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  1. Of Defense. Strategically located in the Baltic Sea, Bornholm has been a, bone ,of contention usually ruled by Denmark, but also by Lübeck and Sweden. The
  2. Harpoon. The sharp barbs penetrated with ease, but could not be pulled out. The, bone ,tip is fastened to a length of braided twine meanwhile; the hunter held the
  3. In HIV-positive patients, this balance is lost due to an inability of the, bone ,marrow to regenerate CD4+ cells. In the case of HIV,CD4+ lymphocytes die at an
  4. The chest and pass through the chest cavity and exit from the back. The, bone ,ring was designed to break after impact so that the shaft could be used again
  5. With Australia. The ilium, the main hip bone , was massive, and the public, bone ,had a prominent foot that may have been used for both muscle attachment and as
  6. Of paranasal sinuses, infection of the mastoid air cells of the temporal, bone , epidural abscess) or remote (lung, heart,kidney etc.) infectious sources
  7. War. There are many cases of New Zealand soldiers developing cancers such as, bone ,cancer from exposure to Agent Orange. Brazil The Brazilian government used
  8. From an archaeologically verified and exceptionally well-preserved aurochs, bone ,sample was published in 2010. Domesticated cattle and aurochs are so different
  9. In cases of trauma, for example in compound skull fractures where fragments of, bone ,are pushed into the substance of the brain, the cause of the abscess is obvious
  10. The number of CD4+ lymphocytes is in balance with the cells generated by the, bone ,marrow; however, in HIV-positive patients, this balance is lost due to an
  11. Tetanuran, or simply a dubious theropod. Later researchers suggested that the, bone ,was pathologic, showing an injury to the living animal, It is now regarded as
  12. Commonly found in Indonesia and central Mexico. The natural organics include, bone , coral, horn,ivory, seeds (such as Tagus nuts),animal shell, and wood. For
  13. Were other boxes; in the third box were fragments of wood, numerous bone s and, bone ,fragments, and glass vials. Some workers later claimed to have seen the
  14. It was not until the 2nd century BCE during the Han Dynasty that stone and, bone ,needles were replaced with metal. The Huangdi Naming does not distinguish
  15. Conception of addition and subtraction, the best-known being the Shang, bone ,from Central Africa, dating from somewhere between 20,000 and 18,000 BC
  16. 17 teeth; the number of teeth does not exactly correspond to the size of the, bone , Each century (the tooth-bearing bone of the lower jaw) had between 14 and 17
  17. Of blood cells In vertebrates, the various cells of blood are made in the, bone ,marrow in a process called hematopoiesis, which includes erythropoietin, the
  18. The bone is sawed through with an oscillating saw. Sharp and rough edges of the, bone ,(s) are filed down, skin and muscle flaps are then transposed over the stump
  19. In some cases formulae were confused with Australia. The ilium, the main hip, bone , was massive, and the pubic bone had a prominent foot that may have been used
  20. Pg.32). Gut sewing involved turning the intestines inside out and using a, bone ,knife to get the inside muscular coating and fat from the walls of the
  21. Exactly correspond to the size of the bone . Each century (the tooth-bearing, bone ,of the lower jaw) had between 14 and 17 teeth, with an average count of 16.
  22. Of CD4+ T-helper lymphocytes in a manner that is too rapid for the body's, bone ,marrow to replenish the cells, leading to a compromised immune system. One of
  23. Well as having low therapeutic indices, the drugs are poor at penetrating the, bone ,marrow, where some Tasmania castigates reside, and so cure of the
  24. Puzzle as Stomaching, a Greek compound word formed from the roots of (often, bone ,) and (cache – fight). The puzzle is also known as the Oculus of Archimedes
  25. To prevent hemorrhage (bleeding). The muscles are transected, and finally the, bone ,is sawed through with an oscillating saw. Sharp and rough edges of the bone (s
  26. Over cortical and trabecular surfaces and slowly redistributes over the, bone ,with time. The biological half-life of 241Am is 50 years in the bone s and 20
  27. Consuming a high ratio of animal protein to vegetable protein is implicated in, bone ,loss in women. Blood in non-human vertebrates Human blood is typical of that of
  28. The Throwing lance usually consisted of three parts: a wooden shaft,a, bone ,ring or belt, and the compound head that was made with a barbed bone head and a
  29. Applied to the recipient's radial nerve against the periosteum of the forearm, bone , * visually similar to Tokyo, but with an inverted grip of the wrist, medial
  30. A 90-minute operation in which cables and screws were used to wire the broken, bone ,back together. He was released from the St. John's Health Center on December
  31. Bulging discs in his back, a spondylolisthesis (vertebral displacement) and a, bone ,spur that interfered with the nerve, Agassi retired from professional tennis on
  32. Risks including decompression sickness, barotrauma, immunodeficiencies, loss of, bone ,and muscle, orthostatic intolerance due to volume loss, sleep disturbances, and
  33. Of the primary lesion also crucial, as is the removal of any foreign material (, bone , dirt, bullets,and so forth). There are few exceptions to this rule:
  34. And several other substances, used in Hindu rituals * Ashes or remains, dried, bone , fragments left from cremation Trees and shrubs * Ash (Trains),genus of
  35. The rim of their ears with denialism shells (tooth shells or tusk shells), bone , feathers, dried bird wings or skulls and/or amber. The use of birds was very
  36. Used for the piercing was made out of various materials, a piece of bark or, bone , or an eagle’s feather shaft. From time to time, women would decorate the nose
  37. When a bone injury is combined with a head injury. The brain signals the, bone ,to grow instead of scar tissue to form, and nodules and other growth can
  38. Of white blood cells and platelets. During childhood, almost every human, bone ,produces red blood cells; as adults, red blood cell production is limited to
  39. Mostly have a white, silky,medium to long length coat, no undercoat and a fine, bone ,structure. There seems to be a connection between the Angora Cats and Persians
  40. Of the harpoon. The shaft was fitted into the socket of the fore shaft and a, bone ,ring was then placed over the joint to hold the two pieces together, as well as
  41. In a small cup, also called mate, usually made from a gourd, but also from, bone ,or horn. The drink is sipped through a metal or cane straw called a Bonilla.
  42. The anus. The Greenberg spot, or G-Spot — a small area behind the female public, bone ,surrounding the urethra and accessible through the anterior wall of the vagina
  43. Another side effect can be hetero topic ossification, especially when a, bone ,injury is combined with a head injury. The brain signals the bone to grow
  44. The simple Aleut harpoon consisted of four main parts: the wooden shaft,the, bone ,fores haft, and the bone head (tip) with barbs pointed backward. The barbed
  45. That any possible terrestrial planets in the Alpha Centauri system may be, bone ,dry or lack significant atmospheres. In our solar system both Jupiter and
  46. Have poor vision, but large eyes. The armor is formed by plates of dermal, bone ,covered in relatively small, overlapping epidermal scales called" acutes "
  47. Bones including parts of three vertebrae, a rib fragment, a tooth, a toe, bone , and, most useful for later discussions, the shaft of the right humerus (upper
  48. Relatively small, overlapping epidermal scales called" acutes ", composed of, bone ,with a covering of horn. In most species, rigid shields over the shoulders and
  49. From; its height is. The coat is very short and almost absent on the belly. Its, bone ,structure shows clearly through the skin and musculature. Its muscles are" dry
  50. Therefore highly susceptible to infection, was being treated at the time in the, bone ,marrow unit, but no bed could be found for him, and he was transferred to the

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