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  1. Work space i.e. an attic converted into a play room or a shed converted into a, workshop , etc.). Portable a / c unit provide a cleaner looking end product (no bulky
  2. To prominence. Life Agostinho Carrack was born in Bologna, and trained at the, workshop ,of the architect Domenico Vivaldi. Starting from 1574 he worked as a
  3. In his words) 'highly unscientific' poll taken at a 1997 quantum mechanics, workshop , According to Denmark," The many worlds' interpretation (MRI) scored second
  4. The average case is called" Heuristic" in the paper. A Princeton University, workshop ,in 2009 studied the status of the five worlds. Results about difficulty of
  5. And intellectuals brimming with new ideas. He worked for two years in the, workshop ,of Antonin Mercia of the Cole DES Beaux arts, and was invited to enter the
  6. Faculty of the Juilliard School in 1972 and establishing her own baroque dance, workshop ,at Stanford University in 1974 which endured for more than 25 years. Catherine
  7. German painter, sculptor and designer Oskar Schemer who headed the theater, workshop , and Swiss painter Paul Klee, joined in 1922 by Russian painter Easily
  8. This factory was so successful it remained in use until the 1960s,with the, workshop ,still visible at HM Dockyard in Portsmouth, and still containing some of the
  9. And pointy hats as Santa's helpers or hired workers. They make the toys in a, workshop ,located in the North Pole. In this portrayal, elves slightly resemble nimble
  10. 1495–1505) On his return to Nuremberg in 1495,Durer opened his own, workshop ,(being married was a requirement for this). Over the next five years his
  11. Carriage trade prompted Henry Ford to build his first automobile in a rented, workshop ,on Mack Avenue. In 1903 Ford founded the Ford Motor Company. Ford's
  12. Of Antonin Mercia of the Cole DES Beaux arts, and was invited to enter the, workshop ,of August Rodin. Even though he admired the eminent Rodin he left the Rodin
  13. And the facilities afforded for the gratification of this predilection in the, workshop ,of his grandfather were eagerly improved. In his ninth year he executed two
  14. Had changed, but perhaps more pertinently Caravaggio never established a, workshop ,as the Carracci's did, and thus had no school to spread his techniques. Nor
  15. The Hague. Name RKD/> After his death, Balthasar van der AST took over his, workshop ,and pupils. Name RKD/> Selected works File: Ambrosia Bosschaert, the
  16. Pelegrín and Giacomo were his brothers. Bartolomeo worked in a cartography, workshop ,in Lisbon for at least part of his adulthood. Columbus never wrote in his
  17. A number of years. In return, John Herman gave both boys the run of a small, workshop ,within which to" invent ". Despite being normally quiet and introspective, he
  18. That led Maillol to take up tapestry design. In 1893 Maillol opened a tapestry, workshop ,in Banjul, producing works whose high technical and aesthetic quality gained
  19. Strip; it was used for a number of years at the BBC Radio phonic Workshop. This, workshop ,was also responsible for the theme to the TV series Doctor Who, a piece
  20. Within the company ever since. A more positive move came in the form of a, workshop ,which was attended by more than 1800 managers and 220 union representatives
  21. A public tribunal. The kindness of some monks supplied him with his first, workshop , which was the vacant cell of a monastery. Here for nearly four years he
  22. Age 14 he operated a profitable nail manufacturing operation in his father's, workshop ,during the Revolutionary War. Because his stepmother opposed his wish to attend
  23. Has been made on the environmental front. In 2005,the first US-Vietnam, workshop ,on remediation of dioxin was held. Starting in 2005,the U. S. Environmental
  24. His mother died soon after in 1513. His best works in the first years of the, workshop ,were his woodcut prints, mostly religious, but including secular scenes such as
  25. CCC event taking place on the Easter weekend is the Easterners, which is more, workshop ,oriented than the other events. Members of the CCC also participate in various
  26. The Almighty Three ". Mingus Ah Um and other works In 1959 Mingus and his jazz, workshop ,musicians recorded one of his best-known albums, Mingus Ah Um. Even in a year
  27. Says. Wolgemut was the leading artist in Nuremberg at the time, with a large, workshop ,producing a variety of works of art, in particular woodcuts for books.
