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  1. Under evaluation for a future passenger rail corridor as an alternative to the, traffic ,congestion of Interstate 35. Austin is known as the most bike-friendly city in
  2. Forces in proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, illegal armaments, traffic ,and international terrorism. In case of low- and medium-intensity military
  3. Seven five zero. " This should be done when possible and safe. An air, traffic ,controller who suspects an aircraft may have been hijacked may ask the pilot to
  4. Clouds, such as those created by the contrails of heavy commercial airliner, traffic , Aerosol effects Aerosols (very fine particles/droplets in the atmosphere)
  5. In the mid-1980s. In the late 1980s,American opened three hubs for north-south, traffic , San Jose International Airport was added after American purchased Air Cal.
  6. Superintendents Association of Trinidad & Tobago * Air Services Australia, air, traffic , management and related services provider for Australia * Albany Students '
  7. Right lane). Both also refer to slow and fast lanes (even though all actual, traffic ,speeds may be at or around the legal speed limit). In the UK drink-driving is
  8. Light-cruiser HMS Amnion. * 1914 – In Cleveland, Ohio,the first electric, traffic ,light is installed. *1916 – World War I: Battle of Roman – Allied forces
  9. Inadequate to cope with Adelaide's growing road traffic , and often experience, traffic ,congestion. Adelaide has one freeway and two expressways; the South Eastern
  10. 1936 to the 1960s. Current firms include Arbor Networks (provider of Internet, traffic ,engineering and security systems),Arbor text (provider of XML-based
  11. Trail as it passes through Calgary but becomes Calgary Trail (for southbound, traffic ,) and Gateway Boulevard (for northbound traffic ) as it enters Edmonton and
  12. Sewers and aqueducts; street cleansing and paving; regulations regarding, traffic , dangerous animals and dilapidated buildings; precautions against fire;
  13. Displays allow weather information to be integrated with moving maps, terrain, traffic , etc. onto a single screen, greatly simplifying navigation. Aircraft management
  14. The convenient location of Azerbaijan on the crossroad of major international, traffic ,arteries, such as the Silk Road and the South-North corridor, highlights the
  15. Instructions for avoiding a midair collision. Smaller aircraft may use simpler, traffic ,alerting systems such as TPAs, which are passive (they do not actively
  16. Roads are now often considered inadequate to cope with Adelaide's growing road, traffic , and often experience traffic congestion. Adelaide has one freeway and two
  17. Gulf by the Aktio-Preveza Undersea Tunnel, or Aktio-Preveza Immersed Tunnel (, traffic ,labels). Also, during Summer of 2009 archaeologists discovered in Action the
  18. To thwart a hijacking. Informing air traffic control To communicate to air, traffic ,control that an aircraft is being hijacked, a pilot under duress should squawk
  19. Runs 60–70 trains a day through Ames on twin mainlines, which leads to some, traffic ,delays. There is also a branch to Eagle Grove that leaves Ames to the north.
  20. Model to demonstrate the feasibility of these ideas. In 1874,telegraph message, traffic ,was rapidly expanding and in the words of Western Union President William Norton
  21. Dominance during the 1920s because it provided a better view of oncoming, traffic , making overtaking safer. In the same year, Rasmussen bought the remains of the
  22. d. 1982) * 1907 – Archie League, generally considered the first air, traffic ,controller (d. 1986) *1912 – Austin Dobson, British racing driver (d. 1963)
  23. Agreements are based on the" freedoms of the air ", a group of generalized, traffic ,rights ranging from the freedom to overfly a country to the freedom to provide
  24. Amount of traffic at the Aachen road interchange, there is often serious, traffic ,accumulation, which is why there are plans to expand the interchange in the
  25. Worldwide standards for safety and other vital concerns. Most international air, traffic ,is regulated by bilateral agreements between countries, which designate
  26. The A4 to the Europaplatz near the city center). Due to the enormous amount of, traffic ,at the Aachen road interchange, there is often serious traffic accumulation
  27. 1,692.3 hectares) are built up or vacant,6.4 % (932.8 hectares) is used by, traffic ,infrastructure. Sporting and recreation grounds and parks comprise 1 % (152.7
  28. Bridge linking Shikoku with Honshu and costing about $3.8 billion USD, opens to, traffic , becoming the largest suspension bridge in the world. *1999 – Two Libyans
  29. Pricing freedom. This results in lower fares and sometimes dramatic spurts in, traffic ,growth. The U. S., Australia,Canada, Japan,Brazil, Mexico,India and other
  30. Proved to have very significant drawbacks, complicating navigation, air, traffic , control and had numerous other adverse factors. A more recent configuration
  31. Moving trains to communicate. Garrett A. Morgan developed the first automatic, traffic ,signal and gas mask. Lewis Howard Latimer invented an improvement for the
  32. And self-defense training designed to thwart a hijacking. Informing air, traffic ,control To communicate to air traffic control that an aircraft is being
  33. The troopers serve as the only police force available. In addition to enforcing, traffic ,and criminal law, wildlife Troopers enforce hunting and fishing regulations.
  34. And a breakdown in social organization. The Mississippi was opened to Union, traffic ,to the southern border of Tennessee with the taking of Island No. 10 and New
  35. Calgary Trail (for southbound traffic ) and Gateway Boulevard (for northbound, traffic ,) as it enters Edmonton and then turns into St. Albert Trail as it leaves
  36. Focused on visitors. Also, the old airfield at Wabash was closed and air, traffic ,moved to the new El Alter Airport, which made for a convenient facility for
  37. Software is very strictly tested. Collision-avoidance systems To supplement air, traffic ,control, most large transport aircraft and many smaller ones use a TCAS (
  38. And burns the living quarters to the ground. * 1914 – The Panama Canal opens to, traffic ,with the transit of the cargo ship. * 1914 – The First Russian Army, led by
  39. Artwork Lagos, a computer programmer, was on his way to work and stuck in a, traffic ,jam near the Pentagon when the airplane flew over. " There was a huge screaming
  40. Aviation clients. Railroads The city was a major rail hub, notably for freight, traffic ,between Toledo and ports north of Chicago, Illinois,from 1878 to 1982; however
  41. At a small country with few potential passengers, depending heavily on transfer, traffic , and was one of the first to introduce the hub-system to facilitate easy
  42. Of all Southern ports; commercial ships could not get insurance and regular, traffic ,ended. The South blundered in embargoing cotton exports in 1861 before the
  43. Just a flag ... end Runway; type Runway_Access is access all Runway; -- the air, traffic ,controller takes requests for takeoff and landing task type Controller (
  44. And leave such roads at an intermediate point without disrupting the flow of, traffic ,are known as slip roads in the UK but US civil engineers call them ramps and
  45. Cut around 1836,and roofed over around the 1850s,and is in use for automobile, traffic , Controversy during closure In 1861,the New York State Legislature voted to
  46. Anyone will ever discover an attack that will allow someone to read Randall, traffic , " On July 1,2009,Bruce Schneier blogged about a related-key attack on the
  47. Bribery),bad-mouth, vacation,major, backpack,backtrack, intern,ticket (, traffic ,violations),hassle, blacktop,peer-review, dope and OD, and,of course versed
  48. Flight uses an airline call sign when communicating with airports or air, traffic ,control centers. Most of these call-signs are derived from the airline's trade
  49. Were that more viewers would tune in on Sundays, that Los Angeles rush-hour, traffic ,jams could be avoided, and that an earlier start time would allow viewers on
  50. Besides the A1,A2,A4 and A8,several freeways, such as the A7 and A6,carry, traffic ,mainly bound for Amsterdam. Amsterdam is served by ten stations of the

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