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  1. Only man who can save them from economic collapse),that she realizes that the, moral ,code of the looters is one of death: they recognize what is good and necessary
  2. Property rights),and she considered laissez-faire capitalism the only, moral ,social system because in her view it was the only system based on the
  3. Morality the term, used without qualifiers, came to imply a person of low, moral ,character, often someone trying to marry for money. In comic books such as
  4. Of the aesthetic. Also, art often depicts terrible images made for social, moral , or thought-provoking reasons. For example, Francisco Goya's painting
  5. Thought she was marrying someone like Deign. Upon realizing the nature of the, moral ,code surrounding her, the apparent lack of escape for herself and the heroes
  6. Sovereignty and had repeatedly sought to restrict slavery. Lincoln insisted the, moral ,foundation of the Republicans required opposition to slavery, and rejected any
  7. Tolerance; scientific, educational and cultural policy and preservation of, moral ,values; economic and social development; enhancing internal and border security
  8. Luck ", that can only apply to human beings, since it is in the sphere of, moral ,actions. According to Aristotle, luck must involve choice (and thus
  9. On him. *The prison chaplain: The character who first questions whether it's, moral ,to turn a violent person into a behavioral automaton who can make no choice in
  10. Way necessarily requires a good character (strike are),often translated as, moral ,(or ethical) virtue (or excellence). Aristotle taught that to achieve a
  11. Primary moral incentives, compassion,compassion is the major motivator to, moral ,expression. Malice and egoism are corrupt alternatives. Punishment According to
  12. Exemplary" ( She’s a good student)," pleasing" ( This is good soup),", moral ,(a good person versus the lesson to be learned from a story)," righteous "
  13. In a sense, he is the antithesis of Deign. As the novel progresses,the, moral ,philosophy of the looters is revealed: it is a code of stagnation. The goal of
  14. To some arguments for the existence of God before discussing his, moral ,objections to Christian teachings. He then calls upon his readers to" stand on
  15. In 1865. He led the country through a great constitutional, military and, moral ,crisis — the American Civil War — preserving the Union while ending slavery and
  16. A type of surrogate father, whose role it is to witness the young protagonist’s, moral ,growth and approve of it. In his very first film, Sanshiro Sugar, after the
  17. To appeal to and connect with human emotion. It can arouse aesthetic or, moral ,feelings, and can be understood as a way of communicating these feelings.
  18. Copy ideas, but actually embodied the will itself. " Ethics Schopenhauer's, moral ,theory proposed that of three primary moral incentives, compassion,compassion
  19. Republicanism itself. " His position gained strength because he highlighted the, moral ,basis of republicanism, rather than its legalisms. Nevertheless, in 1861
  20. Animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no, moral ,significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and
  21. Art world. Religious beliefs During his life, Warhol was very private about his, moral ,and religious views, as he was about almost all aspects of his personal life.
  22. At Kurosawa’s films is that the director’s preoccupation with ethical and, moral ,themes led him at times to create what some commentators regard as sentimental
  23. Disobedience, an argument for individual resistance to civil government in, moral ,opposition to an unjust state. Later Benjamin Tucker fused Sterner´s egoism
  24. Modern abortion law Current laws pertaining to abortion are diverse. Religious, moral , and cultural sensibilities continue to influence abortion laws throughout the
  25. As" the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the, moral ,purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and
  26. Anarchism (known as" anarchists" ) advocate stateless societies as the only, moral ,form of social organization. Overview There are many types and traditions of
  27. And art, evaluations of heroes and villains, and considerations of the, moral ,and political lessons of the war. Name "/IN"> controversy"/> The last theme
  28. Anarchism, which embodies the theoretical stance that the state lacks, moral ,legitimacy without accepting the imperative of revolution to eliminate it. A
  29. Spring Farm. The family attended a Separate Baptists church, which had high, moral ,standards and opposed alcohol, dancing,and slavery. As an adult, Thomas never
  30. Of the mind in man's existence—and, as a corollary, the demonstration of a new, moral ,philosophy: the moral ity of rational self-interest. " It advocates the core
  31. Retorted that he was not as bad as most politicians; and that he was a ", moral ,visionary" who deftly advanced the abolitionist cause, as fast as politically
  32. In other species. Altruism, the experiment suggested, was not a superior, moral ,faculty that suppresses basic selfish urges but rather was basic to the brain
  33. If not all, of the world's religions promote altruism as a very important, moral ,value. Buddhism, Christianity,Hinduism, Islam,Jainism, Judaism and Sikhism
  34. Arguments presented in favor of or against abortion access focus on either the, moral ,permissibility of an induced abortion, or justification of laws permitting or
  35. Lessons of the war. Name "/IN"> controversy"/> The last theme includes, moral ,evaluations of racism and slavery, heroism in combat and behind the lines, and
  36. And usually temporary," necessary evil" but argue that citizens do not have a, moral ,obligation to obey the state when its laws conflict with individual autonomy.
  37. Their way into wealth and happiness, sometimes with and sometimes without the, moral ,conversion that generally accompanies the Spanish model. Under Victorian
  38. To reconcile the life she lives and the railroad which she loves with the, moral ,code of those who wish to destroy it. She believes these destroyers simply want
  39. Itself. " Ethics Schopenhauer's moral theory proposed that of three primary, moral ,incentives, compassion,compassion is the major motivator to moral expression.
  40. Concerns in anarchist theory. Criticisms of anarchism include, moral ,criticisms, practical criticisms which claim that anarchism is unworkable in
  41. Believed the most important to be belief in supernatural beings (as opposed to, moral ,systems, cosmology,etc.). Fraser, a Scottish scholar with a broad knowledge
  42. Independence never intended 'to say all were equal in color, size,intellect, moral ,developments, or social capacity ', but they 'did consider all men created
  43. Controversy, and activism. An individual's position on the complex ethical, moral , philosophical, biological,and legal issues is often related to his or her
  44. Rand argued for rational egoism (rational self-interest),as the guiding, moral ,principle. She said the individual should" exist for his own sake, neither
  45. Language of the alchemical texts were an allegorical guise for spiritual, moral ,or mystical processes. In the first half of the 19th century, one established
  46. Inc. of Connecticut. He is a businessman who sees nothing wrong with the, moral ,code that is destroying society and would never dream of saying he is in
  47. To Anatole France, clearly seems to me to be hostile to any intellectual or, moral ,advancement. I loathe it, for it is made up of mediocrity, hate,and dull
  48. Extension of altruism) from the notion of sacrifice. Alms are the fruits of a, moral ,notion of the gift and of fortune on the one hand, and of a notion of sacrifice
  49. Possess the Promethean creative ability of The Strikers, but matches them in, moral ,courage and is capable of appreciating and making use of their creations. He
  50. A value to a party who must be anyone but the self, while duty focuses on a, moral ,obligation towards a specific individual (for example, a god, a king),or

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