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  1. The reason for his absence discovered, even if it took hours, regardless of the, weather ,conditions. After roll call, there were individual and collective punishments
  2. Evening around sunset, the bats emerge in search of insects, an exit visible on, weather ,radar. Watching the bat emergence is an event that is popular with locals and
  3. Aircraft, the maximum flight time is limited by available daylight hours, weather ,conditions, and pilot endurance. Flight dynamics is the science
  4. Time record low is at Pond on February 13, 1905. Arkansas is known for extreme, weather , A typical year will see thunderstorms, tornadoes,hail, snow and ice storms.
  5. System, which can take high-definition photos of ground surfaces in all, weather ,conditions. According to Azerbaijani military experts, the Nectar system will
  6. In the mountains are caused by the continental air mass that dominates the, weather ,in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Northerly and northeasterly winds blow much
  7. Inside track, stiff upper lip, bad hair day, throw a monkey wrench, under the, weather , jump bail, come clean, come again?, it ain't over till it's over, what goes
  8. Of potential dangers, as well as being useful in estimating the effects of, weather ,and tide in the anchorage, is essential in choosing a good place to drop the
  9. Landmass, and the entire country lying at a latitude subject to a variety of, weather ,patterns during the winter and summer seasons, Albania has a high number of
  10. Climate with warm summers and cold winters. The province is open to cold arctic, weather ,systems from the north, which often produce freezing conditions in winter
  11. Unheroic, but utterly helpless (see" Cycles of violence" below). Nature and, weather ,Nature is a crucial element in Kurosawa’s films. According to Stephen Prince,"
  12. Avionic equipment, including control, monitoring,communication, navigation, weather , and anti-collision systems. The majority of aircraft power their avionics
  13. Another. Many people think an agricultural production system relying on local, weather , soil characteristics, and specific crops has to be studied locally. Others
  14. Second World War, this shape was widely adopted for tethered balloons; in windy, weather , this both reduces the strain on the tether and stabilizes the balloon. The
  15. Of" busted" ( or failed) because of the length of time and the ideal, weather ,conditions required for combustion to occur. It was also pointed out that since
  16. Variations than inland climates. Precipitation can be approximated from coastal, weather ,data and air temperature from water temperatures. The oceans are the major
  17. At 4:04:02 pm local time after a 40 minute,2-second delay due to launch site, weather ,restrictions, the first such delay in the Apollo program. Shepard and Mitchell
  18. Rain shadow over much of Alberta. The northerly location and isolation from the, weather ,systems of the Pacific Ocean cause Alberta to have a dry climate with little
  19. Ridge in the Southeast Pacific. The current is accompanied by a number of, weather ,fronts. The northern boundary of the ACC is defined by the Subtropical Front.
  20. Current weather conditions, and will also offer protection from the expected, weather , The anchorage should also be suitable for other purposes; for example
  21. Mountain elevations are generally cold. Baku, on the Caspian, enjoys mild, weather ,that averages in January and in July. Rainfall Most of Azerbaijan receives
  22. Other techniques have been developed to reduce swing, or to deal with heavy, weather ,.::::: Protection A good anchorage offers protection from the current weather
  23. Firearms were vastly inferior in rate-of-fire, and were very susceptible to wet, weather , However, they had longer effective range Traditional archery remains in use
  24. Reef (44.03 km² area within reef (including lagoon) There is an automatic, weather ,station on West Islet. Government The territory is administered from Canberra
  25. Emperors in the 4th and 5th centuries would retire from the humid summer, weather ,on the Bosporus to the drier mountain atmosphere of Ankara. Theodosius II (
  26. Control. And satellites increase agricultural productivity through tracking, weather , enabling more accurate forecasts. Two major predictions of Löffler’s—the
  27. Lifting power of hydrogen or helium. Ammonia has sometimes been used to fill, weather ,balloons as a lifting gas. Because of its relatively high boiling point (
  28. Other plants are dormant or other annuals are in seed form waiting for warmer, weather ,to germinate. Winter annuals die after flowering and setting seed. The seeds
  29. Country. Daily average highs for July have been measured at NEA Filadelfeia, weather ,station, but other parts of the city may be even warmer, in particular western
  30. Awareness Warning System (TAWS). Weather systems such as, weather ,radar (typically ARIC 708 on commercial aircraft) and lightning detectors
  31. Secondary tornado season in November and December, along with the spring severe, weather ,season. The northern part of the state — along the Tennessee Valley — is one of
  32. Plateau experiences high temperatures and almost no rainfall in summer and cold, weather ,with heavy snow in winter. Climate
  33. To a meter lower than recorded previously. Even so, the flat country and, weather ,uncertainties made flooding much more unpredictable than in the case of the
  34. Weather.::::: Protection A good anchorage offers protection from the current, weather ,conditions, and will also offer protection from the expected weather . The
  35. Was used to better understand hazards of launching in less than ideal, weather ,conditions. * Eleven photographs of Earth were taken at precisely recorded
  36. Where the climate allowed them to continue productions requiring warm, weather , Soon, a number of movie companies worked there year-round and, in 1911,Dan
  37. Sternway the strain on the cable pivots the vessel around what is now the, weather ,quarter turning the vessel onto the other tack. The anchor is then normally cut
  38. A Mediterranean continental climate. In both the lowlands and the interior,the, weather ,varies markedly from north to south. The lowlands have mild winters, averaging
  39. Regions for so small an area. The coastal lowlands have typically Mediterranean, weather ,; the highlands have a Mediterranean continental climate. In both the lowlands
  40. Beauties of season and scenery. " He has never hesitated to exploit climate and, weather ,as plot elements, to the point where they become" active participants in the
  41. Sites are occasionally visited by scuba divers, though Achill's unpredictable, weather ,generally has precluded a commercially successful recreational diving industry.
  42. Videographers, TV stations and their weather forecasting divisions (for, weather ,graphics and radar),advertising channels, music video production, and
  43. Solutions can develop a significant pressure inside a closed bottle in warm, weather , and the bottle should be opened with care; this is not usually a problem for
  44. By 17.9 percent in the period of January–September 2010. This was owing to bad, weather , a lack of a government stimulus package, and the continuing effects of
  45. Has helped tourism as visitors to the island can reliably expect warm, sunny, weather , It has a land area of and is densely populated with its estimated 103,000
  46. To Boston, when the private plane the group was on was subjected to extreme, weather ,conditions and was unable to land for an extended period. They appeared at the
  47. Matches were played in 1902, but the first two were drawn after being hit by bad, weather , In the First Test (the first played at Easton),after scoring 376 England
  48. He was advised by them not to make the journey over to Fife because of, weather ,conditions, but travelled anyway. Alexander became separated from his guides
  49. More sensitive Parks radio telescope in Australia. Despite some technical and, weather ,difficulties, ghostly black and white images of the first lunar EVA were
  50. Users of this ability included wedding videographers, TV stations and their, weather ,forecasting divisions (for weather graphics and radar),advertising channels

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