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  1. Troops (" Hessians" ) to do much of the fighting. The Americans had a large, relatively ,prosperous population (when compared to other colonies) that depended not on
  2. Countries to take advantage of its abundant supply of cheap labor and, relatively ,developed infrastructure. According to Citigroup 9 of 11 Global Growth
  3. Plates were a common method of observation. Modern astronomers spend, relatively ,little time at telescopes - most spend a few weeks per year observing, and the
  4. With good credit, and the largest and best navy in the world. Its army was, relatively ,small, but the officer corps and noncommissioned officers were professionals
  5. The diagnosis of MND remains a clinical one. Having excluded other diseases,a, relatively ,rapid progression of symptoms is a strong diagnostic factor. Although an
  6. Rather than at the base of the sepals or stamens. * Those species which have, relatively ,large dry seeds have a dark, crust-like (fructose) outer layer containing the
  7. High birthrates (on par with some larger provinces such as British Columbia), relatively , high immigration, and a high rate of interprovincial migration when compared to
  8. And aggressive baseline play, and excellent angles and drop shots; however, her, relatively , flat,high-risk ground strokes tended to produce frequent errors, and her serve
  9. Are many legendary accounts surrounding the life of Alexander the Great, with a, relatively ,large number deriving from his own lifetime, probably encouraged by Alexander
  10. Sequential loss of CH2-groups. Chemical properties In general, alkanes show a, relatively ,low reactivity, because their C bonds are relatively stable and cannot be
  11. High-quality scientific data if the measurements are performed with due care. A, relatively ,recent role for amateur astronomers is searching for overlooked phenomena (e.
  12. S total, a rise of over 50 % from 1971. The population currently has a, relatively ,high proportion of under 20s and fewer over-65s compared with the Scottish
  13. Suggested a close relationship between Boracay and Blandfordiaceae. There is, relatively ,low support for the position of Boracay in the tree shown above. Rutaceae is
  14. Percent) of Francophones in western Canada (after Manitoba). Despite this, relatively ,few Albertans claim French as their mother tongue. Many of Alberta's
  15. In general, alkanes show a relatively low reactivity, because their C bonds are, relatively ,stable and cannot be easily broken. Unlike most other organic compounds, they
  16. Used a draft law—conscription—as a device to encourage or force volunteering;, relatively ,few were actually drafted and served. The Confederacy passed a draft law in
  17. In corruption. Elections and parties The 2004 Afghan presidential election was, relatively ,peaceful, in which Hamid Karma won in the first round with 55.4 % of the votes
  18. For food and consumer goods, compared to the rest of the country due to the, relatively ,limited transportation infrastructure. Many rural residents come into these
  19. Of autistic children tend to grow faster than usual, followed by normal or, relatively ,slower growth in childhood. It is not known whether early overgrowth occurs in
  20. Technology In technology, medicine and mathematics,Ancient Egypt achieved a, relatively ,high standard of productivity and sophistication. Traditional empiricism, as
  21. Film, One Wonderful Sunday premiered in July 1947 to mixed reviews. It is a, relatively ,uncomplicated and sentimental love story dealing with an impoverished postwar
  22. Of asteroids after the first member of that group to be discovered. Groups are, relatively ,loose dynamical associations, whereas families are tighter and result from the
  23. For its white, sandy beaches on the western and southern coasts of the island, relatively ,sheltered from fierce ocean currents, and this is where most tourist
  24. In up to 50 % of SOD1 cases. In people of Scandinavian extraction there is a, relatively ,benign mutation called D90A which is associated with a slow progression. In
  25. Tribe. The city was then known as Ankara. The Celtic element was probably, relatively ,small in numbers; a warrior aristocracy which ruled over Phrygian-speaking
  26. Unusual effects of Hellenization can be seen in India, in the region of the, relatively ,late-arising Indo-Greek kingdoms. And some Mahayana ceremonial practices (
  27. Connections compared to the rest of the U. S. The state's road system covers a, relatively ,small area of the state, linking the central population centers and the Alaska
  28. The landing site was selected in part because it had been characterized as, relatively ,flat and smooth by the automated Ranger 8 and Surveyor 5 landers along with the
  29. End of the screen and shoot across the screen boundary, while remaining, relatively ,safe. Another popular method of exploiting this bug was to simply use thrust to
  30. 2002 to 2010,the system as defined by the constitution of 1992 functioned in a, relatively ,normal way. The executive branch of the government was composed of the
  31. Into the state from" Outside ", and shipping costs make food in the cities, relatively ,expensive. In rural areas, subsistence hunting and gathering is an essential
  32. Have been largely molded by religious and political forces. Education A, relatively ,high percentage of Azerbaijanis have obtained some form of higher education
  33. Capturing it and most of the southern Continental Army on May 12, 1780. With, relatively ,few casualties, Clinton had seized the South's biggest city and seaport
  34. Cameron Rutherford as the first premier. Demographics Alberta has enjoyed a, relatively ,high rate of growth in recent years, mainly because of its burgeoning economy.
  35. For example, but is generally confident that the work has come down to us, relatively ,intact. As the influence of the Falstaff grew in the West, in part due to Gerard
  36. That by the end of the colonial period children all over the territory (with, relatively ,few exceptions) had at least some access to the Portuguese language. #In the
  37. Sky. Astrophotography has become more popular for amateurs in recent times, as, relatively , sophisticated equipment, such as high quality CCD cameras, has become more
  38. Of amateur astronomers with small telescopes are more effective than the, relatively ,small number of large telescopes that are available to professional astronomers
  39. Later, astronaut Russell Schweickart during Apollo 9. The cruise phase was a, relatively ,uneventful part of the flight, except for the crew checking that the spacecraft
  40. Available at all. Agriculture Due to the northern climate and steep terrain, relatively ,little farming occurs in Alaska. Most farms are in either the Matroska Valley
  41. Cutting edge manufacturer. The model, a Mercedes-Benz A-Class competitor, sold, relatively , well in Europe. However, the A2 was discontinued in 2005 and Audi decided not
  42. To 2.5 million tons annually worldwide, yet crop loss from pests has remained, relatively ,constant. The World Health Organization estimated in 1992 that 3 million
  43. Tend to acquire more specialized and more powerful equipment over time, relatively ,simple equipment is often preferred for certain tasks. Binoculars, for instance
  44. And the ohm, since the latter two can be tied to physical phenomena that are, relatively ,easy to reproduce, the Josephson junction and the quantum Hall effect
  45. Through the wall to the living space. The massive walls require a large and, relatively ,long input of heat from the sun (radiation) and from the surrounding air (
  46. Glaciers in the 'Cursed' mountains in North Albania. The glaciers are at the, relatively ,low level of 2,000 meters – almost unique for such a southerly latitude. Flora
  47. They are characterized by one or more large gasbags or canopies, filled with a, relatively ,low-density gas such as helium, hydrogen,or hot air, which is less dense than
  48. The early silent era. The reason is that Tchaikovsky saw film as an art as only a, relatively ,recent phenomenon, with the early film-making forming only a prelude. The list
  49. Likely to merge. This means that the cores of the planets could have formed, relatively ,quickly. Surface features Most asteroids outside the big four (Ceres, Pallas
  50. Hydrophobic in that they repel water. Their solubility in nonpolar solvents is, relatively ,good, a property that is called lipophilicity. Different alkanes are, for

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