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  1. Or which might place Turkish Cypriots in situations where they would have to, acknowledge ,the authority of Government agents. Indeed, since the Turkish Cypriot
  2. Of the Church of England. The canon law of the Church of England states," We, acknowledge ,that the Queen’s most excellent Majesty, acting according to the laws of the
  3. Given under inspiration from God through the Holy Spirit. Members of the church, acknowledge ,(sustain) them regularly as prophets, seers,and revelatory—this is done
  4. Difficult to resolve from Babbage's writings due to Babbage's tendency not to, acknowledge ,(either orally or in writing) the influence of other people in his work.
  5. China and Japan has been strained at times by Japan's perceived refusal to, acknowledge ,its wartime past to the satisfaction of the PRC. Revisionist comments made by
  6. Are 172 cities in Romania, and the minimum requirements for a settlement to be, acknowledge ,as an iii-3rd rank city status are: *Network of drinking water coverage for
  7. Were still uniquely divided over the results and appropriate memorials to, acknowledge ,the occasion. Name" 150 Years Later Remembering the American Civil/NP"> War"/>
  8. Wood, quite insufficient for its purposes. " The Cadillac court was willing to, acknowledge ,that the case law supported exceptions for" an article dangerous in its nature
  9. Ethiopian Orthodox Toothed Church and the Eritrean Orthodox Toothed Church do, acknowledge ,the Honorary Supremacy of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria, since
  10. Of Buckingham Palace and contains the balcony from which the Royal Family, acknowledge ,the crowds on momentous occasions and annually after Trooping the Color. The
  11. Did not acknowledge the test results of involved government agencies, but did, acknowledge ,the similar results of another study. Audi subsequently offered increased
  12. That supplemented the benefits of daily tooth brushing. However, many studies, acknowledge ,that Chlorhexidine remains the most effective mouthwash when used on an already
  13. My junior brother," which Achebe criticized him for, though Achebe seems to, acknowledge ,that Schweitzer's use of the word" brother" at all was, for a European of
  14. That its influence would be beneficial to society. On the contrary, he must, acknowledge , if he will acknowledge anything, that all human life must perish, were his
  15. The base, the very existence of which the U. S. government did not even, acknowledge ,until July 14, 2003,has made it the frequent subject of conspiracy theories
  16. And the hetaireiarches Constantine Triptychs. Alexios II was compelled to, acknowledge ,Androids as colleague in the empire and was then quickly put to death in turn
  17. King Charles II of England. English mediation in 1661 saw the Netherlands, acknowledge ,Portuguese rule of Brazil in return for uncontested control of Sri Lanka. In
  18. Grew up, he should move the rock and bring the weapons to his father, who would, acknowledge ,him. Upon his return to Athens, Aegeus married Medea, who had fled from Corinth
  19. Died in August 1982; subsequently, a CCD chip was placed on his tombstone to, acknowledge ,his contribution. In January 2006,Boyle and Smith were awarded the National
  20. Be beneficial to society. On the contrary, he must acknowledge , if he will, acknowledge ,anything, that all human life must perish, were his principles universally and
  21. 杭州). The Southern Song Dynasty also suffered the humiliation of having to, acknowledge ,the Jin Dynasty as formal overlords. In the ensuing years, China was divided
  22. And Rabbinical Judaism since the founding of Christianity. Christians, acknowledge ,the roots of Christianity in Judaism. Some claim the entirety of Jewish
  23. Object, an idea further developed by the Symbolism Verlaine and Mallarme, who, acknowledge , Baudelaire as a pioneer in this regard. Beyond his innovations in versification
  24. Of creation. Self-centeredness made Adam and Eve eat of it, thus failing to, acknowledge ,and respect the world as it was created by God, with its hierarchy of beings
  25. Were called Cephalic because they had no lands by virtue of which they could, acknowledge ,a superior lord. Anthony (Dresden,27 December 1755 – Dresden,6 June 1836)
  26. Favorite theme of Dick's novels). Strikingly, the characters in Ada seem to, acknowledge ,their own world as the copy or negative version, calling it" Anti-Terra "
  27. Finest (1931,1937,1964,1970). Both Bruno de Finetti and Frank P. Ramsey, acknowledge ,their debts to pragmatic philosophy, particularly (for Ramsey) to Charles S.
