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  1. Ensure ammunition handling was flash tight. The British remained unaware of the, weakness , to their great misfortune at the Battle of Jutland. Apart from the cordite
  2. Serbia from Palmyra in the Syrian Desert, who took advantage of a period of, weakness ,and disorder in the Roman Empire to set up a short-lived state of her own. The
  3. Due to aphasia. * inability to pronounce, not due to muscle paralysis or, weakness ,* par aphasia (substituting letters, syllables or words) * pragmatism (
  4. Punch with his backhand as he is rotating towards his undefended opponent. The, weakness ,to this style is that when a fighter is stationary and not rotating he is open
  5. The articles in 1787. Jill son and Wilson (1994) point to the financial, weakness ,as well as the norms, rules and institutional structures of the Congress, and
  6. See the rod. ” Also, the Jay-Gardoqui Treaty with Spain in 1786 also showed, weakness ,in foreign policy. In this treaty - which was never ratified due to its immense
  7. His heel, the term" Achilles' heel" has come to mean a person's principal, weakness , Etymology Achilles' name can be analyzed as a combination of (ashes) "
  8. Which could have been better invested in attacking the enemy's points of, weakness , In Germany's case, the British dependence on massive imports of food and raw
  9. Designed to handle suicide hijackings, and the hijackers were able to exploit a, weakness ,in the civil aviation security system. Since then the" Common Strategy "
  10. Weeks later, on 16 February. Rodin was ill that year; in January, he suffered, weakness ,from influenza, and on 16 November his physician announced that" congestion of
  11. Only provides altitude above terrain" look-down ". In order to overcome this, weakness , modern aircraft use the Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS). Weather
  12. And hand and the Babinski sign. Signs of lower motor neuron damage include, weakness , articulations (twitching muscles) and muscle atrophy. Note that every
  13. They show some development toward the late classical they reflect a general, weakness ,in comparison to his operatic works of the same and later periods. These works
  14. Of the Appalachian Mountains. Finally, due to the Confederation's military, weakness , it could not compel the British army to leave frontier forts which were on
  15. After that, the first method can be used to crack the PIN. This attack's major, weakness ,is that it requires the user of the devices under attack to re-enter the PIN
  16. It is characterized by uncontrollable muscle twitching and substantial muscle, weakness ,or paralysis among affected horses. Because it is a dominant gene, only one
  17. There is no trace of any reference to his general invulnerability or his famous, weakness ,(heel); in the later vase paintings presenting Achilles' death, the arrow (
  18. To make the alterations, however,and Congress failed to reach a consensus. The, weakness ,of the Articles in establishing an effective unifying government was
  19. Sympathetic to the suffering of others. However, the latter was discounted as, weakness ,rather than humanitarian virtue. Schopenhauer's controversial writings have
  20. Song" Send in the Clowns" for her in a way that would work around her vocal, weakness , e.g., by ending lines with consonants that made for a short cut-off. In
  21. Macomb in the stunning victory at the Battle of Pittsburgh. An important, weakness ,of abates, in contrast to barbed wire, is that it can be destroyed by fire.
  22. Seemed to him that following counsel and making concessions were a display of, weakness , At all events from his December message to the veto of the Civil Rights Bill
  23. And technology destroy independence and dignity while fostering vice and, weakness , The agricultural community can provide checks and balances against the
  24. Needed reforms. Foreign policy Even after peace had been achieved in 1783,the, weakness ,of the Confederation government frustrated the ability of the government to
  25. Began to fail, although she continued to write. In 1975,sensing her increasing, weakness , Christie signed over the rights of her most successful play, The Mousetrap, too
  26. To fight in the Gothic War. Additionally, the Lombards would have known of the, weakness ,of Byzantine Italy, which had endured a number of problems after being retaken
  27. Aphasia (also termed sensory aphasia). These individuals usually have nobody, weakness , because their brain injury is not near the parts of the brain that control
  28. Standoff was broken by a traitor in Caesar's army that informed Pompey of a, weakness ,in Caesar's wall. Pompey immediately exploited this information and forced
  29. If he enters the river Styx, he will obtain great strength but also a greater, weakness , * Achilles is a central character in David Malouf's novel Ransom (2009). *
  30. The treaty in the unicameral Scottish Parliament is attributed by some to the, weakness ,and lack of cohesion between the various opposition groups in the House, rather
  31. Innate refinement of nerves was also identifiable with greater suffering, with, weakness , and a susceptibility to disorder ". Sensibility, which had initially promised
  32. By TV stupor and by intolerable music ". Despite his criticism of the ", weakness ," of the West, Solzhenitsyn always made clear that he admired the political
  33. On massive imports of food and raw materials proved to be a near-fatal, weakness , once Germany had accepted the political risk of unrestricted submarine warfare
  34. Set should not be higher than the value of an opponent game, and the high card, weakness ,makes it more likely that the opponents have enough strength to make game
  35. Was announced by Nicolas Courts and Josef Pinprick, purporting to show a, weakness ,in the AES algorithm due to its simple description. Since then, other papers
  36. And a weak base in fluorosulfonic acid. This was seen as both a strength and a, weakness , since some substances, such as and were felt to be acidic or basic on their
  37. Estimated at 20,000 men and more than 2000 pieces of artillery. Its greatest, weakness ,being the unpopularity of the government of Sultan Mahmud Shah, who favored
  38. Doses affect the nervous system, causing cardiac irregularities, tremors, weakness , anxiety, dyspnea and paralysis. This may be due to its ability to block
  39. Was fought at the passes of the Julian Alps, Alaric probably learned the, weakness ,of Italy's natural defenses on its northeastern frontier at the head of the
  40. To take a closer look. Individuals with Broca's aphasia often have right-sided, weakness ,or paralysis of the arm and leg, because the frontal lobe is also important for
  41. Beatnik Sheldon EPP, and Mark Templeton, a frogman.: Elly's most notable, weakness , oft mentioned when she is being" courted," is her lack of kitchen skills.
  42. The king, fueled by his growing belief that British leniency would be taken as, weakness ,by the Americans. The king also sincerely believed he was defending Britain's
  43. His physician announced that" congestion of the lungs has caused great, weakness , The patient's condition is grave. " A cast of The Thinker was placed next to
  44. Chastity. Rarely use very but for health or offspring, never to dullness, weakness , or the injury of your own or another's peace or reputation. " #" Humility.
  45. Blocked or stagnant. It is believed that through birth or early childhood, a “, weakness ,” in one of the five elements develops until it impedes the flow of QI cycling
  46. A post of annoyance to them. " Adams used Jackson's conquest, and Spain's own, weakness , to get Spain to cede Florida to the United States by the Adams–Ones Treaty.
  47. Beginning of the end of the Almohad dynasty. Andalusia - Kingdom of Castile The, weakness ,caused by the collapse of Almohad power and the subsequent creation of new
  48. Threat. Physical effects of anxiety may include heart palpitations, muscle, weakness , and tension, fatigue,nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath, stomach aches
  49. Include: * Difficulties with movement or coordination, including muscle, weakness ,and even paralysis; * Difficulties of speech (dysarthria) and communication
  50. Usually present themselves between the ages of 50-70,and include progressive, weakness , muscle wasting, and muscle articulations, spasticity or stiffness in the arms

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