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  1. Audio was considered heavy computation at the time). It is also possible to, ignore ,the 68k CPU and run Linux on the PPC (project Linux APES),but a PowerPC
  2. However, more recent stories showing Superman being photographed have tended to, ignore ,this factor. The 2004 series also explained that Superman's eyes are an
  3. The cries of a hungry human infant, making them particularly hard for humans to, ignore , Grooming Cats are known for their cleanliness, spending many hours licking
  4. The lens designer cannot restrict analysis to Gaussian optics and cannot, ignore ,lens aberrations. However, the requirements of practical photography are less
  5. Highly regarded and desired by the Templar Knights of old. He also seems to, ignore ,the Thousand Petaled chakra at the crown of the head and instead cryptically
  6. Another dirty secret of the campaign" in which" American military chronicles, ignore ,the crimes. " Few Okinawan's revealed their pregnancies, as " stress and bad
  7. Ended in disaster. So this time, he instructed the singers and musicians to, ignore ,the totally deaf Beethoven. At the beginning of every part, Beethoven,who sat
  8. As" impossible to verify ". Dumezil's interpretation appears deliberately to, ignore ,that of James G. Fraser, who links Diana with the male god Janus as a divine
  9. Minimally transparent way. Cypriot universities (like universities in Greece), ignore , high school grades almost entirely for admissions purposes. While a high-school
  10. Low concentrations are not a problem for bacteria because they simply, ignore ,the waste which surrounds the metals, attaining extraction yields of over 90 %
  11. Is likely to play a dominant role among more personal exchanges. These views, ignore ,that Smith's visit to France (1764–66) changed radically his former views
  12. Old times, is still subtle and disguised, leading many non-practitioners to, ignore ,its presence. Trickery is ever present and expert capoeiristas seldom take
  13. That does not understand a specific element refinement term should be able to, ignore ,the qualifier and treat the metadata value as if it were an unqualified (
  14. Queer-identified, as well as their allies *Bisexual erasure, the tendency to, ignore , remove, falsify,or reexplain evidence of bisexuality in history, academia
  15. Other forms of antisemitism. Frederick Schweitzer asserts that," most scholars, ignore ,the Christian foundation on which the modern antisemitic edifice rests and
  16. 1921,if modern rules and field dimensions were in place. However, these claims, ignore ,the extreme short distances down the left and right field lines, which were 279
  17. Dirty old men sitting on the couch. " Judge added that he wouldn't completely, ignore ,the time that has passed in between. " At one point I thought Butt-Head might
  18. In common However, when individuals within a society began to disdain and, ignore ,the poor, to " wear costly apparel," and otherwise engage in wickedness for
  19. And determined the fix would involve reprogramming the flight software to, ignore ,the false signal. The software modifications were transmitted to the crew via
  20. Of delegating his duties. It would have been seen as a dereliction of duty to, ignore ,them. Diocletian's praetorian prefects—Affairs Hannibalianus, Julius
  21. Her favorite gun, however the fourth book in the series, Odd Hours seems to, ignore ,this established trait. * A desperate struggle for survival that leads to a
  22. Economic impact Conditions where trade imbalances may be problematic Those who, ignore ,the effects of long run trade deficits may be confusing David Ricardo's
  23. Over the world respect him. This cannot be forgotten by anyone. Amitabh should, ignore ,these silly accusations and concentrate on his acting. " On 23 March 2008,more
  24. Instead. Germany never forgot Beatty's treatment, and indeed, Germany chose to, ignore ,the news of Beatty's subsequent death: this contrasting with the condolences
  25. In a larger human community, which makes demands on him that he cannot, ignore , Ultimately he realizes he cannot face his lover if it is as a coward. Narrow
  26. To a Walloon Region, and conversely, which can be confusing for foreigners who, ignore ,the different translations of Flemish or Walloon cities in the other language.
  27. In the Middle East in spite of the loss of India. However, Churchill could not, ignore ,Jamal Abdul Nasser's new revolutionary government of Egypt that had taken
  28. By prudential concerns about the consequences of change, which often demand we, ignore ,our own principles about what is ideal or even legitimate ", He supported
  29. Belief) — which brings comforts and decisiveness but leads to trying to, ignore ,contrary information and others' views as if truth were intrinsically private
  30. In a story (such as the death of a favorite character) they will choose to, ignore ,the event in question so that their enjoyment of the franchise is not
  31. To emphasize ancestry at the expense of descriptive characteristics, and thus, ignore ,biologically sensible, clearly defined groups which do not fall into clades (
  32. Of the contemporary sources reported such an event. Ross, however,does not, ignore ,the legend. He opines that the hawthorn bush would not be part of Henry's coat
  33. To write harmony without linear activity. The composer who chooses to, ignore ,one aspect in favor of the other still must face the fact that the listener
  34. All that he did, could execute anyone without a trial for any reason, and could, ignore ,any law in the performance of his duties. The Dictator was the sole magistrate
  35. Race, they would further cripple their economy. The Soviets could not afford to, ignore ,Reagan’s new endeavor, therefore they had to enter negotiations with the
  36. To) and is increasingly rare in BRE as well. American grammar also tends to, ignore ,some traditional distinctions between should and would; however, expressions
  37. Mass proportional to the extension/compression of the spring. For now, we may, ignore ,any other forces (gravity, friction,etc.). We shall write the extension of
  38. Cite commandments from the Old Testament to support one point of view but then, ignore ,other commandments of a similar class that are also of equal weight. Examples
  39. And Kennedy was slowly persuaded. The new plan called for the President to, ignore ,the latest message and instead to return to Khrushchev's earlier one. Kennedy
  40. First, large areas of the image may be empty of primitives; pasteurization will, ignore ,these areas, but pixel-by-pixel rendering must pass through them. Second
  41. To infiltrate Absalom's court and subvert it. Hussein convinced Absalom to, ignore ,Ahithophel's advice to attack his father while he was on the run, and instead
  42. The Big Bang with their religious tenets, and others completely reject or, ignore ,the evidence for the Big Bang Theory. Notes
  43. Obvious than it is to the English speaker who has learned since childhood to, ignore ,it. Allophones of English may be noticed if the 'light' of leaf is contrasted
  44. About what to do with The Book of the Law" and eventually decided to, ignore ,the instructions that it commanded him to perform, which included taking the
  45. The forces in the Spanish Netherlands. Marlborough, realising the only way to, ignore ,Dutch wishes was by the use of secrecy and guile, set out to deceive his Dutch
  46. Pursuing fighters who are fast on their feet. They may also have a tendency to, ignore ,combination punching in favor of continuous beat-downs with one hand and by
  47. Was added to the monochrome signals in a way that black & white televisions, ignore , This way backwards compatibility was achieved. That concept is true for all
  48. More than ±1.8 % from their nominal frequency, or the switching center will, ignore ,the signal. The high frequencies may be the same volume as – or louder than –
  49. Ibid. ) Schweitzer writes that modern Christians of many kinds deliberately, ignore ,the urgent message (so powerfully proclaimed by Jesus during the 1st century)
  50. To use these items in the same fashion as they had their equivalents or, ignore ,them if they could. The manner of cooking for the American colonists followed

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