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  1. Brown, attempt to patent it in Britain, instructing his lawyers to apply for a, patent ,in the U. S. only after they received word from Britain (Britain would issue
  2. On the telephone was influenced by Meucci's inventions. The value of the Bell, patent ,was acknowledged throughout the world, and patent applications were made in
  3. Transmit indistinct, voice-like sounds, but not clear speech. The race to the, patent ,office In 1875,Bell developed an acoustic telegraph and drew up a patent
  4. To question to novelty or inventive step (or non-obviousness in the United States, patent ,law) of an invention. Under the United States patent law, the abstract may be
  5. Indians clash with the United States Army *1892 – Thomas Edison receives a, patent ,for a two-way telegraph. *1902 – Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark are
  6. Bailey, with whom he had served in the Civil War. He claimed he showed Gray's, patent ,caveat to Bailey. Wilbur also claimed (after Bell arrived in Washington D. C.
  7. Debate about who arrived first and Gray later challenged the primacy of Bell's, patent , Bell was in Boston on February 14, 1876. Bell's patent 174,465,was issued to
  8. Appointed lecturer at the University of Bern. The following year, he quit the, patent ,office and the lectureship to take the position of physics docent at the
  9. A cup of mercury, not water. Bell had filed the mercury application at the, patent ,office a year earlier on February 25, 1875,long before Elisha Gray described
  10. The idea was never commercialized, but Lincoln is the only president to hold a, patent , In 1851,he represented Alton & Salmon Railroad in a dispute with one of its
  11. That same morning,Bell's lawyer filed Bell's application with the, patent ,office. There is considerable debate about who arrived first and Gray later
  12. Consider it a bargain. By then, the Bell company no longer wanted to sell the, patent , Bell's investors would become millionaires while he fared well from residuals
  13. Were made in most major countries, but when Bell had delayed the German, patent ,application, the electrical firm of Siemens & False (S&H) managed to set up
  14. Was issued to Bell on March 7,1876,by the U. S. Patent Office. Bell's, patent ,covered" the method of, and apparatus for, transmitting vocal or other sounds
  15. Their later claims. On January 13, 1887,the US Government moved to annul the, patent ,issued to Bell on the grounds of fraud and misrepresentation. After a series of
  16. Because Gray did not contest Bell's priority, the Examiner approved Bell's, patent ,on March 3,1876. Gray had Reinvented the variable resistance telephone, but
  17. in the United States patent law) of an invention. Under the United States, patent ,law, the abstract may be called" Abstract of the Disclosure ". Administrative
  18. England. And numerous patent s were granted in France, with similar numbers of, patent ,applications being denied in England due to their similarity to each other. In
  19. S caveat to Bell and that Bell paid him $100. Bell claimed they discussed the, patent ,only in general terms, although in a letter to Gray, Bell admitted that he
  20. Accomplished, no abstract of title is necessary. Patent law In the context of, patent ,law and specifically in prior art searches, searching through abstracts is a
  21. But none was successful in establishing priority over the original Bell, patent ,and the Bell Telephone Company never lost a case that had proceeded to a final
  22. Sanders, Bell requested that an associate in Ontario, George Brown, attempt to, patent ,it in Britain, instructing his lawyers to apply for a patent in the U. S. only
  23. Support Bell's experiments. Patent matters would be handled by Hubbard's, patent ,attorney, Anthony Pollock. In March 1875,Bell and Pollock visited the famous
  24. It becomes subject to the conditions of the seed company that owns the, patent ,of the transgenic material. Modern agriculture is a term
  25. Him secure a job in Bern, at the Federal Office for Intellectual Property,the, patent ,office, as an assistant examiner. He evaluated patent applications for
  26. From Gray, Bell used Gray's water transmitter design only after Bell's, patent ,was granted and only as a proof of concept scientific experiment to prove to
  27. And face continual efforts of global bans. Another controversial issue is the, patent ,protection given to companies that develop new types of seed using genetic
  28. Long distances. Bell and his partners, Hubbard and Sanders, offered to sell the, patent ,outright to Western Union for $100,000. The president of Western Union balked
  29. Other sources. The first British patent for the use of asphalt was 'Cassell's, patent ,asphalt or bitumen' in 1834. Having seen it employed in France and Belgium
  30. Hearing devices which eventually culminated in Bell being awarded the first US, patent ,for the telephone in 1876. In retrospect, Bell considered his most famous
  31. This constitutes a contract. Anarcho-capitalist Stephan Kinsella opposes both, patent ,and copyright intellectual property. Anarcho-capitalist theorist Roderick Long
  32. On many fronts including opening his own elocution school, applying for a, patent ,on an invention, and starting a family, Bell continued as a teacher. However
  33. Until he" fully mastered machine technology ". Much of his work at the, patent ,office related to questions about transmission of electric signals and
  34. The patent office In 1875,Bell developed an acoustic telegraph and drew up a, patent ,application for it. Since he had agreed to share U. S. profits with his
  35. The primacy of Bell's patent . Bell was in Boston on February 14, 1876. Bell's, patent ,174,465,was issued to Bell on March 7,1876,by the U. S. Patent Office. Bell
  36. Involving a canal boat that sank after hitting a bridge. In 1849,he received a, patent ,for a flotation device for the movement of boats in shallow water. The idea was
  37. They could be with him while he attended to the numerous court cases involving, patent ,disputes. Bell was a British subject throughout his early life in Scotland and
  38. Nothing but a toy. Two years later, he told colleagues that if he could get the, patent ,for $25 million he would consider it a bargain. By then, the Bell company no
  39. Denization of an alien may come about three ways: by Parliament; by letters, patent , which was the usual manner; and by conquest. Local allegiance was due by an
  40. S&H) managed to set up a rival manufacturer of Bell telephones under their own, patent , The Siemens company produced near-identical copies of the Bell telephone
  41. To that in Gray's patent caveat. On March 10, 1876,three days after his, patent ,was issued, Bell succeeded in getting his telephone to work, using a liquid
  42. The value of the Bell patent was acknowledged throughout the world, and, patent , applications were made in most major countries, but when Bell had delayed the
  43. Day resumed work, drawing in his notebook a diagram similar to that in Gray's, patent ,caveat. On March 10, 1876,three days after his patent was issued, Bell
  44. Circuit, which has general jurisdiction but derives most of its caseload from, patent ,cases, on the one hand, and appeals from the Court of Federal Claims on the
  45. Property, the patent office, as an assistant examiner. He evaluated, patent ,applications for electromagnetic devices. In 1903,Einstein's position at the
  46. He had included more asphaltum recipes from other sources. The first British, patent ,for the use of asphalt was 'Cassell's patent asphalt or bitumen' in 1834.
  47. Feature of the telephone was raised by the Examiner before he approved Bell's, patent ,application. He told Bell that his claim for the variable resistance feature
  48. Algorithms, especially data compression algorithms, such as Unisys' LAW, patent , Additionally, some cryptographic algorithms have export restrictions (see
  49. As it was known between 1900 and 1925. Wave–particle duality Although the, patent ,office promoted Einstein to Technical Examiner Second Class in 1906,he had not
  50. The first to write down the idea and the first to test it in a telephone. The, patent ,examiner, Zenas Fisk Wilbur, later stated in an affidavit that he was an

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