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  1. Identical records of 7-6-1 in the AFL East Division. There was no tie-breaker, protocol ,in place, so a one game playoff was held in War Memorial Stadium in December.
  2. Family of probability distributions, then the statistician may specify (in the, protocol ,for the experiment or observational study) that the responses be transformed
  3. Private Network Node Interface or Private Network-to-Network Interface (NNI), protocol , NNI uses the same shortest-path-first algorithm used by OSPF and IS-IS to
  4. China, and South Africa. While no arms shipment to the government violated the, protocol , no country informed the U. N. Register on Conventional Weapons as required.
  5. Problem by defining ATAPI, the " ATA Packet Interface ". ATAPI is actually a, protocol ,allowing the ATA interface to carry SCSI commands and responses; therefore all
  6. Of B. C., seldom used in English * Architecture for Control Networks, a network, protocol ,for theatrical control * Australian Company Number, a number issued by the
  7. Theory * AM (complexity),a complexity class based on an Arthur–Merlin, protocol ,* Automated Mathematician, an artificial intelligence program * Against Me!, a
  8. Only the Sharp ASK protocol , but later also IRA, though the Sharp ASK, protocol ,was kept in for compatibility reasons. Unlike the Palm Pilot, all Newton
  9. Negotiations broke down in 2005,when neither side could agree on the research, protocol ,and the research project was cancelled. More progress has been made on the
  10. Delivery Protocol DDP was the lowest-level data-link-independent transport, protocol , It provided a data gram service with no guarantees of delivery. All
  11. Are randomly assigned to experimental units, following the experimental, protocol , This randomization is objective and declared before the experiment is carried
  12. Protocol, a 1994 peace accord that ultimately failed to end the civil war. The, protocol ,prohibited UNITS from buying foreign arms, a provision the United Nations
  13. Some early ATAPI devices were simply SCSI devices with an ATA/ATAPI to SCSI, protocol ,converter added on. The SCSI commands and responses are embedded in" packets "
  14. Well-known numbers were reserved for special purposes specific to the Applejack, protocol ,itself. Apart from these, all application-level protocol s were expected to use
  15. Every clock cycle is used to transfer end-user data. In practice, of course, protocol ,overhead reduces this value. Congestion on the host bus to which the ATA
  16. Of output - 107-mm rockets and the national rifle, possibly the Mehmetçik-1. A, protocol ,of intent was signed the same day with the Mechanical and Chemical Industry
  17. Making the system completely self-configuring. The Applejack address resolution, protocol ,(AARP) allowed Applejack hosts to automatically generate their own network
  18. Alternative abbreviation for a Master's degree in Arts * Arthur–Merlin, protocol , an interactive proof system in computational complexity theory * AM (
  19. Was a major developer of the Samba software, analysing the Server Message Block, protocol ,used for workgroup and network file sharing by Microsoft Windows products. He
  20. From a router. Each node dynamically chose its own node number, according to a, protocol ,(originally the Locally Link Access Protocol LAP and later the Applejack
  21. As AppleS hare, and included basic Applejack features as the default network, protocol ,in later releases of" classic" macOS (System). With the introduction of
  22. The Apple Filing Protocol (AFP),formerly Applejack Filing Protocol, is the, protocol ,for communicating with AppleS hare file servers. Built on top of Applejack
  23. Released the Columbia Applejack Package (CAP) which implemented the, protocol ,suite for various Unix flavors including Matrix, SunOS, *BSD and IRIS. This
  24. Was discontinued by CA in 2007. Group Logic continues to bundle its Applejack, protocol ,with its ExtremeZ-IP server software for Macintosh-Windows integration which
  25. Through an open source project called Neatly, which implements the complete, protocol ,suite and allows them to both act as native file or print servers for Macintosh
  26. Begin disengaging even before the firefight has been won. In the past, accepted, protocol , was to check bodies for intelligence, take prisoners, and 'treat' any wounded
  27. Determine whether the media is present, and these were not provided in the ATA, protocol , The Small Form Factor committee approached this problem by defining ATAPI, the
  28. Astronaut Mat tingly and many engineers and designers, had to invent a new, protocol ,to do this with the ship's limited power supply and time factor. This was
  29. Layer and higher Asynchronous communication at the data link layer or higher, protocol ,layers is known as statistical multiplexing or packet mode communication, for
  30. Statisticians base ANOVA on the design of the experiment, especially on the, protocol ,that specifies the random assignment of treatments to subjects; the protocol 's
  31. With Turkey. Turkish Defense Minister Verdi Goal and Saver Jamal signed a, protocol ,of intent on future joint production of two types of output - 107-mm rockets
  32. And how far away it thought they were. Zone Information Protocol ZIP was the, protocol ,by which Applejack network numbers were associated with zone names. A zone was
  33. Physical layer In asynchronous serial communication at the physical, protocol ,layer, the data blocks are code words of a certain word length, for example
  34. ATAPI devices are also" speaking ATA ", as the ATA physical interface and, protocol ,are still being used to send the packets. On the other hand, ATA hard drives
  35. Initial default hardware implementation for Applejack was a high-speed serial, protocol ,known as Locally that used the Macintosh's built-in RS-422 ports at 230.4
  36. HELIOS Software GmbH offers a proprietary implementation of the Applejack, protocol ,stack, as part of their HELIOS UB2 server. This is essentially a File and Print
  37. Job was that it was busy with. Routing Table Maintenance Protocol RTMP was the, protocol ,by which routers kept each other informed about the topology of the network.
  38. Apple Computer's system profiler * Applejack Session Protocol, a session layer, protocol ,used by the Applejack suite of protocol s * ASP Linux, Russian Fedora Core-based
  39. Protocol that specifies the random assignment of treatments to subjects; the, protocol ,'s description of the assignment mechanism should include a specification of
  40. Applejack Transaction Protocol ATP was the original reliable transport-level, protocol ,for Applejack, built on top of DDP. At the time it was being developed, a full
  41. Data Stream Protocol This was a comparatively late addition to the Applejack, protocol ,suite, done when it became clear that a TCP-style reliable connection-oriented
  42. Company Acorn Computers * Alcatel Business Communications, a telecommunications, protocol ,* Standoff–Berry Computer, an early electronic digital computer Economics *
  43. That uses A. I. techniques. * OpenAI, a routing and communication, protocol ,based on a publish-subscribe architecture, built especially for A. I. research.
  44. The first US space station *Asynchronous Transfer Mode, telecommunications, protocol , used in networking *Ataxia telangiectasia mutated, protein kinase that plays a
  45. Agreed to its license, he couldn't violate it, and was merely analyzing the, protocol ,ethically, as he had done with Samba. Tridgell's involvement in the project
  46. Model. Design The Applejack design rigorously followed the OSI model of, protocol ,layering. Unlike most of the early LAN systems, AppleTalk was not built using
  47. Use ATM as an intermediate layer between the physical link layer and a Layer 2, protocol , like PPP or Ethernet. At these lower speeds, ATM provides a useful ability to
  48. Have been deprecated. Applejack Session Protocol ASP was an intermediate, protocol , built on top of ATP, which in turn was the foundation of AFP. It provided
  49. GDP. At the time it was being developed, a full, reliable connection-oriented, protocol ,like TCP was considered to be too expensive to implement for most of the
  50. All Newton devices have infrared connectivity, initially only the Sharp ASK, protocol , but later also IRA, though the Sharp ASK protocol was kept in for

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