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  1. Star, the organization built to support him. *1934 – Adolf Hitler becomes the, supreme ,leader of Germany by joining the offices of President and Chancellor into
  2. Constitutional Court The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the, supreme , final arbiter of legal matters. It is composed of nine members: four members
  3. Sea, and certainly through Talks, north-east of Tashkent. On arrival at the, supreme ,Mongol court — either that on the My river (near Lake Alamo and the present
  4. In effective command of the military forces until Emperor Karl I took the, supreme ,command himself in late 1916 and dismissed Conrad von Bettendorf in 1917.
  5. Of gods, without losing his importance. With Arena and Indra he is one of the, supreme ,gods in the Rig Veda. The link between heaven and earth, the deities and the
  6. Primarily reviews the decisions of the intermediate courts. A jurisdiction's, supreme ,court is that jurisdiction's highest appellate court. Appellate courts
  7. Autonomous Community of Andalusia. Within the government, the President is the, supreme ,representative of the autonomous community, and the ordinary representative of
  8. Quotation saying 'Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but, supreme , beauty—a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture. ' The sculptor buried
  9. The Republika Srpska. The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the, supreme , final arbiter of legal matters. It is composed of nine members: four members
  10. Afterward declaring it his willing familiar)," with the idea ... that some, supreme ,violation of all the laws of my being would break down my Karma or dissolve the
  11. Wielded complete control of the land and its resources. The king was the, supreme ,military commander and head of the government, who relied on a bureaucracy of
  12. Seven times a day. The Fall of Constantinople was perhaps" the first event of, supreme ,importance whose result was determined by the use of artillery" when the huge
  13. Established the Military Committee of Recovery for National Progress as the, supreme ,governmental authority, thus eradicating the 1977 constitution. Colonel Zero
  14. Hails back to England's separation from the See of Rome, when King Henry, as, supreme , head of the newly independent church, took over all the monasteries, mainly
  15. But it was not until the foundation of the Clinic Order that the idea of a, supreme ,abbot, exercising jurisdiction over all the houses of an order, was definitely
  16. On English common law, and the Constitution of Barbados implemented in 1966,is, supreme ,law of the land. History The government has been chosen by elections since 1961
  17. And with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint ... Judges of the, supreme ,Court. " Article III of the Constitution specifies that Associate Justices, and
  18. And abetted by his assistant, Captain Darling (Tim McKinney),pencil-pusher, supreme ,and Blackadder's nemesis, whose name is played on for maximum comedy value.
  19. Courts are also called appeals courts, courts of appeals, superior courts, or, supreme , courts. Access to appellant status A party who files an appeal is called an
  20. 332); * Pittances - the dominant political figure of his time, he was voted, supreme ,power by the political assembly of Mylène and appears to have governed well (
  21. Troops,5,000 reserve troops, and 500 civilian staff. Chain of command The, supreme ,commander of the Bosnian Armed Forces is the current president of Bosnia and
  22. Events *357 – Battle of Strasbourg: Julian, Caesar (deputy emperor) and, supreme ,commander of the Roman army in Gaul, wins an important victory against the
  23. His name to Akhenaten, he touted the previously obscure sun god Ten as the, supreme ,deity, suppressed the worship of other deities, and attacked the power of the
  24. Force and rival aristocrats and their factions contended with each other for, supreme ,power. Antaeus and his older brothers were passionately involved in the
  25. Superior Justice Tribunal (Superior Tribunal de Justiça, STJ ) and the federal, supreme ,court, called the Supreme Federal Tribunal (). The STJ grants a Special Appeal
  26. In a quick Battle of Marj-al-Rahit. Meanwhile, Abu Uganda in al-Jarrah,the, supreme ,commander of Muslim armies in Syria had ordered Shurhabil in Havana to attack
  27. Is love and defiance of despair. " *" God is either of no importance, or of, supreme ,importance. " *"Self-respect is the fruit of discipline, the sense of dignity
  28. For a male of his time. Nevertheless, when he sought what he called the, supreme ,magical-mystical attainment, Crowley asked Leah Hiring to direct his ordeals
  29. Was deleted under the process of Islamization. In Islam, the name Allah is the, supreme ,and all-comprehensive divine name, and all other divine names are believed to
  30. An almost messianic belief in her son's destiny and this contributed to his, supreme ,self-confidence throughout his career. Both his parents were of Cornish origins
  31. Class which would supplant the warrior aristocracy. " So the courage and, supreme ,skill of the central characters will not prevent the ultimate destruction of
  32. Allah was used by Meccas as a reference to the creator-god, possibly the, supreme ,deity. Allah was not considered the sole divinity; however, Allah was
  33. For scientific evidence through laboratory testing is in effect asking God,the, supreme ,being, to become man’s servant. They argue that the question of God should be
  34. Universal House of Justice, first elected in 1963,remains the successor and, supreme ,governing body of the Bahá'í Faith, and its 9 members are elected every five
  35. Mention of capital. In any case, the seat of the government, parliament and, supreme ,court of the Netherlands is (and always has been,except a
  36. But instead additionally hold that karma is mediated by the will of a personal, supreme ,god. This view of karma is in contradiction to Buddhism, Jainism and other
  37. Son of Brahma, Lord of the World, King of fire gods empowered by Tikki, Whose, supreme , wisdom burns all delusion ..." Visalia Agrippina or most commonly known as
  38. Used by pagan Meccas as a reference to a creator deity, possibly the, supreme ,deity in pre-Islamic Arabia. The concepts associated with the term Allah (as a
  39. The facts of the case; at least one intermediate appellate court; and a, supreme ,court (or court of last resort) which primarily reviews the decisions of the
  40. Of trial court decisions result in appeals. Some appellate courts, particularly, supreme , courts,have the power of discretionary review, meaning that they can decide
  41. Whom alone the rights of nobility and inheritance were vested, and who had the, supreme ,control of affairs. Hence, arose the belief in the Amazons as a nation of female
  42. Are yet to win a seat in Parliament. Law The Constitution of Barbados is the, supreme ,law of the nation. The Attorney General heads the independent judiciary.
  43. Passes a constitutional amendment to make the" Qur'an and Sunnah" the ", supreme ,law" but the bill is defeated in the Senate. *2003 – An electricity blackout
  44. Eon for mankind had begun, and that Crowley would serve as its prophet. As a, supreme ,moral law, it declared" Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law ", and
  45. Part III of the 2001 Agreement Establishing a Caribbean Court of Justice. Its, supreme ,appellate court therefore remains the British Judicial Committee of the Privy
  46. Is the pivot of the Muslim faith. All these names refer to Allah,the, supreme ,and all-comprehensive divine name. Muslim discursive piety encourages beginning
  47. Priest, god,minister of sacrifice, The invoked, lavishest of wealth. He is the, supreme ,director of religious ceremonies and duties, and figures as messenger between
  48. Frenzied downpour, a driving storm. "" The final battle in Seven Samurai is a, supreme ,spiritual and physical struggle, and it is fought in a blinding rainstorm
  49. A fleet seems to imply that the Athenians where themselves convinced that a, supreme ,effort was necessary. It may be noted, in confirmation of this view, that the
  50. By 1871,rabbinic leadership in the German Reform Movement reasserted" the, supreme ,importance of circumcision in Judaism ", though those who had not been

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