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  1. Anthropology worried about anthropology's relevance. Since the 1980s issues of, power , such as those examined in Eric Wolf's Europe and the People Without History
  2. Result in appeals. Some appellate courts, particularly supreme courts, have the, power ,of discretionary review, meaning that they can decide whether they will hear an
  3. Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln understood that the Federal government's, power ,to end slavery was limited by the Constitution, which before 1865,committed
  4. Of theorists such as Antonio Gram sci and Michel Foucault moved issues of, power ,and hegemony into the spotlight. Gender and sexuality became popular topics, as
  5. And silver. For me such is not the aim, but to consider only what virtue and, power ,may lie in medicines. " His hermetical views were that sickness and health in
  6. Developpers intended to facilitate the construction of 100 Gigawatts of wind, power ,and 15 Gigawatts of solar power by 2015. The plan also makes sizeable
  7. Constitution highly centralizes power in Montgomery and leaves practically no, power ,in local hands. Any policy changes proposed around the state must be approved
  8. Submitted briefs. In an adversarial system, appellate courts do not have the, power ,to review lower court decisions unless a party appeals it. Therefore, if a
  9. Electoral laws disfranchise most blacks and many poor whites. Having regained, power ,in the state legislature, Democrats passed Jim Crow laws, including racial
  10. Is dissatisfied with the finding of such a tribunal, one generally has the, power ,to request a trial de Nova by a court of record. In such a proceeding, all
  11. Automation, the extension of intelligent control over an electrical, power ,grid * After the Development of Agriculture, A. D. A., a system of counting
  12. Successful career on his own merits without the aid of his family's wealth and, power , Francisco is one of the strikers and is slowly destroying the d'Antonia empire
  13. Hassan Aft became a national hero as Algiers grew into a center of military, power ,in the Mediterranean. The Ottomans established Algeria's modern boundaries in
  14. To enlightenment, and the stone represented a hidden spiritual truth or, power ,that would lead to that goal. In texts that are written according to this view
  15. Against their Round head opponents. In opposition to Jacobin centralization of, power , seeing" revolutionary government" as oxymoron. From this climate William
  16. Of the god, especially in the oracular shrine of Delphi (. The earth deity had, power ,over the ghostly world, and it is believed that she was the deity behind the
  17. All the country. Nearly believes that anything can get done with enough muscle, power , He sees no role for intelligence in human achievement. He relies on Deign and
  18. Or reflection coefficient, is the diffuse reflectivity or reflecting, power ,of a surface. It is defined as the ratio of reflected radiation from the
  19. Of the region. For example, India plans to add 17 Gigawatts of renewable-based, power ,generation capacity between 2012 and 2017 as the country attempts to bridge its
  20. Had promised soldiers a pension of half pay for life. However, Congress had no, power ,to compel the states to fund this obligation, and as the war wound down after
  21. The Alaskan North Slope. Alaska also offers some of the highest hydroelectric, power ,potential in the country from its numerous rivers. Large swaths of the Alaskan
  22. Attend sessions of the national legislature to ratify it. Yet Congress had no, power ,to enforce attendance. In September 1783,George Washington complained that
  23. Of all continents, after Europe, but the largest when measured in purchasing, power ,parity. As of 2010,the largest economies in Asia are the People's Republic of
  24. Succeeded in 1865. An exceptionally astute politician deeply involved with, power ,issues in each state, he reached out to War Democrats and managed his own
  25. Laboratories and facilities, like particle accelerators, nuclear, power , stations and nuclear weapons as a by-product of fission and other physical
  26. Since companies have intellectual ownership of their seeds, they have the, power ,to dictate terms and conditions of their patented product. Currently, ten seed
  27. Farm vehicles and machinery; and use of gas, liquid propane, and electricity to, power ,dryers, pumps,lights, heaters,and coolers. American farms directly consumed
  28. e. " Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom,and independence, and every, power , jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly
  29. That Rand greatly appreciated. The reviewer called Rand" a writer of great, power ," who wrote" brilliantly, beautifully and bitterly," and stated that" you
  30. The construction of 100 Gigawatts of wind power and 15 Gigawatts of solar, power ,by 2015. The plan also makes sizeable infrastructure investment commitments
  31. Of a formal judicial trial. If unchallenged, these decisions have the, power ,to settle more minor legal disputes once and for all. If a party is
  32. And White League, that acted more openly to suppress black voting. Regaining, power ,by the late 1870s,in the last decade of the 19th century, white Democrats
  33. Aiding the rebellion. Although Lincoln believed it was not within Congress's, power ,to free the slaves within the states, he approved the bill in deference to the
  34. Animals are equal. Later, Napoleon and his pigs are corrupted by the absolute, power ,they hold over the farm. To maintain their popularity with the other animals
  35. On increasingly expensive diesel fuel for heating, transportation,electric, power ,and light. Though wind and hydroelectric power are abundant and underdeveloped
  36. Holds a majority in both houses of the Legislature. The Legislature has the, power ,to override a gubernatorial veto by a simple majority (most state Legislatures
  37. Changed its policy and anarchist votes helped bring the popular front back to, power , Months later, the former ruling class responded with an attempted coup causing
  38. Marx's ideas as centralist and predicted that, if a Marxist party came to, power , its leaders would simply take the place of the ruling class they had fought
  39. As a percentage, and is measured on a scale from zero for no reflecting, power ,of a perfectly black surface, to 1 for perfect reflection of a white surface.
  40. Provision of infrastructure to supply basic services, the development of clean, power , and the reduction of air and water pollution. In addition to providing the
  41. Movement is based upon the fact that Alabama's constitution highly centralizes, power ,in Montgomery and leaves practically no power in local hands. Any policy
  42. General David Hunter in May 1862,on the grounds that it was not within their, power , and it would upset the border states loyal to the Union. On June 19, 1862
  43. Transportation, electric power and light. Though wind and hydroelectric, power ,are abundant and underdeveloped, proposals for state-wide energy systems (e.
  44. The design is balanced. Such permutation tests characterize tests with maximum, power ,against all alternative hypotheses, as observed by Rosenbaum. The ANOVA F–test
  45. Emphasizing his childhood poverty. The goal was to demonstrate the superior, power ,of" free labor ", whereby a common farm boy could work his way to the top by
  46. To her level, even if that means it will never reach its full potential and its, power ,will be grievously wasted. Lillian tolerates sex with her husband only because
  47. The ratio of the output power of an electric or optical circuit to the input, power ,should be doubled. It may mean that the gain of the laser medium should
  48. Voltage should be doubled. It may mean that the ratio of the output, power ,of an electric or optical circuit to the input power should be doubled.
  49. Necessity, a belief that asserted the human mind was controlled by some higher, power , Some scholars maintain that in the 1850s,Lincoln acknowledged" providence "
  50. As instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for, power ,can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their

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