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  1. On the Arabic underground music scene (see also Tunisian underground music and, palestinian , underground music). The non-commercial aspect of this musical project is a
  2. 2009) To Be Continued references the" living martyr" videos. We see a man (, palestinian , actor Sale Bar) reading what was supposed to be the text that testifies to
  3. 12, 1952) is an entrepreneur, conservative political professor Chilean from, palestinian , origin,linked to the National Renewal party. In the municipal elections in
  4. Opera/telenovela first aired on Dubai TV during Ramadan 2008. It was written by, palestinian , writer Hand Saudi, directed by Hate Ali, and produced by Dubai Media.
  5. El Bayed (born January 3,1978) is the first Middle Eastern illusionist from, palestinian , origin,best known for his combination of fear and story in his illusions.
  6. Theatre in 2008,where he appears. The son of one of the most famous, palestinian , actors and directors,He's well active in Palestine-related issues and works
  7. The programs of the association would touch up to 10 000 refugees, in all, palestinian , refugee camps, including camps Burn el-Barajneh, Nahr cleared, Shatila
  8. Rama district Jewish villages 1929 Palestine riots *Far Aria previously a, palestinian , village called Afr Mariyah (Jewish settlement re-established in 1944) *Far
  9. Bio-bibliography (in French) on the site Named devoted to, palestinian , literature *http://www.arabworldbooks.com/authors/sahar_khalifa.html Arab World
  10. Presented in Milan Tarquiz a documentary about the Italian experience in the, palestinian , theatre in 2008,where he appears. The son of one of the most famous
  11. Says to be" very selective" while choosing a project and prefers be called ", palestinian ," than" arab-israeli" although He's born in Jeff and currently lives in
  12. Was the protagonist of Sharif Waked's work To be continued in 2009 portraying a, palestinian , martyr who reads what was supposed to be the text that testifies to his

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