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  1. A tow-line, either by a ground-based winch or vehicle, or by a powered" tug ", aircraft , For a glider to maintain its forward air speed and lift, it must descend in
  2. Sky lanterns date back to the 3rd century BC, and were only the second type of, aircraft ,to fly, the first being kites. A balloon was originally any hemostat, while the
  3. Americans and three Russians. Six of these were in crashes of training jet, aircraft , one drowned during water recovery training, and four were due to fires in pure
  4. Enough to be called airships, so " airship" came to be synonymous with these, aircraft , Then several accidents, such as the Hindenburg disaster in 1937,led to the
  5. From a 1988 number of 65,000 to a 2009 number of 14,500 with a small fleet of, aircraft ,and sea vessels. In the 1990s,the country scrapped enormous amounts of
  6. The forerunner of the fixed-wing aircraft is the kite. Whereas a fixed-wing, aircraft ,relies on its forward speed to create airflow over the wings, a kite is
  7. Reorganization; modernization projects include procurement of new vehicles, aircraft ,and equipment, construction of new police stations and forensic laboratories
  8. Lift for horizontal flight. Classes of powered lift types include VTOL jet, aircraft ,(such as the Harrier jump-jet) and tilt rotors (such as the V-22 Osprey)
  9. By gaining support from the air, or,in general, the atmosphere of a planet. An, aircraft ,counters the force of gravity by using either static lift or by using the
  10. Can exempt this. * At least 1,000 hours flying time as pilot-in-command in jet, aircraft , Experience as a test pilot is desirable. * Height must be 5 ft 2 in to 6 ft 2
  11. And 90 combat capable aircraft , including 22 fighters,59 fighter ground attack, aircraft ,and 16 attack helicopters. The defense budget in 2005 totaled 1.16 billion
  12. The Zeppelins being the largest and most famous. There were still no fixed-wing, aircraft ,or non-rigid balloons large enough to be called airships, so " airship" came
  13. The Air Force /Air Defense Forces had 8,000 personnel and 90 combat capable, aircraft , including 22 fighters,59 fighter ground attack aircraft and 16 attack
  14. Thrust. Aerodynamic lift involving wings is the most common, with fixed-wing, aircraft ,being kept in the air by the forward movement of wings, and rotorcraft by
  15. 8,000; its equipment includes eight Russian-manufactured Sushi Su-27 fighter, aircraft ,and transport planes. In 2002 one got lost during the civil war with UNITS
  16. The wind blowing over its wings to provide lift. Kites were the first kind of, aircraft ,to fly, and were invented in China around 500 BC. Much aerodynamic research was
  17. Canada to Fairbanks and thence Nome; Soviet pilots took possession of these, aircraft , ferrying them to fight the German invasion of the Soviet Union. The
  18. China around 500 BC. Much aerodynamic research was done with kites before test, aircraft , wind tunnels, and computer modelling programs became available. The first
  19. 1927,Charles Lindbergh made the first solo non-stop transatlantic flight in an, aircraft ,(between New York City and Paris). *In 1932,Amelia Earhart became the first
  20. And bombing role, Czech Lin for training role and a variety of western made, aircraft ,such as C-212\Vicar, Sud Aviation Fouetté III, etc. A few AAF
  21. The Russian ekranoplan (nicknamed the" Caspian Sea Monster" ). Man-powered, aircraft ,also rely on ground effect to remain airborne, but this is only because they
  22. Materials and aircraft that have served in the Turkish Air Force (e.g. combat, aircraft ,such as the F-86 Sabre,F-100 Super Sabre,F-102 Delta Dagger,F-104
  23. The two World Wars led to great technical advances. Consequently, the history of, aircraft ,development can be divided into five eras: *Pioneers of flight, from the
  24. And missiles also travel through the atmosphere, most are not considered, aircraft ,because they do not have wings and rely on rocket thrust as the primary means
  25. Are nowadays classified as powered lift types and not as rotorcraft. Tilt rotor, aircraft ,(such as the V-22 Osprey),tilting, tailsitter, and Coleoptera aircraft have
