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  1. Of what a corporate culture should look like in organizational hierarchy (, flat ,versus tall, casual versus formal attire, etc.). Other highly successful firms
  2. Are located in southeastern Alberta, where the Red Deer River crosses the, flat ,prairie and farmland, and features deep canyons and striking landforms.
  3. Is interpreted as a semiarid environment with distinct wet and dry seasons, and, flat , floodplains. Vegetation varied from river-lining forests of conifers, tree
  4. He moved from the elegant accommodation at the Hotel Cecil to his own luxury, flat ,at 67–69 Chancery Lane. There, Crowley would prepare two different rooms: one
  5. Argentina, and Brazil basins. The deep ocean floor is thought to be fairly, flat ,with occasional deeps, abyssal plains, trenches,seamounts, basins,plateaus
  6. And once well set can develop high resistance. Its light weight and compact, flat ,design make it easy to retrieve and relatively easy to store; some anchor
  7. Version was visually different from its predecessor in that it eliminated the, flat ,silver back, and large antenna square for a curved glossy black or white back.
  8. 1863 * Halitosis walallensis Stairs,1899 – the northern green abalone or, flat ,abalone – synonym: Halitosis fulgent var. Walallensis Stairs,1899 An abbess (
  9. And internal change. These artistic standards—simple lines, shapes,and, flat ,areas of color combined with the characteristic flat projection of figures with
  10. Some supersonic missiles obtain lift from the airflow over a tubular body. The, flat ,bodies of recent jet fighters also produce lift, as in the F-14 Tomcat's "
  11. A rugged section with steep mountain-sides, deep narrow coves and valleys, and, flat , mountain-tops. Its elevations range from. In the remainder of this region, the
  12. Of their convenience,Amsterdam's small size, the 400 km of bike paths,the, flat ,terrain, and the arguable inconvenience of driving an automobile. Education
  13. Abstract Expressionist movement and used it as a way to understand and justify, flat ,(non-illusionistic) abstract painting: After Greenberg, several important art
  14. Stir-fries. In Mexico the seeds are known as Games. Games or Hayes are the, flat , green pods of an acacia tree. The pods are sometimes light green or deep red
  15. Alex meets a pair of underage girls and takes them back to his parents ', flat , where he administers hard drugs and then rapes them. That evening, Alex finds
  16. Observed at three places 1000 LI apart and the assumption that the Earth is, flat , In the 2nd century CE, Ptolemy estimated the mean distance of the sun as 1,210
  17. Boxes containing more than of lunar surface material to the LM hatch using a, flat ,cable pulley device called the Lunar Equipment Conveyor. Armstrong reminded
  18. And Xavier University School of Medicine. Geography Aruba is a generally, flat , riverless island in the Leeward Antilles island arc of the Lesser Antilles.
