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  1. And arteries, noting that the latter pulse while the former do not. Though a, few ,ancient atomisms such as Lucretius challenged the teleological viewpoint of
  2. A few times every winter, with an occasional moderately heavy snowfall every, few ,years. Historic snowfall events include New Year's Eve 1963 snowstorm and the
  3. An adapted version of ASCII since ASCII only suited the needs of the USA and a, few ,other countries. For example, Canada had its own version that supported French
  4. People, snake handling, and glossolalia (speaking in tongues),just to list a, few , At the same time, anthropologists urge, as part of their quest for scientific
  5. Focus of clinical attention over and above the primary ASD diagnosis. History A, few ,examples of autistic symptoms and treatments were described long before autism
  6. Of the personality of Matsyendranath. The Ramayana was understood by very, few ,people at the time. Two famous examples were Nagarjunacharya and Nityanadhiya.
  7. Are ubiquitous. Focused on a positive light, Anthropology is one of the, few ,places where humanities, social,and natural sciences are forced to confront
  8. Mountain and not on possible uprisings. In the end, Moses is one of the, few ,animals to remember The Rebellion, along with Clover, Benjamin,and the pigs.;
  9. However, while Apollo has a great number of appellations in Greek myth, only a, few ,occur in Latin literature, chief among them Phoebes (; Φοίβος, Phoibos
  10. Most 30 weeks from first concern to completed diagnosis and assessment, though, few , cases are handled that quickly in practice. A 2009 US study found the average
  11. Proclamation, but all attempts at such a massive undertaking failed. A, few ,days after Emancipation was announced,13 Republican governors met at the War
  12. The Haggard Terminal in New York. He catches Deign Taggart's eye as one of the, few ,competent men on staff. After seeing the sorry state of the Ohio Division, she
  13. Most of the coastal area is hilly, sometimes even mountainous, and there are a, few ,natural harbors. The area from the coast to the Tell Atlas is fertile. South
  14. French Lois celebrates) of the anarchist and labor movements following the, few ,successful bombings and assassinations may have contributed to the abandonment
  15. On staying in the United States to become a screenwriter, she lived for a, few ,months with relatives in Chicago, one of whom owned a movie theater and allowed
  16. The Greeks and Romans built on techniques pioneered by the Sumerians, but made, few ,fundamentally new advances. Southern Greeks struggled with very poor soils, yet
  17. Cure. Most autistic children can acquire language by age 5 or younger, though a, few ,have developed communication skills in later years. Most children with autism
  18. In Congress and protected slavery in those states where it already existed. A, few ,weeks before the war, he went so far as to pen a letter to every governor
  19. And used to create a harmonious, proportionate whole. Ranking from the very, few ,bronzes survived to us is the masterpiece bronze Piraeus Apollo. It was found
  20. Would quite often use a magnifying lens. " Laura Huxley proceeds to elaborate a, few ,nuances of inconsistency peculiar to Huxley's vision. Her account, in this
  21. The printable characters, represent letters, digits,punctuation marks, and a, few ,miscellaneous symbols. There are 95 printable characters in total. Code 0x20
  22. Varies from the northern to southern parts of the state. Alabama is one of the, few ,places in the world that has a secondary tornado season in November and
  23. And the NBC Symphony Orchestra recorded the music in Carnegie Hall, one of the, few ,commercial recordings Toscanini made of music by an American composer. The
  24. That" a structure based on centuries of history cannot be destroyed with a, few ,kilos of dynamite ". A variety of anarchists advocated the abandonment of these
  25. To a gas chamber—go! Atlas Shrugged received positive reviews from a, few ,publications, including praise from the noted book reviewer John Chamberlain
  26. Or less. Fuel cost can exceed $8.00 per gallon. Transportation Roads Alaska has, few ,road connections compared to the rest of the U. S. The state's road system
  27. Berber language in the country, is taught and partially co-official (with a, few ,restrictions) in parts of Kabylia. Algerian cities have commonly been given
  28. Ten percent of the population, then fled the country for France in just a, few ,months in mid-1962. These included most of the 1,025,000 Pieds-Noirs, as well
  29. Function, Although many alternative therapies and interventions are available, few ,are supported by scientific studies. Treatment approaches have little empirical
  30. Army and try to convince Achilles to give up his quarrel with Agamemnon; only a, few ,lines survive today. The tragedian Sophocles also wrote The Lovers of Achilles
  31. Most obviously, nearly all were members of the clergy. This was simply because, few ,people outside the parochial schools had the education to examine the
  32. Effects such as fire and water and the use of motion capture to name but a, few , these techniques fall under the category of 3D dynamics. Well-made 3D
  33. Secession from the Union and joined the Confederate States of America. While, few ,battles were fought in the state, Alabama contributed about 120,000 soldiers to
  34. Certain modern farms in the United States, Argentina,Israel, Germany,and a, few ,other nations to output volumes of high-quality produce per land unit at what
  35. For the purpose of reproduction most amphibians require fresh water. A, few ,(e.g. Fejervarya Raja) can inhabit brackish water and even survive (though
  36. Narrative of Achilles' deeds in the Trojan War. The Homeric epic only covers a, few ,weeks of the war, and does not narrate Achilles' death. It begins with
  37. Alabama, areas of the state north of Montgomery may receive a dusting of snow a, few ,times every winter, with an occasional moderately heavy snowfall every few
  38. Of the subservience of slaves and others to the virtue – or are – of a, few ,justified the ideal of aristocracy. It is Martin Heidegger, not Nietzsche, who
  39. The Lovers of Achilles, a play with Achilles as the main character. Only a, few ,fragments survive. Achilles in Greek philosophy The philosopher Zeno of Elena
  40. Lungs in amphibians are primitive compared to that of the amniotic, possessing, few , internal septa, large alveoli and therefore a slow diffusion rate of oxygen
  41. Rand's lifetime her work received little attention from academic scholars. A, few ,articles about Rand's ideas appeared in academic journals prior to her death
  42. Most recent of which is" an explosion of scholarship" in the 2000s. However, few ,universities currently include Rand or Objectives as a philosophical specialty
  43. Men such as Nicolas Flame, who was noteworthy only because he was one of the, few ,alchemists writing in those troubled times. Flame lived from 1330 to 1417 and
  44. Atlas Shrugged. " *Lawrence Hammond runs Hammond Cars in Colorado, one of the, few ,companies in existence that still produces top-quality vehicles. He eventually
  45. Fisheries in the Bering Sea and the North Pacific, and seafood is one of the, few ,food items that is often cheaper within the state than outside it. Many
  46. Investors buy thousands of hectares of farmland or raw land at prices of a, few ,a hundred US$ per hectare. To promote exports of agricultural products, many
  47. Compared with an average of about 36 % nationwide. Alabama is also one of the, few ,remaining states that levies a tax on food and medicine. Alabama's income tax
  48. Modern astronomers spend relatively little time at telescopes - most spend a, few ,weeks per year observing, and the rest of their time reducing the data (
  49. Hobby, most people who think of themselves as amateur astronomers may devote a, few ,hours a month to stargazing and reading the latest developments in research.
  50. Within creative individuation of the self, and by contrasting love for the, few ,with love for the many. Love confirms others in their freedom, shuns

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