  28. Under Project Unigauge to Udaipur. The railway complex includes a major, workshop , The railway has helped the city to connect it with major Indian cities like
  29. As influences. He was a saint-like idealist and near ascetic, turning his, workshop ,into a place where visitors noted the deep spiritual atmosphere. However
  30. By different workshop s that were later assembled to completion. Notably, each, workshop , inscribed its name on the part they manufactured to add traceability for
  31. Of his novels. Smith acknowledges the help of the Galactic Roamers writers ', workshop , plus E. Everett Evans, Ed Counts, an unnamed aeronautical engineer, Dr. James
  32. Abraham. His brother-in-law Balthasar van der AST also lived and worked in his, workshop ,and moved with him on his travels. Bosschaert later worked in Amsterdam (1614
  33. Machine that in many ways anticipated free jazz. Some musicians dubbed the, workshop ,a" university" for jazz. Pithecanthropus Erects among other creations The
  34. Of income for the urban farmers. At subdivisional level Ajmer casts engineering, workshop , Bread & Biscuit, Flour Mill Parts, Re-rolling Mills, Electronic etc. The HMT
  35. And European Space Agency Solar System exploration missions. The first European, workshop ,on astrobiology took place in May 2001 in Italy, and the outcome was the Aurora
  36. Dei Serve at Bologna and the Madonna in the Pinacoteca of Castelfiorentino. A, workshop ,painting, perhaps assignable to a slightly later period, is the Malta with
  37. To carry out designs in hand-wrought silver. In 1901,Stone set up a, workshop ,in Gardner, Massachusetts which operated under his name until its sale in 1937
  38. In 1932. Acceptance among physicists According to a poll at a Quantum Mechanics, workshop ,in 1997,the Copenhagen interpretation is the most widely-accepted specific
  39. VIII's favorite artist," painting flowers and fruit" in his factory-like, workshop , Known works from this period include a small Boy Peeling a Fruit (his
  40. House, which bordered the Grand River. At the homestead, Bell set up his own, workshop ,in the converted carriage house Despite his frail condition upon arriving in
  41. Programming. This practice was initially proposed as a long research paper in a, workshop ,organized by Philippe Kuchen and Steve Adolph (See
  42. Illustrations (with many repeated uses of the same block) by the Wolgemut, workshop , Durer may well have worked on some of these, as the work on the project began
  43. And Steve Adolph (See http://www.lero.ie/apso08/introduction.html ALSO, workshop ,at http://icse08.upb.de/ ICSE 2008) and yet it is the only proposed and
  44. Bruce Campbell, a musical version of the film was staged, enjoying a successful, workshop ,in Toronto and performances at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal in
  45. Secures" The Wealth of Nations ". It predicted England's evolution as the, workshop ,of the World, underselling all its competitors. The opening sentences of the "
  46. Were calculated by four groups working separately over the course of the, workshop ,: Stephen Hawking; Stravinsky; Ruth and So-Young Pi; and James M. Bardeen, Paul
  47. Is situated in the renovated building of the historic TCDD CER Atölyeleri,the, workshop ,of the Turkish National Railways. The museum incorporates the largest
  48. He bequeathed part of his collection to the French state on condition that his, workshop ,be rebuilt as it was on the day he died. Branch was elected posthumously to
  49. Donned a Mohawk headdress and danced traditional dances. After setting up his, workshop , Bell continued experiments based on Helmholtz's work with electricity and
  50. In other areas of the store at times when seating is required for a product, workshop ,or special event. Significant buildings *1921–1923: Bell tower of Kauhajärvi

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