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  1. But has no inside authority, and may be violently removed if he attempts to, abuse ,this position. The most important French social theorist since Foucault and
  2. Leaked to the press before the season ended, and all of them suffered verbal, abuse ,and physical threats from the ranks, as baseball fans were called at the time
  3. Centuries, together with certain rights over the abbey lands or revenues. The, abuse ,was not confined to the West. John, patriarch of Antioch, at the beginning of
  4. The English language in 1642,during the English Civil War, as a term of, abuse , used by Royalists against their Round head opponents. In opposition to Jacobin
  5. Exert an anxiolytic effect linked to the sedation they cause. The risk of, abuse ,and addiction is high. Many experts consider these drugs obsolete for treating
  6. The Palestinians and exposed them to unprecedented and purposely media-ignored, abuse ,by Arab governments, including some of those who claim love for the
  7. Beverages. Suicide rates for rural residents are higher than urban. Domestic, abuse ,and other violent crimes are also at high levels in the state; this is in part
  8. Genes ", which may play a role in the addictive properties of drugs (drug, abuse ,), and possibly in obesity. A systematic review of randomized controlled trials
  9. Purpose of drawing architecture on it. Everything else is at least for me an, abuse ,of paper. " Altar Alto, Sketches,1978,104. *" We should work for simple
  10. In body fluids Amphetamine is frequently measured in urine as part of a drug, abuse ,testing program, in plasma or serum to confirm a diagnosis of poisoning in
  11. An effort to symbolically undo the changes they felt they caused due to their, abuse ,of their spiritual power, and thus make amends with nature. Most modern Pueblo
  12. Dependence and addiction Tolerance is developed rapidly in amphetamine, abuse ,; therefore, periods of extended use require increasing amounts of the drug in
  13. Adversarial system often argue that the system is more fair and less prone to, abuse ,than the inquisitional approach, because it allows less room for the state to
  14. S view of the evidence, and reverses its decision only if it were a clear, abuse ,of discretion. This is usually defined as a decision outside the bounds of
  15. Economy, in the decades following the order, amphetamine and other drug, abuse ,by truck drivers has since dropped drastically. (See also Truck
  16. May worsen chronic bad breath. Furthermore, it is possible for alcoholics to, abuse ,mouthwash. Recently, the possibility that the alcohol used in mouth rinses acts
  17. These services being more easily exploited for criminal purposes, this type of, abuse ,of payphones faded from concern. In Canada, this behavior has always been more
  18. 4,2008. During the 2004 trial regarding allegations of Rush Limbaugh's drug, abuse , the ACLU argued that his privacy should not have been compromised by allowing
  19. Permanent, sometimes without any form of commendation whatever. In England the, abuse ,was rife in the 8th century, as may be gathered from the acts of the council of
  20. Benefit as other opioid drugs but without the CNS side effects or potential for, abuse , AED mac Canada (died 878) was a son of Cited mac Alpine (" Kenneth
  21. A Schedule II drug is classified as one that has a high potential for, abuse , has a currently-accepted medical use and is used under severe restrictions
  22. Woman is a star. " We do not fool and flatter women; we do not despise and, abuse ,them. To us, a woman is herself, absolute,original, independent,free
  23. With the trial court and there may have been deception, bad faith conduct, abuse ,of judicial process and, perhaps even fraud. " The judge later revoked the
  24. As women or because they are women. Common misconceptions Gratuitous verbal, abuse ,or" name-calling" itself is not an ad hominem or a logical fallacy. In order
  25. To the arguments. Types Abusive ad hominem (also called personal, abuse ,or personal attacks) usually involves insulting or belittling one's opponent
  26. There are many types of standard of review for appeals, such as de Nova and, abuse ,of discretion. An appellate court is a court that hears cases on appeal from
  27. On her 1970 album Whales & Nightingales. Collins, who has a history of alcohol, abuse , claimed that the song was able to" pull her through" to recovery. Gradually
  28. Specific conditions are excluded as disabilities, such as current substance, abuse ,and visual impairment which is correctable by prescription lenses. The "
  29. And antipsychotic dosage. No association was found with severity of illness or, abuse ,of other substances. An accompanying editorial said:" The findings should not
  30. Offering rehabilitation assistance to women in recovery from substance, abuse , Although he resides in Malibu, California he is also a volunteer teacher at
  31. Used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and substance, abuse ,by addressing underlying depression. Also, antidepressants have been used
  32. Severe cognitive and psychomotor impairment; it also has a low potential for, abuse ,and dependence and may be preferred over the benzodiazepines for these reasons.
  33. Chain. He later becomes a police officer, exacting his revenge on Alex for the, abuse ,he once suffered under his command. *P. R. Deltoid: A criminal rehabilitation
  34. Non-hereditary causes of cerebellar degeneration include chronic ethanol, abuse , paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration, high altitude cerebral edema, coeliac
  35. The Palestinians and exposed them to unprecedented and purposely media-ignored, abuse ,by Arab governments, including some of those who claim love for the
  36. Suffering from bipolar disorder. Close supervision of those with substance, abuse ,disorders is urged. Emotionally labile patients should avoid stimulants, as
  37. Rather than a jury decided issues of fact, an appellate court will apply an, abuse ,of discretion standard of review. Under this standard, the appellate court
  38. Time needed for a soldier to rest and recover after use and partly because of, abuse , For the rest of the war, military doctors continued to issue the drug, but
  39. His complete avoidance of that type of so-called 'radicalism' which involved, abuse ,of the South, hatred for the slaveholder, thirst for vengeance, partisan
  40. Punishment may be charged as assault or under a separate statute for child, abuse , Many countries, including some US states, also permit the use of less severe
  41. Crimes are also at high levels in the state; this is in part linked to alcohol, abuse , Alaska also has the highest rate of sexual assault in the nation. The average
  42. Trade Organization. The activists are especially opposed to" globalization, abuse ," and the international institutions that promote neoliberalism without regard
  43. Guidelines on ethical standards to be programmed into robots to prevent human, abuse ,of robots and vice versa. United States Walt Disney and a staff of Imagines
  44. Policing, criminal justice and employment; crime, poverty and substance, abuse , One of the most serious and long-standing issues within African American
  45. Are concerned with contemporary social issues such as racism, sexism,sexual, abuse , homophobia, reproductive rights, poverty,and war. The combination of personal
  46. Sacrifices she and her loved ones made. In 2009,Irene Vicar revealed her past, abuse ,and addiction to abortion in Impossible Motherhood, where she aborted 15
  47. Communist East Germany, The Netherlands Antisemitic incidents, from verbal, abuse ,to violence, are reported, allegedly connected with Islamic youth, mostly boys
  48. Numbers set up. In most cases, these numbers remain undisclosed to prevent, abuse , but MCI maintains this widely-published, toll-free ANA: 1-800-437-7950. This
  49. For he was amused by setting itinerant scholars, who swarmed to his court, to, abuse , one another in the indescribably filthy Latin scolding matches which were then
  50. To combat fatigue and increase alertness in soldiers. After decades of reported, abuse , the FDA banned Benzedrine inhalers, and limited amphetamine to prescription

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