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  1. And identity as a younger version of King the Conqueror is referenced in the MC, chris , song " NORAD Grrr ":" Want to conquer her like King, When you kiss like Cassie
  2. Titch School of the Arts. He self releases with no current record label. Mc, chris , originally performed with The Lee Majors (aka Dirt Bike Annie). Sometimes
  3. Effective axiomatization, tolerance is equivalent to \Sigma_1-consistency. Mc, chris , ( born Christopher Brendan Ward IV on September 2,1975,Libreville, Illinois
  4. 1953),British http://www.musiciansgallery.com/start/woodwind/oboes/oneal (, chris , ). Htm *Eric Olsson, American http://www.music.fsu.edu/ohlsson.htm *Alexei
  5. She collaborated with her husband Chris to produce, which was illustrated by, chris , Personal life Lisa married her husband Chris Taylor in 2001 after they met at
  6. Reprises her role. Popular culture references * X-23 is referenced in the MC, chris , song " NORAD Grrr ":" X-23 and Hellion, odd couple, to be kind" Collected
  7. Quotes" The wizard needs food badly" and" The Wizard is about to die ". Mc, chris , based the background for" The Russian" on the intro music to Gauntlet II. In
  8. A version of Gigantic on her album Double Standards in 2008. Nerd core rapper MC, chris , sampled the track on his song Drinking' Blunts on his album, mc Chris Goes to
  9. To fill with blood. Popular culture references *Elixir is referenced in the MC, chris , song," NORAD Grrr ":" She's more like a wallflower, Like the one that
  10. Hinton, from Too Much Joy. During the early phase of the career of rapper MC, chris , Dirt Bike Annie commonly played as his backing band under the stage name The
  11. Of his nerdy appearance, and affiliation with nerd core artists. Rapper MC, chris , when he had a bad rep with other nerd core artists, said of Dangerously:" The
  12. To: *Chris Ward, American rapper and television performer, better known as MC, chris , *Chris Ward (Social Entrepreneur),Chairman of Blue Dot World *Chris Ward (
  13. The Nightwatchman *Maureen Herman, bassist for the band Babes in Toy land *MC, chris , rapper, voice actor, and improvisational comedian *Christopher Hall, former
  14. Nerdcore label for most of his career, preferring to describe his style as" MC, chris , music " as well as expressing concern over limiting himself to such narrow
  15. Block, Adult Swim, on March 3,2002. Welcome to Blainville features MC, chris , who had recently started working under the Adult Swim brand through Space
  16. Inc.) Appearance in popular culture *Punk Rock Academy was covered by MC, chris , for his 2009 album Apple Tummy *Throughout the four seasons of the television
  17. The fight. Popular culture references *Wallflower is referenced in the MC, chris , song " NORAD Grrr ":" She's more like a wallflower, Like the one that
  18. The recording of" think tank" but after only 5 days was asked by then manager, chris , morrison not to go back into the studio as the other members of the band had
  19. Opened for them include My Chemical Romance, The Dresden Dolls, Rasputina, mc, chris , Peter Pepper, The Birthday Massacre, Tub Ring and Dog Fashion Disco. In
  20. The third album released by rapper MC Chris. It was released in 2004 during MC, chris , 's first tour. In 2005,the album was re-released on DC Flag Records with
  21. Is unknown. Eating's Not Cheating is the third album released by rapper MC, chris , It was released in 2004 during MC chris 's first tour. In 2005,the album was
  22. By The Fiery Furnaces from the album" EP" *"Evergreen ", a song by rapper MC, chris , originally released on his 2004 album" Eating's Not Cheating" *"Evergreen "
  23. Team who set the state record in 1985 at the state championships Joseph Taylor, chris , taylor troy Ricky victor Shackleton. The Baumé law was a statute passed by New
  24. Gabriel García Márquez. Rank: Lieutenant Commander * Hash Hepplewhite (MC, chris , ) - is the station's reactor operator and is quite often the whipping boy as
  25. Leaving the band. Their last show together was on May 3,2005,opening for MC, chris , Lee left the band first, and Pa quin decided to leave shortly thereafter. The
  26. Often expressing nerd themes with pride and humor. Notable artists include MC, chris , MC Plus+, MC Hawking, MC Lars, MC Paul Barman, and MC Frontal. The term
  27. In celebration of the release of the 2007 Transformers movie, rapper MC, chris , did a cover of Dare to Be Stupid and released it on his MySpace for download.
