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  1. Arrays, where each row may have a different size — or, in general, where the, valid ,range of each index depends on the values of all preceding indices. It also
  2. This has not stopped many genealogists from attempting to reconstruct a, valid ,line of descent for various medieval rulers. One of the most credible claims
  3. Sets. The majority of mathematicians accept the axiom of choice as a, valid ,principle for proving new results in mathematics. The debate is interesting
  4. Published in Sydney some time in the 19th century, argued that" there is no, valid ,etymological reason for the preservation of the u in such words as honor, labor
  5. Proposals are given, neither of which accept traditional" Mon–Khmer" as a, valid ,unit. However, little of the data used for competing classifications has ever
  6. For x\, in \phi\, the formula \fix_t \to \exists x \, \phi is universally, valid , Non-logical axioms Non-logical axioms are formulas that play the role of
  7. Word“ algebraic” is replaced by the word“ finite ”, then the proof is still, valid , Every endomorphic of FN has some eigenvector The field F is algebraically
  8. For an algebraically closed field with characteristic 0,then not only is it, valid ,for all other algebraically closed fields with characteristic 0,but there is
  9. The genus has a complicated taxonomy, and includes an uncertain number of, valid ,species, the best known of which is A. fragile. The bulk of Allosaurus remains
  10. Mon–Khmer and Funds. Two recent classifications have abandoned Mon–Khmer as a, valid ,node, although this is tentative and not generally accepted. Austro-Asiatic
  11. Euclidean. For much more distant objects the Euclidean approximation is not, valid , and General Relativity must be taken into account when calculating the
  12. That said that consent could take place earlier. Marriage would then be, valid ,as long as neither of the two parties annulled the marital agreement before
  13. Democracy" was coined by its detractors who rejected the possibility of a, valid ," démarche ", as the word" démarche" already existed and had the meaning of
  14. Weight against the claim of an affair. Note, however,that this argument is, valid ,only insofar as it devalues the denial; it does not bolster the original claim.
  15. Is a Greek term, meaning " star ". While 'Composite ', an older but still, valid ,name, means composite and refers to the characteristic inflorescence, a special
  16. For x\, in \phi\, the formula \for all x \, \phi \to \fix_t is universally, valid , Where the symbol \fix_t stands for the formula \phi\, with the term t\, \!
  17. Field with the same characteristic. Furthermore, if such a proposition is, valid ,for an algebraically closed field with characteristic 0,then not only is it
  18. Promo Affair," Well, he would say that,wouldn't he? ", is an example of a, valid ,circumstantial argument. Her point was that a man in a prominent position
  19. Axioms These are certain formulas in a formal language that are universally, valid , that is, formulas that are satisfied by every assignment of values. Usually
  20. Case State v. Gaines, the Court held that Alford guilty pleas were to be held, valid ,in the absence of a specific on-the-record ruling that the pleas were voluntary
  21. Class habits and scholarly leisure as opposed to other possible and equally, valid ," aesthetic" experiences which lay outside Kant's narrow definition. The Ark
  22. Mara, Tanzania. Although the most recent review tentatively accepted it as a, valid ,species of Allosaurus, it may be a more basal tetanus, or simply a dubious
  23. And Myxosporida. This grouping is no longer regarded as biologically, valid ,and its use is discouraged. History The first apicomplexan protozoan was seen
  24. Binary-compatible with ASCII for code points below 128,meaning all ASCII is, valid ,UTF-8. The other encoding forms resemble ASCII in how they represent the first
  25. S pluralist use of supply and demand as applied to wage, rents,profit a, valid ,and valuable anticipation of the general equilibrium modeling of Walrus a
  26. t)\, Again, we are claiming that the formula \for all x \phi \to \fix_t is, valid , that is, we must be able to give a" proof" of this fact, or more properly
  27. 0,but there is some natural number N such that the proposition is, valid ,for every algebraically closed field with characteristic p when p > N. Every
  28. In this context. Use of the term to describe writers, for example, is certainly, valid , but less common, and mostly restricted to contexts like criticism. Dictionary
  29. The hope of personally convincing Home Army leaders that a rescue attempt was a, valid ,option. He escaped on the night of April 26 – 27, 1943,but his plan was not
  30. The final, but instead a miniature above the preceding consonant, which is a, valid ,Unicode character, but most Arabic computer fonts cannot in fact display this
  31. They have been called the" skeptics ". Another view accepts Altaic as a, valid ,family but includes in it only Turkic, Mongolic,and Tunguska. This view was
  32. Many children and relatives are known by name and some even by deeds, but soon, valid ,genealogical sources all but dry up and there seems to be no verifiable way to
  33. Ex opera operate); therefore, irregular sacraments are still accepted as, valid ,provided they are done in the name of Christ and in the manner prescribed by
  34. Contribution to a viewpoint of the Absurd, and always rejected nihilism as a, valid ,response. " If nothing had any meaning, you would be right. But there is
  35. Saurophaganax and a currently unnamed French allosaur accepted as possible, valid ,genera besides Allosaurus in the most recent review. He later decided it
  36. Communion recognizes Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox ordinations as, valid , Outside the Anglican Communion, Anglican ordinations (at least of male
  37. Spherical harmonics. These shapes are not unique, and any linear combination is, valid , like a transformation to cubic harmonics, in fact it is possible to generate
  38. Assert positively that no existing gems were the work of Gnostic's, there is no, valid ,reason for attributing any or all of them to such an origin. The fact that the
  39. And some stopped attending meetings altogether. ) * Judges' commissions are, valid ,quasi see been dessert (during good behavior),and if they do not behave
  40. In this manner. Mapping is possible for select species only:" there are many, valid ,examples of confined distribution patterns. " For example, Clathromorphum is an
  41. Guarantees for them their authority in matters of faith, morals and the, valid ,administration of sacraments. This is reaffirmed every Sunday in the reciting
  42. Still open, and recent research indicates that the Egyptian derivation may be, valid , History Alchemy covers several philosophical traditions spanning some four
  43. To have the same size and should use the same data representation. The set of, valid ,index tuples and the addresses of the elements (and hence the element
  44. Doing so is against their self-interest. Criticisms The argument is formally, valid ,but each of (1),(2) and (3) may be disputed. # Some thinkers, such as
  45. Interesting because of Belgium's occupation by Germany (which provided a, valid ,explanation of why such a skilled detective would be out of work and available
  46. First-order language. For each variable x\, the formula x = x\, is universally, valid , This means that, for any variable symbol x\, the formula x x\, can be
  47. Since the Funds languages are not well documented. If Mon–Khmer is not a, valid ,taxon, as some recent classifications would have it, then Promotion–Khmer
  48. Each of the families that is written in boldface type below is accepted as a, valid ,clade. By contrast, the relationships between these families within
  49. Support the inclusion of Korean and Japanese. The assumption that Altaic is a, valid ,family, but only consists of Masonic, Korean and Tunguska, appears to be
  50. Rather that the Apicomplexia. The remainder of the scheme appears to be, valid , Class Aconoidasida Conoid present only in the dominate of some species

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