  28. To produce sons. In distinction to such systems, modern Western laws do not, acknowledge ,the legal status of concubines, and recognize only monogamous marriages. Any
  29. Jefferson Park. Since 1968,the Joseph Jefferson Awards are given annually to, acknowledge ,excellence in theater in the Chicago area. Classical music offerings include
  30. Humor, stating that it transformed" stupidity into a crusade, forcing us to, acknowledge ,how little it really takes to make us laugh. " In 1997 Ted Drozdowski of The
  31. And daughter better quarters and permission to see each other if they would, acknowledge ,Anne Boleyn as his new Queen. Both refused. In late December 1535,sensing her
  32. In architecture. A wide variety of prizes are awarded to architects to, acknowledge ,superior buildings, structures and professional careers. Prizes, awards,and
  33. In time for the end of the opera, but Mahagonny god does not. He does not even, acknowledge ,that Jimmy is tied up and ready to be killed, but at least tries to fix the
  34. Changed in 735 because of the death of Do the Great, who had been forced to, acknowledge , albeit reservedly, the suzerainty of Charles in 719. Though Charles wished to
  35. Was a problem, and,often, that the current element should be sent again. The, acknowledge ,character (ACK) is normally used as a flag to indicate no problem detected
  36. Including cancers of the lung, larynx and prostate. The judges failed to, acknowledge ," the relationship between the chemical and peripheral neuropathy, the disease
  37. Floor, linked via a hose to a hole drilled into the transmission. CBS did not, acknowledge ,the test results of involved government agencies, but did acknowledge the
  38. Parliament adopted a Petition of Right on 26 May, calling upon the king to, acknowledge ,that he could not levy taxes without Parliament's consent, impose martial law
  39. RU),a reserved device control (DC0),synchronous idle (SYNC),and, acknowledge ,(ACK). These were positioned to maximize the Hamming distance between their
  40. CAN) signalled that the previous element should be discarded. The negative, acknowledge ,character (NAK) is a definite flag for, usually,noting that reception was a
  41. The home front genre. " Another controversy centers on his alleged refusal to, acknowledge ,Japan's wartime guilt. In one of Kurosawa’s last films, Rhapsody in August, an
  42. No hope of recovering New England. But the King was still determined" never to, acknowledge ,the independence of the Americans, and to punish their contumacy by the
  43. Kings were generally prepared to renounce this claim if the French would, acknowledge ,the English claim on Aquitaine and other French lands (the terms of the Treaty
  44. Addis Ababa and all Ethiopia, and the Patriarchate of Asmara and all Eritrea do, acknowledge ,the supremacy of honor and dignity of the Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria on
  45. Of Native American tribes to Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). Historians, acknowledge ,his protection of popular democracy and individual liberty for United States
  46. The end of the 19th century, traditional scholarship dealing with the Celts did, acknowledge ,their presence in the Iberian Peninsula as a material culture relatable to the
  47. When the Umayyads invaded Provence the next year, and who equally was forced to, acknowledge ,Charles as overlord as he had no hope of holding off the Muslims alone. This
  48. Diagram. While the scheme largely ignores soil and sun exposure, Holdridge did, acknowledge ,that these, too,were important factors in biome determination. Whittaker's
  49. And that they have their roots in the Apostolic Church of Alexandria, and, acknowledge , that Saint Mark the Apostle is the founder of their Churches through the
  50. Statements of Anderson and England, however,prompted the church to officially, acknowledge ,the existence of the Committee. The Church explained that the Committee "

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