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  1. The publication of The Canadian Unitarian in Ottawa from 1940 to 1946,a small, newsletter ,distributed with the newsletter s of Canadian churches. After the Second World
  2. More votes than the candidate for the continuing Social Democrats. The OMR LP, newsletter ,for June 1990 released by Alan Hope said" What is going on? " And Such
  3. Coverage is provided by Longer News Service, a daily independent political, newsletter , Radio Columbus is home to the 36th largest radio market. The following box
  4. Products and product discounts, insurance premium discounts, and the Hog Tales, newsletter , A one-year full membership is included with the purchase of a new
  5. Brewery in Usher street in 1782 published an advertisement in the Saunders, newsletter ,in 1798. They were brewing porter under the supervision of Mr Charles Page of
  6. Eventually – in August 1954 – accepting a position with a diplomatic, newsletter ,called the Fleet Street Letter. Lacking access to material of value, and out of
  7. To become unusable or cease operation entirely. FidoNews is the, newsletter ,of the Fishnet community. Affectionately nicknamed" The Snooze ", it is
  8. Support each other and advocate Deism. The Deist Alliance has its own quarterly, newsletter ,that is written by members and readers. In 2009 the World Union of Deists
  9. Libertarian platform. He has also written for the Libertarian Party's national, newsletter , On October 31, 2004,Dave Barry announced that he would be taking an
  10. Practices within the communications industry. Resources include a free monthly, newsletter ,; templates and how-to guides available to members; evaluation services; and
  11. By pausing to pray. The company also responded to these criticisms in an online, newsletter , stating," There is no violence, only conflict," and," The most successful
  12. For free download. For many years, North has been the author/editor of the, newsletter ,The Remnant Review. More recently, he has also edited Gary North's Reality
  13. Abolished its print edition in November 2010 and now exists as a digital daily, newsletter ,only. Two national daily newspapers are circulated in the city: The Australian
  14. Share technical content with subscribers on a regular basis. The Under the Brim, newsletter ,and Wide Open magazine merged in November 2004 to become Red Hat Magazine. Red
  15. He started http://scripting.com/davenet Wavelet," a stream-of-consciousness, newsletter ,distributed by e-mail" in November 1994 and maintained Web archives of the "
  16. Where he was approached about contributing to Lucasarts' new quarterly, newsletter , The Adventurer, a publication designed to inform customers about upcoming
  17. Has been used in a wide variety of contexts and for many and varied purposes. A, newsletter ,titled" Quote-Quad" dedicated to APL has been published since the 1970s by
  18. Actual store. *June 2007: some prospective customers took offense at an email, newsletter , The BRUNKRISSLA bedding notes said," Brightens up your grad's dorm. Unlike a
  19. Disputes. Ásatrú Alliance, headed by Calgary Murray, publishes the" VOR True ", newsletter , The Ásatrú Alliance held its 25th annual" Alt hing" gathering in 2005.
  20. Productivity of debt, which it came to be called after his death. Financial, newsletter ,writer Alan M. Newman has periodically updated a debt/GDP graph and has also
  21. Speakers of the language. According to the first issue of William Seymore's, newsletter ," The Apostolic Faith," from 1906: Par ham and his early followers believed
  22. Was a pre-existing word from Usenet that Adams popularized through his, newsletter , Similarly," Individual" gained popularity through the newsletter , though it
  23. Of the individuals involved have moved on to other companies or efforts. The, newsletter ,was abandoned, and the Users' Group no longer holds yearly meetings. EDIT 3 0
  24. The organisation's primary work is production of a quarterly informational, newsletter , The NTF also maintains a list of ITF medical advisors, and facilitates the
  25. Of surveys conducted to assess compliance is available from the Board's, newsletter ,http://www.access-board.gov/news/Access%20Currents/General. Cfm Access Currents
  26. Prize committees. Publications Every two months IMU publishes an electronic, newsletter , IMU-Net, that aims to improve communication between IMU and the worldwide
  27. Pregnancies and self-induced abortions, she started publishing a monthly, newsletter , The Woman Rebel, in which she coined the term birth control. Sanger's
  28. Thackeray continues to publish inflammatory editorials in his party's, newsletter , Seaman (Confrontation). On 11 November 2009,Thackeray published an
  29. In addition to the Intelligence Report, the SPLC publishes the Deathwatch Weekly, newsletter ,that follows racism and extremism, and the Hate watch blog whose subtitle is "
  30. To work closely with Theodore Kirkpatrick of the anti-communist Counterattack, newsletter , Sullivan would check with Kirkpatrick if a potential guest had some "
  31. Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University, wrote in the Leopold Letter (, newsletter ,): Carver worked on improving soils, growing crops with low inputs, and using
  32. The need to increased understanding between scientists and lawmakers in its, newsletter ,on Science and Technology in Congress," Although most individuals would agree
  33. PR Watch editor Sheldon Hampton. Spin of the Day In addition to archives of the, newsletter , the PR Watch website also offers daily reporting on public relations
  34. The Work User's Group (ZUG). Donnybrook also started Infocom's customer, newsletter ,called The New Work Times to discuss game hints and preview and showcase new
  35. Of the MacCaig sports association. At that time the movement's underground, newsletter , Ha'Matsuda (the Fortress) also began publication, expressing the active
  36. Him a Cool Site of the Day award in March 1995. From the start, the " Internet, newsletter ," Wavelet was widely read among industry leaders and analysts, who experienced
  37. Females in restroom queues PR Watch is a website, and until 2008 a quarterly, newsletter , whose stated mission is to expose deceptive and misleading public relations
  38. Stephen McAllen, a former U. S. Army Airborne Ranger, began publishing a, newsletter ,titled The Rune stone. He also formed an organization called the Ásatrú Free
  39. Hardcore matinées and organized several benefit concerts. The group published a, newsletter , and released a compilation LP on Mystic Records in 1986,which was entitled
  40. Leave morally and physically fit to lick 'Old Man Depression,'" boasted the, newsletter ,of a North Carolina camp. Minorities The total of 200,000 African-American
  41. Rather than an" indictment of Neo pets security practices ". In an on-site, newsletter ,for players, Neopets denied the report and claimed that the site's security
  42. Some industry leaders and open source people. The company originally produced a, newsletter ,called Under the Brim. Wide Open magazine first appeared in March 2004 as a
  43. The next year or so for a U. S. and UK tour," he told Disney's Backstage Pass, newsletter , " You're always hearing all those great songs on the radio, in commercials
  44. Sponsor conferences on molecular nanotechnology, publish reports, and produce a, newsletter , The Foresight Institute has several running prizes, including the annual
  45. By humorist Newton Newark, The Linville Bugle was a parody of a hillbilly, newsletter ,filled with gossipy tidbits, minstrel quips, creative spelling, and mock ads. A
  46. Diplomacy, has been played by mail since the 1960s,starting with a printed, newsletter ,(a fanzine) written by John Boardman. More complex games, moderated entirely
  47. His newsletter . Similarly," Individual" gained popularity through the, newsletter , though it was coined by a reader. Steel is an alloy that consists mostly of
  48. Environment),lightweight Grid framework developed by CERN Other * Aliens,the, newsletter ,of the Invasive Species Specialist Group of the International Union for
  49. Way. In 1980,Purcell began to produce Sam & Max comic strips for the weekly, newsletter ,of the California College of Arts and Crafts. Whilst the visual appearance of
  50. Conjecture. The bare facts are that on 28 July an anonymous advisor (private, newsletter ,) from Rome to the ducal court of Urban reported that Caravaggio was dead.

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