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  1. Require Council approval on the basis of a Commission recommendation and ECB, consultation ,Institutions Strictly speaking, there actually exist two different currencies
  2. For England's Museums ". This document was based on several years of, consultation ,aimed to lay out the government's priorities for museums in the 21st century.
  3. No physical side effects, can be practiced without a prescription or medical, consultation , and provides no barriers to stimulation. Disadvantages Compared to the other
  4. What should the message say? Questions like these must be answered through user, consultation , involvement and evaluation. Accessible Input devices for Computers Sitting at
  5. Call box services. In the summer of 2004,BT launched Consult 21,an industry, consultation ,for BT’s 21st century network (21CN) program. 21CN is a next generation
  6. Especially since the existing Chancellery was in full operation. After, consultation ,with his assistants, Speer agreed. Although the site could not be cleared until
  7. To 1966. Though Murry effectively seized managerial control of the band without, consultation , Brian acknowledges that he" deserves credit for getting us off the ground ...
  8. May be organized into a mobile exhibition bus for the purposes of public, consultation , Buses around the world Historically, the types and features of buses have
  9. Risk, and three by the President of the European Court of Human Rights after, consultation ,with the Presidency. However, the highest political authority in the country is
  10. Donald Organ in 1978 as a forum for" leisurely thought, prayer and deep, consultation ,". Ordained ministry Like the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches, the
  11. Parastatal firms. In cases of grave and immediate threat, the president, in, consultation , with the National Assembly President and Council of State, may declare a state
  12. Leader of the opposition, and three on the advice of the prime minister after, consultation ,with the leader of the opposition. The House of Assembly carries out all major
  13. Authority in the Communion, these international bodies are a vehicle for, consultation ,and persuasion. In recent years, persuasion has tipped over into debates over
  14. The traffic in narcotics, as designated by the Secretary of the Treasury in, consultation ,with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General. The list of designated
  15. SC" or" QC" after their name. The appointments are made after a process of, consultation ,with members of the profession and the judiciary. Senior Counsel appear in
  16. Responsibility for international representation rests largely upon the UK (in, consultation ,with the respective governments); and responsibility for defense is reserved
  17. S para-statal firms. In cases of grave and immediate threat, the president, in, consultation , with the National Assembly, may declare a state of emergency. The president is
  18. Bodies of note. * The Lambert Conference is the oldest international, consultation , It was first convened by Archbishop Charles Langley in 1867 as a vehicle for
  19. To the Parade: on-street, off-street and a mixture of the two. Following recent, consultation ,the off-street option is favored, with trams running along existing railway as
  20. It entails (i) conducting and disseminating strategic evaluations (in, consultation ,with stakeholders),(ii) harmonizing performance indicators and evaluation
  21. From amongst themselves. There was no specified procedure for this SEURA or, consultation , Candidates were usually, but not necessarily, from the same lineage as the
  22. However, on January 16, 2006 the European Commission" launched a public, consultation ,on how future action in patent policy to create an EU-wide system of protection
  23. American public recognition. Endless Summer In the summer of 1974,Capitol, in, consultation , with Love, released a double album compilation of The Beach Boys' pre-Pet
  24. Affairs. New Zealand retains some responsibility for external affairs, in, consultation , with the Cook Islands. In recent years, the Cook Islands has taken on more of
  25. He was expected to call on Hitler in the morning for a walk or chat, to provide, consultation ,on architectural matters, and to discuss Hitler's ideas. Most days he was
  26. The RS, and three by the President of the European Court of Human Rights after, consultation ,with the Presidency. Terms of initial appointees are 5 years, unless they
  27. May, after some time, lead to a heavily fragmented heap, requiring expensive, consultation ,of" free lists" of small available blocks of memory in order to allocate new
  28. In accordance with their own canons and constitutions and after extensive, consultation ,with the provinces of the Communion. The Primates' Meeting voted to request
  29. Is disrupted. Clinical practice In a modern acupuncture session, an initial, consultation ,is followed by taking the pulse on both arms, and an inspection of the tongue;
  30. To settlement, but the fact that it had been promulgated without their prior, consultation ,angered the colonists. 1764–1766: More provocative legislation Britain did not
  31. Does not use standard Braille; rather, the feature uses a system developed in, consultation ,with blind and visually impaired Canadians after research indicated that not
  32. Permanent Joint Board of Defense, established in 1940,provides policy-level, consultation ,on bilateral defense matters. The United States and Canada share North Atlantic
  33. Exports. Defense and foreign affairs are the responsibility of New Zealand, in, consultation , with the Cook Islands. In recent times, the Cook Islands have adopted an
  34. By the Columbia Alumni Association. Another six are nominated by the Board in, consultation ,with the Executive Committee of the University Senate. The remaining 12
  35. Infuriated his US counterpart, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, by his lack of, consultation , and Eisenhower refused to back the invasion. Another of Eisenhower's concerns
  36. Website," The Platform is the result of a rigorous and constructive process of, consultation , spanning the nation and including the cooperation and input of state and
  37. The Lambert Conference (first held in 1867) is the oldest international, consultation , It is a forum for bishops of the Communion to reinforce unity and collegiality
  38. May be brought about, for example, by such factors as poor management, lack of, consultation ,with employees, personality conflicts which can result in people delaying or
  39. Zealand. New Zealand retains primary responsibility for external affairs, with, consultation , with the Cook Islands government. Cook Islands nationals are citizens of New
  40. The party is in office) or the Shadow Cabinet (if it is in opposition),in, consultation ,with key interest groups within the party, and is contained in the
  41. Was a compact among states that could be abandoned at any time without, consultation ,and that each state had a right to secede. After intense debates and statewide
  42. Communion Primates' Meeting is the most recent manifestation of international, consultation ,and deliberation, having been first convened by Archbishop Donald Organ in
  43. Meeting (first met in 1979) is the most recent manifestation of international, consultation ,and deliberation, having been first convened by Archbishop Donald Organ as a
  44. That was almost identical to the English Book of Common Prayer, without, consultation , with either the Scottish Parliament or Kirk. It was resisted by many
  45. Of stakeholders' needs. " The Community patent was one of the issues the, consultation ,focused on. More than 2500 replies were received. On April 18, 2007,at the
  46. The President of Columbia University, who is selected by the Trustees in, consultation ,with the Executive Committee of the University Senate and who serves at the
  47. To the metropolitan or primate, who carefully examined the cause, and,after, consultation ,with the suffragan bishops, declared whether the defunct was worthy of the name
  48. To combat the discharge of air pollutants through exchanges of information, consultation , research and monitoring. The Parties meet annually at sessions of the
  49. By Archbishop Donald Organ as a forum for" leisurely thought, prayer and deep, consultation ,". Since there is no binding authority in the Communion, these international
  50. Removal of the studio-imposed happy ending. Scott provided extensive notes and, consultation ,to Warner Bros. through film preservationist Michael Brick, who was put in

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