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  1. Multiplication, division,addition, subtraction,square root and cubic, root , Although blind students have benefited from talking calculators, the abacus is
  2. Closed and p (x) is an irreducible polynomial of FX, then it has some, root ,a and therefore p (x) is a multiple of x − a. Since p (x) is irreducible
  3. The mean is also the best single predictor in the sense of having the lowest, root ,mean squared error. ) *For a normal distribution, the arithmetic mean is equal
  4. Group are cultivated, for various purposes. The plant structure includes a tap, root , which can be large enough to be useful in food, for example parsnips, carrots
  5. The suffix of the name of the alkane from" -ANE" to" -YL" * Number the, root ,chain so that sum of the numbers assigned to each side group will be as low as
  6. Have been proposed, not to mention theories of colonialism and many others as, root ,causes of Man's inhumanity to man. To illustrate the depth of an
  7. Different shades of meaning. ) Examples of the different verbs formed from the, root ," write" ( using" red" for Form IX, which is limited to colors and physical
  8. It is also used as a separate word meaning ‘ fifty ’, but the historical, root ,here is no doubt *TU-) " (Starting et al. 2003:223). – Blaze (2006) also
  9. x) has degree greater than one, since every first degree polynomial has one, root ,in F. Every polynomial is a product of first degree polynomials The field F is
  10. Are closely related Semitic languages, it is commonly accepted that Allah (, root ,) and the Biblical Elohim are cognate derivations of same origin, as in Loan
  11. It is even said that the very distinction between self and other is part of the, root ,cause of our suffering. In practical terms, however,because of the spontaneous
  12. Word in Egyptian, similar to Semitic and Berber, is a trilateral or bilateral, root ,of consonants and semiconsonants. Suffixes are added to form words. The verb
  13. Or implosive * Morphology in which words inflect by changes within the, root ,(vowel changes or germination) as well as with prefixes and suffixes * All
  14. Seen in film and television. Etymology The word was coined from the Greek, root ,ανδρ- 'man' and the suffix | access date = 2007-01-07} } The term" droid "
  15. Shortened to" bitumen," thence passing via French into English. From the same, root ,is derived the Anglo-Saxon word" wide" ( Mastic),the German word" Kit "
  16. Contraction of -/ABU/-. 5 The /y/- of" 3" " may also reflect the same, root , although the suffixation is not clear. " (Starting et al. 2003:223)
  17. But fairly large) number of templates applied to root s. For verbs, a given, root ,can construct up to fifteen different verbs, each with one or more
  18. To do multiplication, division,addition, subtraction,square root and cube, root ,operations at high speed. There are currently schools teaching students how to
  19. Used as a series of movable anoxic targets inside an x-ray tube. The square, root ,of the frequency of these photons (x-rays) increased from one target to the
  20. The word Angst has existed since the 8th century, from the Proto-Indo-European, root ,*angle-," restraint" from which Old High German August developed. It is
  21. Would make them dependent on whether Sheila happens to have preserved any given, root , Starting et al. (2003: 26–28) have not used Sheila to decide whether to
  22. Been developed to do multiplication, division,addition, subtraction,square, root ,and cube root operations at high speed. There are currently schools teaching
  23. To Western alchemy. Jair developed an elaborate numerology whereby the, root ,letters of a substance's name in Arabic, when treated with various
  24. Volume III. * On the fourfold, root ,of the principle of sufficient reason and On the will in nature. Two essays: **
  25. And also" god or gods" as in the case of Elohim, ultimately deriving from the, root ,El," strong ", possibly generalized from El (deity),as in the Critic LHC
  26. And unusual morphology (i.e. method of constructing words from a basic, root ,). Arabic has a nonconcatenative" root -and-pattern" morphology: A root
  27. Also known as Alaska, the " great land ", an Aleut word derived from the same, root , Geography Alaska has a longer coastline than all the other U. S. states
  28. To be effective it must provide a set of rules for extracting a square, root , This means that the programmer must know a" language" that is effective
  29. Soil and water to the surface. This process steadily concentrates salt in the, root ,zone, decreasing productivity for crops that are not salt-tolerant. * Urban
  30. Mathematical functions multiplication, division,addition, subtraction,square, root ,and cubic root . Although blind students have benefited from talking calculators
  31. Was a claim which could be seen to be true without any need for proof. The, root ,meaning of the word 'postulate' is to 'demand '; for instance, Euclid demands
  32. Be as low as possible * Number and name the side chains before the name of the, root ,chain * If there are multiple side chains of the same type, use prefixes such
  33. Signal the past tense may change, but the suffix is always used). From a single, root , numerous words can be formed by applying different patterns: Nouns and
  34. Words. For example, the word for" I wrote" is constructed by combining the, root ," write" with the pattern" I X'd" to form" I wrote ". Other verbs meaning
  35. 1926 – Barney Airlines makes its first commercial flight (Barney is the, root ,company of United Airlines). *1929 – Huey P. Long Governor of Louisiana is
  36. Characterized by somatic, emotional,cognitive, and behavioral components. The, root ,meaning of the word anxiety is '. Description Anxiety is a generalized mood
  37. Identify the longest continuous chain of carbon atoms * Name this longest, root ,chain using standard naming rules * Name each side chain by changing the suffix
  38. In each case, the absence of full glyphs for vowels makes the common, root ,clearer, improving word recognition while reading. An abused (from Ge‘EZ አቡጊዳ
  39. Of plaster and were traded in for gold ones after the war had ended. Naming The, root ,of the name Oscar is contested. One biography of Bette Davis claims that she
  40. The Venerable Bede says in The Reckoning of Time that this month Foster is the, root ,of the word Easter. He further states that the month was named after a goddess
  41. To write. This is because words in Semitic languages are formed from a, root ,consisting of (usually) three consonants, the vowels being used to indicate
  42. ah, onto Nisha adjectives to form abstract nouns. For example, from the basic, root ," share" can be derived the Form VIII verb" to cooperate, participate ", and
  43. With one variable of degree at least 1,with coefficients in F, has a, root ,in F. Examples As an example, the field of real numbers is not algebraically
  44. Their usage in constructing vocabulary is somewhat different, since the same, root ,can be conjugated in multiple forms, with different shades of meaning. )
  45. Are glamorous and have short rhizomes with fibrous root s or are lipomatous with, root ,tubers. The leaves form a rosette at the base of the plant, and are alternate
  46. The root s of a quadratic equation the computer must know how to take a square, root , If they don't then for the algorithm to be effective it must provide a set of
  47. Instance, according to Classical Arabic, not Modern Standard Arabic, the Arabic, root ,(to sacrifice) can be derived the forms (he sacrificed),(you (masculine
  48. Disregarding" DI-" etc. prefixes) order in front of the name of the, root ,chain Cyclic alkanes So-called cyclic alkanes are, in the technical sense, not
  49. Basic root ). Arabic has a nonconcatenative" root -and-pattern" morphology: A, root ,consists of a set of bare consonants (usually three),which are fitted into a
  50. Inflorescence being generally in the form of a compound umbel, and has the same, root ,as the word" umbrella ". The botanical subspecialty that studies Apache is

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