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  1. Flavour. Hot water is poured into the gourd at near-boiling point to not, burn ,the herb and spoil the flavor. At family or small social gatherings, one mate
  2. The crew in Lunar orbit, with little hope of escape. As with the previous, burn , the crew had to perform the maneuver above the far side of the Moon, out of
  3. The King planned to destroy their coasting-trade, bombard their ports; sack and, burn ,towns along the coast (as Benedict Arnold did to New London, Connecticut in
  4. Mission Control continued to wait. If the crew had not burn ed the engine or the, burn ,had not lasted the planned length of time, the crew would appear early from
  5. With many oxidizing agents. In the presence of oxygen, alkenes, burn , with a bright flame to produce carbon dioxide and water. Catalytic oxidation
  6. Diego, California. Its service module was jettisoned shortly after the orbit, burn ,and decayed during reentry of the command module. The ascent stage of LM-3
  7. Order of business was to re-establish the free return trajectory with a small, burn ,of the LM descent propulsion system. The descent engine was used again for the
  8. City to Alaric and his followers. The Basilica Emilia in the Roman Forum did, burn ,down, which perhaps can be attributed to Alaric: the archaeological evidence
  9. The spacecraft and the S-IVB. The engine ignited on time and performed the TLC, burn ,perfectly. After the S-IVB had performed its required tasks, it was jettisoned.
  10. They feel body parts that are no longer there. These limbs can itch, ache, burn , feel tense, dry or wet, locked in or trapped, or they can feel as if they are
  11. Jesus will be given eternal life, so the people that do not accept him cannot, burn ,in hell for eternity because Jesus has not given them eternal life, instead it
  12. The maneuver above the far side of the Moon, out of contact with Earth. The, burn ,occurred exactly on time. The spacecraft telemetry was reacquired as it
  13. To get electrical power for the guidance computer or oxygen needed to execute a, burn ,with the engine. *It was feared the engine might have been damaged when the O2
  14. IB's second stage, with capability to restart the J-2 engine. The engine would, burn ,for approximately two and a half minutes and shut down when a low-Earth parking
  15. The philosophy and culture of the farmer. Shifting cultivation (or slash and, burn ,) is a system in which forests are burn t, releasing nutrients to support
  16. A cylinder of mugwort was held above the skin, close enough to either warm or, burn ,it). *Conjuncture or acetonic is a stimulation of the body similar to
  17. Call) this month huhtikuu, or 'Burn wood Month ', when the wood for beat and, burn ,clearing of farmland was felled. The" Days of April" ( journeys d'April) is
  18. The descent engine was used again for the PC+2 burn . One more decent engine, burn ,was later required for a minor course correction. Considerable ingenuity under
  19. LM descent propulsion system. The descent engine was used again for the PC+2, burn , One more decent engine burn was later required for a minor course correction.
  20. Of the Galician and Boom heresies—one of his last acts was to publicly, burn ,at the stake Basil, a Boom leader, with whom he had engaged in a theological
  21. Burn shortly after pericynthion (the closest approach to the Moon," PC+2, burn ,") to help speed the return. However, Apollo 13 had left its initial free
  22. Preoccupied with the problems of his kingdom, Alfred accidentally let the cakes, burn , 870 was the low-water mark in the history of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. With
  23. The engine for a short period would accomplish coating. This first correction, burn ,was only 2.4 seconds and added about velocity prograde (in the direction of
  24. Could be direct (the cone was placed directly on the skin and allowed to, burn ,the skin producing a blister and eventually a scar),or indirect (either a
  25. Motors and rubber bands. Jet aircraft Air breathing jet engines take in air, burn ,fuel with it in a combustion chamber, and accelerate the exhaust rearwards at
  26. Swimming together in the sea. Grand catches the plague and instructs Room to, burn ,all his papers. But Grand makes an unexpected recovery, and deaths from the
  27. For Apollo 8 to go to the moon. Over the next 12 minutes before the TLC, burn , the Apollo 8 crew continued to monitor the spacecraft and the S-IVB. The
  28. Of the Maronite was at first merely to take care of the lamp which was to, burn ,perpetually before the veil of the tabernacle Exodus 27:21. A more formal
  29. On May 22, 1969 at 20:35:02 UTC, a 27.4 second LM descent propulsion system, burn ,inserted the LM into a descent orbit of by so that the resulting lowest point
  30. They can be a human safety hazard, it is productive for these ecosystems to, burn ,out every once in a while so that new organisms can begin to grow and thrive.
  31. After the end of the television transmission. The TEI was the most critical, burn ,of the flight, as any failure of the SPS to ignite would strand the crew in
  32. Using the Moon's gravity to return the ship to Earth, with an acceleration, burn ,shortly after pericynthion (the closest approach to the Moon," PC+2 burn " ) to
  33. The past tense and past participle of the verbs learn, spoil,spell, burn , dream, smell,spill, leap,and others, can be either irregular (learned
  34. System engine on the Apollo Command/Service Module ignited for a six-minute, burn ,to slow the craft down into an initial lunar orbit. Once the lowest point of
  35. This story, Thetis anointed the boy in ambrosia and put him on top of a fire to, burn ,away the mortal parts of his body. She was interrupted by Pele us and abandoned
  36. They would land miles west of their target point. Five minutes into the descent, burn , and above the surface of the Moon, the LM navigation and guidance computer
  37. Has it he built a castle on top of a hill north of Aquila to watch the city, burn , thus founding the town of Udine, where the castle can still be found. Genius
  38. For the flight. The total was a tenth of the amount that the Saturn V would, burn ,every second. The next day, the Lindbergh's watched the launch of Apollo 8 from
  39. The sanitary groups. " Grand catches the plague himself and asks Room to, burn ,his manuscript. But then he makes an unexpected recovery. At the end of the
  40. 1725 the family purchased 17th century Aberdeen House, on the west side of the, burn ,and in Wester Aberdeen, and the medieval Castle was allowed to fall into
  41. Siege of Cádiz. *1814 – British troops invade Washington’D. C. and, burn ,down the White House and several other buildings. *1815 – The modern
  42. Produce mostly dry lightning, sparking wildfires that are mostly left to, burn ,themselves out as they are often far from populated areas. The 2004 season set
  43. While in 1709 a large quantity of the rapidly disappearing ebony was used to, burn ,lime for building fortifications! Other controversies Flat Earth wager In 1870
  44. Looked back to a distant past when the light of faith might have appeared to, burn ,brighter, Maurice looked forward to the possibility of a brighter revelation of
  45. Created a new source of water for farming, drinking,and washing. * Slash and, burn ,agriculture uses nutrients in wood ash, but these expire within a few years. *
  46. Polyester resins for such items as light aircraft engine covers. The resin will, burn ,while a flame is held to it but will extinguish itself as soon as the flame is
  47. Density of 0.880 g/cm3 and is often known as '.880 Ammonia '. Ammonia does not, burn ,readily or sustain combustion, except under narrow fuel-to-air mixtures of
  48. Below under Baltic Amber). Heating amber will soften it, and eventually it will, burn , which is why in Germanic languages the word for amber is a literal translation
  49. Properties: # Display aromaticity. # The carbon-hydrogen ratio is high. # They, burn ,with a sooty yellow flame because of the high carbon-hydrogen ratio. # They
  50. Scent of amber and amber perfumery In ancient China it was customary to, burn ,amber during large festivities. If amber is heated under the right conditions

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