  19. With a few trees) and east of Markov it moves into the Andy lowlands (very, flat ,treeless tundra with lakes and bogs). The drop from Markov to the sea is less
  20. The ring with the electromagnetic fields they generate acting to keep the ring, flat , General properties: # Display aromaticity. # The carbon-hydrogen ratio is high
  21. By spinning wing-shaped rotors sometimes called rotary wings. A wing is a, flat , horizontal surface, usually shaped in cross-section as an airfoil. To fly
  22. Behaviour, and strains within the gang become apparent. At home in his dreary, flat , Alex plays classical music at top volume while fantasizing of even more
  23. Waterproofing products, including production of roofing felt and for sealing, flat ,roofs. The terms asphalt and bitumen are often used interchangeably to mean
  24. Site was selected in part because it had been characterized as relatively, flat ,and smooth by the automated Ranger 8 and Surveyor 5 landers along with the
  25. Leaves form a rosette at the base of the plant, and are alternate, distichous, flat , sessile, simple,linear or Lancelot, and parallel veined, with entire
  26. For use aboard landing craft. It uses a stock at the crown to which two large, flat ,triangular flukes are attached. The stock is hinged so the flukes can orient
  27. Then strength or hardness. A thin layer of aluminum can be deposited onto a, flat ,surface by physical vapor deposition or (very infrequently) chemical vapor
  28. On the south and west by Iran and Turkey. The terrain is mostly mountainous and, flat , with fast flowing rivers and few forests but with many trees. The climate is
  29. Then, resulting from the projection of the base of the tetrahedron onto a, flat ,plane. However, the torsion angle between a given hydrogen atom attached to the
  30. By a shot to the opposite corner. Agassi's service speed when hitting a, flat ,first serve would range between. His second serve usually was a heavy" kick "
  31. Becomes lower and more level toward the southwest, and in the extreme south is, flat ,and slightly elevated above the sea. The Cumberland Plateau region is
  32. There was a surge of interest, and asphalt became widely used" for pavements, flat ,roofs, and the lining of cisterns, and in England, some use of it had been made
  33. In mosaics or windows, which also presented figures in idealized, patterned (, flat ,) forms. Nevertheless, a classical realist tradition persisted in small
  34. Of the municipality is mountainous terrain. Another forty percent is semi, flat , and the other twenty percent is flat . Altitude varies from sea level to. The
  35. Lines, shapes,and flat areas of color combined with the characteristic, flat ,projection of figures with no indication of spatial depth—created a sense of
  36. Including the shell. Only red abalone may be taken; black, white,pink, and, flat , abalone are protected by law. An abalone diver is normally equipped with a
  37. Of core-and-veneer walls: two parallel load-bearing walls comprising dressed, flat ,sandstone blocks bound in clay mortar were erected. Gaps between walls were
  38. On piccolo),2 oboes, English horn,2 clarinets in B flat , bass clarinet in B, flat , 2 bassoons,4 horns in F,3 trumpets in B flat ,3 trombones, tuba,timpani
  39. AOL charged its users an hourly fee, but in October 1996 this changed to a, flat ,monthly rate of $19.95. During this time, AOL connections would be flooded with
  40. Baseline play, and excellent angles and drop shots; however, her relatively, flat , high-risk ground strokes tended to produce frequent errors, and her serve was
  41. In B flat , bass clarinet in B flat ,2 bassoons,4 horns in F,3 trumpets in B, flat , 3 trombones, tuba,timpani, snare drum, bass drum, triangle,wood block
  42. Shape is that of a cylinder with a height one-third of its diameter. The, flat ,top forms the inhabited world, which is surrounded by a circular oceanic mass.
  43. Pointillism. Lichtenstein used Ben-Day dots: they are evenly spaced and create, flat ,areas of color. Dots of this type, used in halftone printing, were originally
  44. The IJ. Amsterdam is situated 2 meters above sea level. The surrounding land is, flat ,as it is formed of large polders. To the southwest of the city lies a man-made
  45. The Revenue Act of 1861,creating the first U. S. income tax. This created a, flat ,tax of 3 percent on incomes above $800 ($ in current dollars),which was
  46. Sea. (800 km, est. ); Maritime claims:: None (landlocked); Terrain: * large, flat ,lowland (much of it below sea-level) with Great Caucasus Mountains to the
  47. Is shaken vigorously for at least one minute. It is then allowed to sit on a, flat ,surface for a day or so until the soil has settled into layers or remains in
  48. 3 flutes (3rd doubling on piccolo),2 oboes, English horn,2 clarinets in B, flat , bass clarinet in B flat ,2 bassoons,4 horns in F,3 trumpets in B flat ,3
  49. As opposed to specially created items. ** Graphic animation uses non-drawn, flat ,visual graphic material (photographs, newspaper clippings, magazines,etc.)
  50. There are no active garrison or armed forces present. Geography Anguilla is a, flat , low-lying island of coral and limestone in the Caribbean Sea, east of Puerto

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