  26. Must rely on scheduled or chartered bush flying services using general aviation, aircraft ,such as the Cessna Caravan, the most popular aircraft in use in the state. Much
  27. Are technically called fixed-wing aircraft . The forerunner of the fixed-wing, aircraft ,is the kite. Whereas a fixed-wing aircraft relies on its forward speed to
  28. V-22 Osprey),among others. Propulsion Unpowered Gliders are heavier-than-air, aircraft ,that do not employ propulsion once airborne. Take-off may be by launching
  29. Wings, which may be flexible or rigid, fixed,or rotary. With powered lift,the, aircraft ,directs its engine thrust vertically downward. V/STOL aircraft , such as the
  30. Manned, controlled flight in 1853. Besides the method of propulsion, fixed-wing, aircraft , are in general characterized by their wing configuration. The most important
  31. By the government. There are no railways, ports,or airports for fixed-wing, aircraft ,in Andorra. There are, however,heliports in La Massage, Arinsal and
  32. Aircraft (such as the V-22 Osprey),tilting, tailsitter, and Coleoptera, aircraft ,have their rotors/propellers horizontal for vertical flight and vertical for
  33. Is capable of flying much higher. Rotorcraft, or rotary-wing, aircraft , use a spinning rotor with airfoil section blades (a rotary wing) to provide
  34. Then the surrounding air. When the weight of this is added to the weight of the, aircraft ,structure, it adds up to the same weight as the air that the craft displaces.
  35. So that a reaction occurs (by Newton's laws of motion) to push the, aircraft ,upwards. This dynamic movement through the air is the origin of the term
  36. Case. Fixed-wing Airplanes or airplanes are technically called fixed-wing, aircraft , The forerunner of the fixed-wing aircraft is the kite. Whereas a fixed-wing
  37. Lift, the aircraft directs its engine thrust vertically downward. V/STOL, aircraft , such as the Harrier Jump Jet and F-35B take off and land vertically using
  38. Of lift. The human activity that surrounds aircraft is called aviation. Manned, aircraft ,are flown by an onboard pilot. Unmanned aerial vehicles may be remotely
  39. Atlantic took place. *In 1919,the American NC-4 became the first fixed-wing, aircraft ,(seaplane) to cross the Atlantic (though it made a couple of landings on
  40. Born 1952) Military * Atlas Aircraft Corporation, a South African military, aircraft ,manufacturer, formerly known as Atlas Aviation ** Atlas Onyx, a medium-sized
  41. Surfaces. Some people consider wing-in-ground-effect vehicles to be fixed-wing, aircraft , Others do not. These craft" fly" close to the surface of the ground or water
  42. Using general aviation aircraft such as the Cessna Caravan, the most popular, aircraft ,in use in the state. Much of this service can be attributed to the Alaska
  43. Be unpowered as well as powered. Heavier than air – anodynes Heavier-than-air, aircraft ,must find some way to push air or gas downwards, so that a reaction occurs (by
  44. Rocket thrust as the primary means of lift. The human activity that surrounds, aircraft ,is called aviation. Manned aircraft are flown by an onboard pilot. Unmanned
  45. Atlas Air, a cargo airline based in Purchase, New York * Atlas Aviation,an, aircraft ,maintenance firm in Florida, USA * Atlas Blue, a low-cost airline based in
  46. Was originally any hemostat, while the term airship was used for large, powered, aircraft , designs – usually fixed-wing – though none had yet been built. The advent of
  47. In Timeout. It is home to various missiles, avionics,aviation materials and, aircraft ,that have served in the Turkish Air Force (e.g. combat aircraft such as the
  48. Dihedral angle – positive, zero,or negative (cathedral). A variable geometry, aircraft ,can change its wing configuration during flight. A flying wing has no fuselage
  49. A lifting body is the opposite of a flying wing. In this configuration the, aircraft ,body is shaped to produce lift. If there are any wings, they are too small to
  50. By the Atlas Aircraft Corporation of South Africa ** Atlas Cheetah, a fighter, aircraft ,of the South African Air Force ** Atlas Carver, a South African military jet

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