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  1. Atlas Shrugged. Major characters The following are major characters from the, novel , Protagonists Dagny Taggart is the protagonist of the novel . She
  2. The novel . Protagonists Dagny Taggart is the protagonist of the, novel , She is Vice-President in Charge of Operations for Haggard Transcontinental
  3. After two initially unsuccessful early novel s, she achieved fame with her 1943, novel , The Fountainhead. In 1957,she published her best-known work, the philosophical
  4. Also a greater weakness. * Achilles is a central character in David Malouf's, novel ,Ransom (2009). * Achilles appears in W. H. Auden's poem" The Shield of
  5. Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida. Fiction * Achilles plays a part in the, novel , The Firebrand by Marion Zimmer Bradley. * In Aaron Allston's Galatea in 2-D
  6. For all animals were supposed to be equal. However, much later in the, novel ,he returns to the farm and continues to proclaim the existence of Sugar candy
  7. In the production and was highly critical of the result. Rand's first, novel , the semi-autobiographical We the Living, was published in 1936. Set in Soviet
  8. And the horror that he will succeed at this. In the final chapters of the, novel , he suffers a complete mental breakdown upon realizing that he can no longer
  9. Dependent on; these men are consistently the next to disappear. Later in the, novel , the reader discovers this worker's true identity. Henry" Hank" Rear den
  10. The science fiction horror film franchise Other fictional works * Aliens (, novel ,series),based on the Alien franchise characters * Aliens (comic book)
  11. Achilles is a major character in P. C. Cast's sixth Goddess Summoning, novel ,Warrior Rising. The novel centers on his relationship with Pollen. Film The
  12. Wild, was partially filmed and set in Alaska. The film, which is based on the, novel ,of the same name, follows the adventures of Christopher McCandless, who died in
  13. Photographer Fiction *Steve Austin, fictional character in Martin Caidin's, novel ,Cyborg, which inspired the television series The Six Million Dollar Man *Austin
  14. On the struggle between the individual and the state. In the foreword to the, novel , Rand stated that We the Living" is as near to an autobiography as I will ever
  15. Award in 1996 and is also included in the Great Books of the Western World. The, novel ,addresses not only the corruption of the revolution by its leaders but also how
  16. Unsupportive wife of Hank Rear den. They have been married eight years as the, novel ,begins. Lillian is a frigid moocher who seeks to destroy her husband. She
  17. Lifetime, her work evoked both extreme praise and condemnation. Rand's first, novel , We the Living, was admired by the literary critic H. L. Mencken, her Broadway
  18. Sold over three million copies. Without Rand's knowledge or permission,the, novel ,was made into a pair of Italian films, Noi vivid and Audio, Kira,in 1942.
  19. Crisis, and opinion articles compared real-world events with the plot of the, novel , During this time, signs mentioning Rand and her fictional hero John Salt
  20. Shown repeating the phrase" four legs good, two legs bad ". At the end of the, novel , one of the Seven Commandments is changed after the pigs learn to walk on two
  21. And philosophical novel that she wrote over a period of seven years. The, novel ,centers on an uncompromising young architect named Howard Roar and his
  22. Was reversed on appeal, he retired and joined the strike. At the end of the, novel , he is seen editing the United States Constitution, crossing out the
  23. Lobbyist whom Hank Rear den reluctantly employs in Washington. Later in the, novel , he becomes the country's economic dictator. Secondary characters The
  24. Of Los Angeles. The college appears as" Tarzan College" in his satirical, novel ,After Many a Summer (1939). The novel won Huxley that year's James Wait
  25. Transcontinental. Only Eddie's side of their conversations is given in the, novel , Eddie tells him which suppliers and contractors Deign is most dependent on;
  26. An ordered universe in a world of planless incoherence" was one source for the, novel , Career Huxley completed his first (unpublished) novel at the age of 17 and
  27. And the beginning of her role as a popular philosopher. After completing the, novel ,of more than one thousand pages, however,Rand fell into a severe depression
  28. Are being sent from the United States to The People's States of Europe. As the, novel ,progresses, Danneskjöld begins to become active in American waters. Danneskjöld
  29. Wendy in 1989,and were only available via clandestine Samizdat networks. The, novel ,'s Battle of the Windmill is referred to by Sent Singh Bad as one" of the
  30. As" Tarzan College" in his satirical novel After Many a Summer (1939). The, novel ,won Huxley that year's James Wait Black Memorial Prize for fiction. Huxley
  31. Civil War. In a letter to Yvonne Dave, Orwell described Animal Farm as his, novel ," contra Stalin ". It also places at number 31 on the Modern Library List of
  32. The Fountainhead. In 1957,she published her best-known work, the philosophical, novel ,Atlas Shrugged. Afterward she turned to nonfiction to promote her philosophy
  33. And later invulnerability. * The ghost of Achilles appears in the Percy Jackson, novel ,The Last Olympian, warning Percy that if he enters the river Styx, he will
  34. And productive, the economy would collapse and society would fall apart. The, novel ,includes elements of mystery and science fiction, and it contains Rand's most
  35. Ignorance, greed and myopia destroy any possibility of a Utopia. While this, novel ,portrays corrupt leadership as the flaw in revolution (and not the act of
  36. Character in P. C. Cast's sixth Goddess Summoning novel Warrior Rising. The, novel ,centers on his relationship with Pollen. Film The role of Achilles has been
  37. Novella Anthem was written during a break from the writing of her next major, novel , The Fountainhead. It presents a vision of a dystopian future world in which
  38. To a mountainous hideaway where they build an independent free economy. The, novel ,'s hero and leader of the strike, John Salt, describes the strike as" stopping
  39. Organizations: This is a list of characters in Ayn Rand's, novel ,Atlas Shrugged. Major characters The following are major characters from the
  40. Wait Black Memorial Prize for fiction. Huxley also incorporated Bird into the, novel , During this period Huxley earned some Hollywood income as a writer. In March
  41. Her in almost every endeavor. In a sense, he is the antithesis of Deign. As the, novel ,progresses, the moral philosophy of the looters is revealed: it is a code of
  42. As a writer came with The Fountainhead in 1943,a romantic and philosophical, novel ,that she wrote over a period of seven years. The novel centers on an
  43. Secondary characters The following secondary characters also appear in the, novel , *Hugh Aston is identified as" One of the last great advocates of reason. "
  44. Discuss philosophy. Later she began allowing them to read the drafts of her new, novel , Atlas Shrugged, as the manuscript pages were written. In 1954 Rand's close
  45. Tees side, and the most recent introduction to his famous science fiction, novel ,Brave New World (1932) states that this experience of" an ordered universe
  46. Who threatened to quit if his employer did not publish it. While completing the, novel , Rand was prescribed the amphetamine Benzedrine to fight fatigue. The drug
  47. Published in 1957,was Rand's magnum opus. Rand described the theme of the, novel ,as" the role of the mind in man's existence—and, as a corollary, the
  48. One" of the important episodes which constitute the essence of the plot of the, novel , " Harold Bloom writes that the" Battle of the Windmill rings a special bell:
  49. Helped her to work long hours to meet her deadline for delivering the finished, novel , but when the book was done, she was so exhausted that her doctor ordered two
  50. Was one source for the novel . Career Huxley completed his first (unpublished), novel , at the age of 17 and began writing seriously in his early 20s. His first

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