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  1. Techniques. * throws in which age moves through the space occupied by use. The, classic ,form superficially resembles a" clothesline" technique. * beginning with
  2. Qi, acupuncture meridians and points According to the Chinese medical, classic ,the Naming Seen, disease is believed to be produced by a failure to live in
  3. Of capitalism and conformity in the United States. This poem is one of the, classic ,poems of the Beat Generation. The poem, which was dedicated to writer Carl
  4. Antarctic transportation system. Land transport Mason station started using, classic ,Volkswagen Beetles, the first production cars to be used in Antarctica. The
  5. United States, A Little Princess, an adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett's, classic ,novel. Cuarón's next feature was also a literary adaptation, a modernized
  6. By Philip Jackson. Georges (we are never told his last name) is a, classic ,English valet and first entered Poirot’s employ in 1923 and didn’t leave his
  7. Societies) and space (non-European/non-Western societies). For example,the, classic ,of urban anthropology, Ulf Manner in the introduction to his seminal Exploring
  8. Has often been depicted in cinema, beginning with Windsor McKay's 1914, classic , Gertie the Dinosaur. The 1925 silent film The Lost World featured, using
  9. One end of Hokkaido to the other, were not mutually intelligible; however,the, classic ,Ainu language of the Year, or Ainu epic stories, was understood by all.
  10. His self-described" dogmatic slumber ". The Inquiry is widely regarded as a, classic ,in modern philosophical literature. Summary The argument of the Inquiry
  11. From the beginning, AOL included online games in its mix of products; many, classic ,and casual games were included in the original Planet software system. In the
  12. Austin in 1915,contributes to Austin's theater and film culture, showing, classic , films throughout the summer and hosting regional premieres for films such as
  13. Lecture notes (or in some cases possible notes by his students). However, one, classic , scholar offers an alternative interpretation. The 5th century Neoplatonist
  14. In Gnostic cosmology, the 7 letters spelling its name represent each of the 7, classic , planets—Sun, Moon,Mercury, Venus,Mars, Jupiter,and Saturn. The word is found
  15. In literature and rhetoric, ambiguity can be a useful tool. Grouchy Marx’s, classic ,joke depends on a grammatical ambiguity for its humor, for example:" Last
  16. Of Applied Sciences (ACAS) was founded in 1971. The ACAS offers a, classic ,engineering education in professions like Mechatronics, Construction
  17. Among the most celebrated Shakespeare adaptations. Another adaptation of a, classic ,European theatrical work followed almost immediately, with production of The
  18. World War, sports car racing emerged as a distinct form of racing with its own, classic ,races, and,from 1953,its own FIA sanctioned World Championship. NASCAR's
  19. Well over 500 books in the first three years at Spandau alone. He read, classic ,novels, travelogues,books on Ancient Egypt, and biographies of such figures as
  20. He wrote an account of his conversion in his Confessions, which became a, classic ,of Christian theology. Ambrose baptized Augustine, along with his son
  21. Adopted the unofficial slogan" Keep Austin Weird ". This interpretation of the, classic ," Texas-style" sense of independence refers to: the traditional and proudly
  22. To various administrative reforms which have led to there being fewer of the, classic ,civil servants, the Beater. As a result, Standard German is replacing it in
  23. Museum of Afghanistan is located in Kabul. Although literacy level is low, classic ,Persian and Pashto poetry play an important role in the Afghan culture. Poetry
  24. The director displayed a technique quite distinct from the seamless style of, classic ,Hollywood. This technique involved a disruptive depiction of screen space
  25. A famous example. The Story of Since, written in Middle Egyptian, might be the, classic ,of Egyptian literature. Also written at this time was the West car Papyrus, a
  26. Serving conveniently as a fill for the artificial plateau created around the, classic ,Parthenon. This" Persian debris" is the richest archaeological deposit
  27. More intensive fieldwork than had been done by British anthropologists, and his, classic ,ethnography, Argonauts of the Western Pacific (1922) advocated an approach to
  28. It with a rich contemporary score, bringing fresh resonance to this modern, classic , It was performed at Theatre Royal Stratford East in London between 5th
  29. And Henry David Thoreau. He also wrote introductions to several collections of, classic ,early 20th century comics, such as Buster Brown, Little Nemo in Slumber land
  30. As if it were a cinematic version of a Japanese rather than a European literary, classic , Appropriately, the acting of the players, particularly Yamaha, draws heavily
  31. Reading on the tenets of logical empiricism – the book is regarded as a, classic ,of 20th century analytic philosophy, and is widely read in philosophy courses
  32. The programs from one implementation to another is easily demonstrated by the, classic ,hello world program. ALGOL 58 (ILL) ALGOL 58 had no I/O facilities. ALGOL 60
  33. Arbor's residential neighborhoods contain architectural styles ranging from, classic ,19th-century and early-20th-century designs to ranch-style houses.
  34. Kept such use until more recently, and still maintain it more than Britons. The, classic ,example, considered by their American counterparts quite curious, was the
  35. Including Musicals, Laughs and Thrills, drove new generations to experience, classic ,American films. The juries consisted of over 1,500 artists, scholars,critics
  36. Childhood autism, or infantile autism. In this article, autism refers to the, classic ,autistic disorder; in clinical practice, though,autism, ASD,and PDD are often
  37. Of the Torah, its commandments and stories, are known and understood. The, classic ,work of Jewish mysticism whose origins date back 2000 years, the Zohar, is
  38. Fiction pulps and their adolescent readers—and fears of foreign invasion—in the, classic ,What Mad Universe (1949). In Clifford D. Simak's Ring Around the Sun (1953
  39. Thrill from violence and resolves to turn his life around (a slow-ripening but, classic ,moment of melanoma—the moment at which one's protagonist realizes that
  40. The epidemic described in the novel. The Plague is considered an existentialist, classic ,despite Camus' objection to the label. The narrative tone is similar to Kafka
  41. In 1927 and later included in a book of the same title, is considered a, classic ,statement of agnosticism. The essay briefly lays out Russell’s objections to
  42. Archer when the bow is unstrung. The cross-section of the limb also varies; the, classic ,longbow is a tall bow with narrow limbs that are D-shaped in cross-section, and
  43. Mass extinctions: following an extinction, many niches are left vacant. A, classic ,example of this is the replacement of the non-avian dinosaurs with mammals at
  44. His successor Joe Darling won the next three series in 1899,1901–02 and the, classic ,1902 series, which became one of the most famous in the history of Test cricket
  45. Has flat wide limbs that are approximately rectangular in cross-section. The, classic ,D-shape comes from the use of the wood of the yew tree. The sap-wood is best
  46. Processors. Other, still maintained, operating systems are available for the, classic ,Amiga platform, including Linux and Net BSD. Both require a CPU with MMU such as
  47. As such, NatAmi is not intended to become another evolutionary heir to, classic ,Amiga (such as with AmigaOne or Pegasus computers). This" purist "
  48. While logging in or out. * AOL eventually announced plans to offer subscribers, classic ,television programs for free with commercials inserted via its new IN2TV
  49. Root" Austin Seven racing to the FIA Thoroughbred Grand Prix Championship for, classic ,Formula One chassis. While there are several professional teams and drivers in
  50. Appealed to virtues of Roman patriotism by banning all other attire besides the, classic ,toga while entering the Forum. There was no precedent within the Roman system

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