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  1. The band members in different combinations of pairs, overlapping one singer's, profile ,with the other's full face, and the contrasting of one member against another.
  2. On their specialized monographs. The book dramatically raised the worldwide, profile ,of the Annals School. Regionalism Before Annals, French history supposedly
  3. Parties secured the commitment of former Liberal minister Don Chip, as a high, profile ,leader. The party's 30-year representation in the Parliament of Australia
  4. Was done by Ghazi in 1723 and shows only Vivaldi's head and shoulders in, profile , The oil painting found in the Lice Musicale of Bologna gives us possibly the
  5. Are measured by nephelometry (or turbidity) to characterize the antibody, profile ,of patient. Elevations in different classes of immunoglobulins are sometimes
  6. Interface by Microsoft * Advanced Simple Profile, an MPEG-4 video codec, profile ,* Answer set programming, a declarative programming paradigm * Application
  7. In November 2007 on BBC Radio 4 she described how a journalist once produced a, profile ,on her with the assumption that she had had at least" one sexual relationship
  8. PubChem) * http://www.emcdda.europa.eu/? Nnodeid=25479 EMC DDA drugs, profile ,: Amphetamine (2007) * http://www.drugs.com/Amphetamine Drugs. Com -
  9. TV Tower),the second-tallest structure in Europe. Due to it's high, profile , many newcomers to Berlin mistake the nickname Alex and apply it to the
  10. To the movement include involvement in direct actions and street protest. High, profile ,events such as the" Libel" case have highlighted concern over the effects
  11. Turned against them. At the time, Abd Brahman and Bear were keeping a low, profile , staying in Kabylia, at the camp of a NAFTA Berber chieftain friendly to their
  12. Bifurcated; that is, they carried paired spines, creating a wide and deep, profile ,for the neck. The apparently massive neck was, however,filled with an
  13. Upon the obverse ... a profile head of Antaeus, and upon the reverse ... a, profile ,head of Pittances. This coin is said to have belonged to Julius Ur sinus. It
  14. Women argued that the AA spelling would strengthen the city's international, profile , help private enterprise and make it easier to access Aarhus on the internet.
  15. Is that total and background absorption are measured with the same emission, profile ,of the same lamp, so that any kind of background, including background with
  16. For giving the instruments of the modern violin family their definitive, profile , A very small number of his instruments survive, dated between the years of
  17. The brewand the physical act of cooking may also serve to modify the alkaloid, profile ,of Carmela alkaloids. Traditional brew Traditional ayahuasca brews are often
  18. Harvested annually from the forests on public lands. Services Despite the high, profile ,of the extractive industries, Alberta has a mature economy and most people work
  19. The concentration of the latter isotope does not follow the 231Pa depth, profile , but instead increases toward the sea bottom. This occurs because of the mixing
  20. And only the timely intervention of the Astronomer Royal and other high, profile ,figures kept Eddington out of prison. Eddington's work in astrophysics in the
  21. His lifetime were drawn from memory. The best-known portraits of Smith are the, profile ,by James Cassie and two etchings by John Kay. The line engravings produced for
  22. Of the tail, which is comparatively thin in breadth and short,a, profile ,caused by the vertebral spines decreasing in height rapidly the farther they
  23. Scotland. The illustrations on the reverse of the note include Bell's face in, profile , his signature, and objects from Bell's life and career: users of the
  24. Compared to xenon, argon is cheaper and has a distinct scintillation time, profile ,which allows the separation of electronic recoils from nuclear recoils. On the
  25. Palestine, the Sinai, and then into Egypt. ABD Brahman had to keep a low, profile ,as he traveled. It may be assumed that he intended to go at least as far as
  26. The modern Quarter Horse has a small, short,refined head with a straight, profile , and a strong, well-muscled body, featuring a broad chest and powerful, rounded
  27. Are not exactly alike, the following 17 Pass are considered as a group in this, profile ,issued by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (AT SDR): Human
  28. Machine **The ability to run AIX V 5.2 inside a Workload Partition **A XML, profile ,based system configuration management utility **Support for export of fiber
  29. Central part in national ceremonies such as coronations; due to his high public, profile , his opinions are often in demand by the news media. #As spiritual leader of
  30. Can hit forceful ground strokes and also drop shots. Her playing style fits the, profile ,for a doubles player, and is complemented by her height. She has been compared
  31. Upgraded" iPhone 5 ", of which many disappointed fans were expecting a thinner, profile , bigger screen and many new features. Apple TV At the 2007 Mac world conference
  32. One of the largest asteroids after the big four, reveal a similarly angular, profile , suggesting it is also saturated with radius-size craters. Medium-sized
  33. Other, with the actors at the end coming forward a little and standing more in, profile ,than the others. The purpose of the composition is to allow complex dialogue
  34. And large, eyes are almond shaped, and the head is massive with a two plane, profile , Another characteristic is the tail, which is often kept parallel to the back.
  35. Loyal to the Crown. The rest attempted to remain neutral and kept a low, profile , At least 25,000 Loyalists fought on the side of the British. Thousands served
  36. Paintings such as those found at Lascaux and Liver non in France. When drawn in, profile ,only one horn was visible, which some researchers say gave rise to the legend
  37. Interview, advocate,vacuum, lobby,pressure, rear-end,transition, feature, profile , belly-ache, spearhead,skyrocket, showcase,service (as a car),corner
  38. Given chassis. In most cases, these turretless vehicles also presented a lower, profile ,as a target for the enemy. History World War II Assault guns were primarily
  39. Crew Flight directors Mission parameters LM - CSM docking EVA Original mission, profile ,In April 1966,Activity, Scott,and Schweickart were selected as the backup
  40. Authentic Lesbian coin has been preserved, bearing upon the obverse ... a, profile ,head of Antaeus, and upon the reverse ... a profile head of Pittances. This coin
  41. Module test in an elliptical medium Earth orbit in early 1969,the mission, profile ,was changed in August 1968 to a more ambitious Command Module-only lunar
  42. Art, most did so discreetly. Warhol was so successful, however,that his, profile ,as an illustrator seemed to undermine his efforts to be taken seriously as an
  43. Of low ratings, but Solzhenitsyn continued to maintain a relatively high, profile ,in the media. The West Delivering the commencement address at Harvard
  44. In technical designs and implementations for large, complex,and high, profile ,organizations. People, Process,Technology. Delivering Information Technology
  45. Of the Nuremberg patrician Ulrich Stack, Dürer depicted the sitters in, profile , perhaps reflecting a more mathematical approach. Despite complaining of his
  46. With very present bass fundamentals. This body style's combination of a small, profile ,with a deep sound has made it immensely popular, and it has since been copied
  47. e.g. using a polarizer, and the σ components do not overlap with the emission, profile ,of the lamp, so that only the background absorption is measured. The advantage
  48. And background absorption after application of a high-current pulse with the, profile ,of the self-reversed line, which has little emission at the original wavelength
  49. Valeria Messaging. Although Agrippina was very influential, she kept a very low, profile ,and stayed away from the imperial palace and the court of the emperor.
  50. Four legs were always visible, whether the image were viewed frontally or in, profile , Since works of precious gems and metals usually do not survive the ravages of

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