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  1. Christian proposal ". In" The Atom" she sings” Oh holy is the atom/ The, truly ,intelligent design/ To which all evolution/ Is graciously aligned. ” In Reno
  2. To form more complex structures (chemical compounds). This marked the first, truly ,scientific theory of the atom, since Dalton reached his conclusions by
  3. About the connections between the Ark and the Virgin Mary:" O noble Virgin, truly ,you are greater than any other greatness. For who is your equal in greatness, O
  4. Sins, he keeps them from apostasy and that those who do apostatize were never, truly ,regenerated (that is, born again) or saved. Non-traditional Calvinists and
  5. Clergy. Laity All baptized members of the church are called Christian faithful, truly ,equal in dignity and in the work to build the church. Some non-ordained people
  6. When the Christian Church became fragmented into different denominations is not, truly ,relevant to an historic discussion of theology. Moreover, apostolic church
  7. Noblest of English kings. " Therefore he seems to me a very foolish man, and, truly , wretched,who will not increase his understanding while he is in the world, and
  8. Unexpected touch is that Jerusalem is sung in four-part harmony, as if it were, truly ,a hymn. This is not authentic: Parry's composition was a unison song (that is
  9. In order to support the town. In one sense, Alfred conceived nothing, truly ,new here. The shires of Wessex went back at least to the reign of King INE, who
  10. About to be the object of a takeover bid; the price of the takeover will more, truly ,reflect the value of the company, giving a large profit to those who bought at
  11. It has parts. But Spinoza insists that" no attribute of a substance can be, truly ,conceived from which it follows that the substance can be divided" ( Which
  12. Marriage, for which he abandoned his concubine. It is believed that Augustine, truly ,loved the woman he had lived with for so long. In his" Confessions," he
  13. Unit amount of substance) It could be added that atomic weight is often not, truly ," atomic" either, as it does not correspond to the property of any individual
  14. Of the EFA which is available online). However, excavations did not, truly ,begin until after the Second World War. The Greek Archaeological Society under
  15. Found that of the apparent 31 % aspirin-resistant subjects, only 5 % were, truly ,resistant, and the others were noncompliant. Dosage Adult aspirin tablets are
  16. Sapir's focus on Native American languages helped establish linguistics as a, truly ,general science and free it from its historical focus on Indo-European
  17. A pacifist, to join the army:" In fighting Hitler ", he wrote," we are, truly ,fighting the Devil, the Anti-Christ ... Hitler was a crusader against God. "
  18. Camden provided a definition of" Anagrammatize" as" a dissolution of a name, truly ,written into his letters, as his elements, and a new connection of it by
  19. Countenance, he is by no means unattractive. " (D, I:115). " It is wonderful, truly ,marvelous, how serene is the good Gotama's appearance, how clear and radiant
  20. The Japanese and ongoing absorption into the predominant culture, there are no, truly ,Ainu settlements existing in Japan today. The town of Tibetan (Ainu: Deputy
  21. Mary, but since it is turned away from the viewer, we are not sure what it, truly ,is. At the bottom of the tree, a tiny figure of a seated man, crossed legged
  22. The idea that all wealth originates with the land, making farming the only, truly ,productive enterprise, agrarianism claims that agriculture is the foundation of
  23. On pain concluded" numerous systematic reviews have generated little, truly ,convincing evidence that acupuncture is effective in reducing pain. ". Several
  24. Gas law, or the hydrostatic equation for atmospheric processes. No process is, truly ,adiabatic. Many processes are close to adiabatic and can be easily approximated
  25. Fused shut, and opening later. Other animals such as the blind mole rat are, truly ,blind and rely on other senses. The theme of blind animals has been a powerful
  26. Was responsible for which institution, and which of them most represented a, truly ,democratic movement. It is most usual to date Athenian democracy from
  27. Use of concepts like reductio ad absurdum in their discussions, but never, truly ,understood the logical implications. Even Plato had difficulties with logic;
  28. Temple. Therefore, only the one who was in the temple can be worshiped. * Yes, truly ,blessed for having surpassed the priest (Zechariah). While the priest denied
  29. Have argued that though 80 % of landaus converted to Islam, it did not, truly ,occur until near the 10th century. Christians more often converted to Islam
  30. Pioneer of stoichiometry Lavoisier's researches included some of the first, truly ,quantitative chemical experiments. He carefully weighed the reactants and
  31. Same motion through space. It is not yet certain whether Proximal and Alpha are, truly ,gravitationally bound. Proximal is an M5.5V spectral class red dwarf with an
  32. Or employee in an adverse way, denying employment opportunities to people who, truly ,qualify, or not making reasonable accommodations to the known physical or
  33. Completing a month-long program at Promises, she wrote on her website," I, truly ,hit rock bottom. Till this day I don't think that it was alcohol or depression
  34. In a strong role for national government — the one institution all Australians, truly ,own and control through our right to vote. " Labor" will not allow the
  35. By Carl Friedrich Crater in 1783. Armada was soon followed by Salieri's first, truly ,popular success; a com media per music in the style of Carlo Golden La fair
  36. Mechanics. This would allow variation in initial conditions, but not in the, truly ,fundamental constants. Since that time a number of mechanisms for producing a
  37. As assistant court composer in a much reduced position. Salary also had never, truly ,mastered the German language, and he now felt no longer competent to continue
  38. Instalments, with some critics remarking that it was the first Potter film to, truly ,capture the essence of the novels. During the middle of the film, Cuarón can be
  39. Note in his diary in June 1943," Speer is still tops with the Führer. He is, truly ,a genius with organization. " Speer was so successful in his position that by
  40. SEC Filing, filed April 12, 1996,Atari informed their stockholders of the, truly ,dire nature of the Jaguar business: Atari had already suffered an ill-fated
  41. Hector is set on burning the ships, the only way he feels the Greeks will, truly ,be defeated. Hector is able to disarm Ajax (although Ajax is not hurt) and
  42. Been a number of complaints and allegations that none of the political parties, truly ,represent the interests of the poor. This has resulted in the" No Land! No
  43. Her husband is not the strong and gallant man she thought he was, and that he, truly ,loves himself more than he does her. Torvald explains that when a man has
  44. Who can make no choice in such matters. This is the only character who is, truly ,concerned about Alex's welfare; he is not taken seriously by Alex, though. (
  45. Nanostructure materials It is difficult to make a distinction between, truly ,amorphous solids and crystalline solids if the size of the crystals are very
  46. Slavery may be approved of by society, but it is morally wrong ". # If they, truly ,have such authority, there should be a rational argument why human beings
  47. Range),it can use its active seeker just after launch, making the missile, truly ," fire and forget ". The NATO brevity code" Maddox" is used in this situation
  48. And brother ` ABD Brahman here, so I will put something down in writing, for, truly , I fear lest someone forward a claim or form some ambition, and Allah and the
  49. With no reference to economic class and they participated on a scale that was, truly ,phenomenal. The public opinion of voters was remarkably influenced by the
  50. One is to make sweeping statements, one may say that, save Magna Carta (more, truly , its implications),the Act of Settlement is probably the most significant

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