all graphic codes were together, for ease of

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