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  1. With the Mughal. Thus, Aurangzeb and his Mughal army had to face a lot of, trouble ,due to the Whom power of Assam in the east and from the Maratha power in the
  2. The seven bowl judgments (Revelation 15-16) occur during the" time of, trouble ," following the close of human probation. Revelation 17-18 recapitulate with a
  3. Two of the native trees, redwood and ebony, were good for tanning, and,to save, trouble , the bark was wastefully stripped from the trunks only, the remainder being
  4. Wore the feathers sticking out of their hair – were known as men of Gaza (, trouble ,) - the implication being that if trouble arose, these men would reinstate
  5. Rather than offensive operations. During this time, Montgomery faced serious, trouble ,from his superiors for his attitude regarding the sexual health of his soldiers
  6. By Looking At Her (2000) and Circle of Friends (1995). As a marriage was in, trouble ,in the Godfather Part II (1974) Kay knew the relationship was over when
  7. Recession and high interest rates saw the government in considerable electoral, trouble , Although Keating was the main architect of the government's economic policies
  8. Was an enemy of Capitalism, but often turned against him when they saw him as a, trouble ,maker. For example, in 1965 Ginsberg was deported from Cuba for publicly
  9. Cart mill presents another problem with the Gigantopithecus hypothesis:" The, trouble ,with this account is that Gigantopithecus was not a hominin and maybe not even
  10. System than any other, and that Atari repair centers seemed to have the most, trouble ,with consoles manufactured in 1980. In one case it is stated that a system was
  11. And political campaigns. These activities have recently gotten him into, trouble ,again in the Indian courts for false claims after a previous incident of
  12. The problems we saw each day in our work. Every element of the program was in, trouble ,and so were we. " He reminded the team of the perils and mercilessness of their
  13. Battle of Barajas). He was prevented from following up his victory by, trouble ,in Africa, which he had to settle in person. When he returned to Iberia in 1090
  14. Suck playing the role of an American border guard who initially tries to make, trouble ,for the band members as they are trying to enter the US. Upon hearing that they
  15. S, was " even perhaps easier than the simulations ... It's absolutely no, trouble ,to walk around ". Apollo 11 was an engineering test of the Apollo system;
  16. Everyone up. His plot thoroughly unraveled, Pseudolus appears to be in deep, trouble ,— but Erroneous, completing his third circuit of the Roman hills, shows up
  17. Mission Control personnel watching the video feeds of Apollos 11 and 12 had, trouble ,distinguishing the astronauts while both had their helmet sunshades down. The
  18. From Moscow, he stepped down from the presidency saying that he had heart, trouble , Then moved to Moscow, reportedly for medical treatment. He returned to Kabul
  19. Knee to begin a 30-second count at any time. Thus, a fighter realizing he was in, trouble ,had an opportunity to recover. However, this was considered" unmanly" and was
  20. The problem would become. During dry periods, this Frog Pond caused no, trouble ,and was unnoticeable; but when heavy rains fell, the Pond reappeared and
  21. Worcester. Yet another chronicler, John of Worcester, mentions nothing of any, trouble ,in Rome, and when discussing the appointment of Sultan, says that Sultan
  22. Came away from their lectures so depressed and full of sadness that he told his, trouble ,to one of his friends. The friend, understanding the desire of his heart, sent
  23. Plymouth. At age 17,Alcott passed the exam for a teaching certificate but had, trouble ,finding work as a teacher. At first, he thought it is an acceptable occupation but
  24. Film (500) Days of Summer quotes the line" Color my life with the chaos of, trouble ,... ", a lyric from the song 'The Boy with the Arab Strap '. * The song 'Get Me
  25. The dispute over the eastern marches does not appear to have caused lasting, trouble ,between Alexander and Henry of England. In 1114, he joined Henry on campaign in
  26. To aggressively address problems with drunken individuals who cause serious, trouble ,on airliners. United States In the United States the English common law as to
  27. Rooms. Some of the BBSes that provided access to illegal content did wind up in, trouble , On July 12, 1985,in conjunction with a credit card fraud investigation, the
  28. On the contrary, I strongly urge sticking with it. To anyone who is having, trouble ,with alcohol I say: try A. A. first; it's the answer for most people ". Even
  29. They were unable to make inroads into Assyria and there seems to have been no, trouble ,between the first Massive ruler of Babylon, Agum II and Eris hum III of Assyria
  30. Manner in relation to someone or something that is out of control and causing, trouble ,(e.g., a dog tearing up the living room furniture might be said to be running
  31. Browse on tall trees. Some scientists have argued that the heart would have had, trouble ,sustaining sufficient blood pressure to oxygenate the brain. Furthermore, more
  32. Algerian People's Party (Le Part du People Algerian),which got him into, trouble ,with his Communist party comrades. As a result, in 1937 he was denounced as a
  33. Extinct in the British Isles, extremely threatened in France and Spain, and in, trouble ,over most of Central Europe. The Carpathian brown bear population of Romania is
  34. Of erotica that had to be printed abroad as a safety measure in case it caused, trouble ,with the British authorities. Part of this work, according to biographer
  35. Were performed all over Italy. His progressive operatic style caused him some, trouble ,with more conservative musicians, like Benedetto Marcello, a magistrate and
  36. Gains were minimal and its financial losses huge. It was already in financial, trouble ,and it's borrowing to pay for the war used up all its credit and created the
  37. By taxes raised by colonial legislatures) to be sufficient to deal with any, trouble ,with natives on the frontier. Officer positions were in high demand among the
  38. Include problems with sexual desire, lack of interest in sex, and orgasmic (, trouble ,achieving orgasm). Although usually reversible, these sexual side effects can
  39. Of selling advertisement time to multiple sponsors. Previously, DuMont had, trouble ,finding sponsors for many of their programs and compensated by selling smaller
  40. Or pass out. Emotional effects may include" feelings of apprehension or dread, trouble ,concentrating, feeling tense or jumpy, anticipating the worst, irritability
  41. Hair – were known as men of Gaza ( trouble ) - the implication being that if, trouble ,arose, these men would reinstate peace and order. The Blue Crane is one of the
  42. Years of Albert's rule in Prussia were fairly prosperous. Although he had some, trouble ,with the peasantry, the lands and treasures of the church enabled him to
  43. When meeting the Jihadi fighters:" The only times that I ran into any real, trouble ,in Afghanistan was when I ran into 'these guys' – You know there'd be kind of
  44. Is able to force the dragon to vow that neither it nor its offspring will ever, trouble ,the islanders. Then, with no idea how to deal with his other foe, Ged tries to
  45. In Denmark until his death in 1935. Although he had long suffered from heart, trouble , his early death was unexpected; taken ill suddenly at the end of 1934,he lay
  46. Publisher there. His anti-fascist political views caused him a great deal of, trouble ,with the establishment in Hungary. Having first sent his manuscripts out of the
  47. Time to the London production of Mr. Whatnot, but reportedly because it was having, trouble ,working with the artistic director, Peter Cheese man. By now, his career as a
  48. Of his youth on Bear Island, in Penobscot Bay off the coast of Maine, he had, trouble ,with geometry, being unable to understand the abstraction necessary to imagine
  49. A far-away light up the forestays running:: :You convey a glow to a ship in, trouble ,: :Sailed in the darkness. The poem was written in Sapphire stanzas, a verse
  50. Are rare but possible; one hit in March 1993. Ice storms usually cause more, trouble ,than does snowfall; the most severe such storm may have occurred on January 7

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