  28. Some images from BGC also were used in the CCG Ani-Mayhem. * Nerd core Rapper MC, chris , references Bubblegum Crisis in his song Japanese Maid stating" She could be my
  29. On April 13th 2011 Nova 106.9FM has an official number 1 fan who was named ", chris , Swan " With his very own exclusive nova's biggest fan jumper Within 6 months
  30. Film starring Hess and various other nerd core artists such as MC, chris , Optimum Rhyme and MC Lars with contributors such as" Weird Al" Markovic
  31. Rapper MC Chris sampled the track on his song Drinking' Blunts on his album, mc, chris , Goes to Hell. Notes and references External links
  32. That he will be working on a new cartoon this upcoming summer called The MC, chris , Cartoon,and plans to work in conjunction with Titmouse Inc., the creators of
  33. References * Hellion and his relationship with X-23 is referenced in the MC, chris , song " NORAD Grrr ":" X-23 and Hellion, odd couple, to be kind" External
  34. Eating out ". The album photo is a picture of a tongue. Track listing #" MC, chris , ownz" #" badass" #" tractor beam" #" robot dog" #" evergreen" # "
  35. And The Eskimos, self-professed " professional hardcore gangster rapper" MC, chris , pianists Martin Lung and Connie Lin, nerdcore hip hopper MC Frontal, and
  36. To the station and they share a long, loving kiss. Sid's cousin Francine asks, chris , out while he was badly trying to. In the end chis song is playing it returns to
  37. Rap glorifying Star Wars character Boba Fett and his bounty hunting skills. Mc, chris , can also be seen in the live-action skit prior to the playing of" ... Bette ":
  38. Of Bowling for Soup) – 3:44 #" The Roommate from Hell" ( featuring MC, chris , ) – 3:18 #" 21 Concepts" – 2:49 #" Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock" ( featuring
  39. The first battle. Popular culture references *Cassie is referenced in the MC, chris , song " NORAD Grrr ":" Want to conquer her like King, When you kiss like Cassie
  40. The voice of Oglethorpe, and Mike Schatz provides the voice of Emory. Mc, chris , who has a history of voicing characters on Adult Swim shows, provides the
  41. Links Knowing is Half the Hassle is the second album released by rapper MC, chris , It was released in 2003. The cover features Hexagram 63 from the I Ching. It
  42. London Ltd. ),2000 External links * http://www.softopia.demon.co.uk john, chris , jones' website * http://www.indiana.edu/~iucdp/jonesbib. HTML John Christoph
  43. Series title. Mike O'Malley is also mentioned in several songs by rapper MC, chris , Personal life O'Malley was born in Boston, Massachusetts,and raised in Nashua
  44. Chris Hanson 2.0 rich has an inspecting caller talking to a prerecorded, chris , hanson who says all sort of messed up things completely hilarious. \ Incubus the
  45. Spelled as" Robitussin" to avoid trademark issues) is referenced in the MC, chris , song " The Russian (Robitussin) ". Russian, an off-brand of Robitussin, was the
  46. System. Life's a Bitch, and I'm Her Pimp is a hip hop album by artist MC, chris , released in 2001. This album was briefly available in a CD edition, with a
  47. In the show's first episode," Abbot ". Although Carl was voiced by MC, chris , as an eight-year-old in" Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future "
  48. By Reuben (We Should Have Gone To University),“ Hoodie Ninja” by MC, chris , ( " MC Chris is dead" )," Imaginary Ninjas" by Vince Nicola (Falling off a
  49. Her voodoo doll of Bill, out of anger towards him. * Ward Willougbhy (MC, chris , ) - A small boy disliked by the other characters, seen as unlucky and accident
  50. For those who wanted to burn and distribute the CD. On November 30, 2007,MC, chris , announced on his message board that

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